Monday, January 16, 2006

Why do they hate us?

Before both of my deployments I had teachers at the college I attend tell me they were sorry that I was in the army. Their comments came after I told them I had to leave for deployment so I would no longer be in their classes. They didn’t say that they were sorry because I had to leave school, or that they were sorry because I was going to be away from my family for a year, they simply said they were sorry because I was in the army. I never found out exactly what they meant. I think they meant “sorry” more in a way that could be construed as “I am sorry that you were dumb enough to join the military and now look what you have to go and do you idiot”. Not all of my teachers were this forward and some of them were, and continue to be, quite supportive but coming from a liberal college where there are more anti-war rallys and speeches by burnt out hippies looking for a new cause then there are sporting events, the sentiment of those two teachers are the norm.

I don’t put much stock into the comments of these teachers because I recognize their ignorance for what it is. They simply don’t have a clue what is actually going on in the world today and the fact that they are part of the academic world somehow convinces them that they should be right on all things. Just because someone holds a PhD does not mean they have common sense, it simply means that they are good at studying and have the patience to stay in school for a long period of time. Of course that is not always the case but the smart ones out there with PhD’s know it is not them who I am talking about.

I think the bigger question is why the higher education types dislike America and the military so much. Is it because they view us as the pawns of an imperialist country? Do they think we are mindless drones who follow orders without thinking? The military has some of the brightest minds of today’s youth. Minds that are not only book smart but world smart. Minds that learn something that is not taught in colleges today: Character. Today’s soldier knows intimately about foreign cultures and has extensive knowledge about hardship and survival. We know what it takes to survive rough circumstances and know what it is like to care and be cared deeply by our fellow soldiers. We have grown old in a hurry and have matured beyond our years. This is nothing new to soldiers on the battlefield. I often think about how easy we have it compared to the soldiers that fought in the wars of the 20th century and before.

During my last deployment I read a book called The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw in which he interviewed veterans of WWII. A common thought that most of the people had upon returning to the states after the war was that they wanted to work hard and make a difference in society. They had a drive to see a change brought about. They had lived a rough couple of years and they wanted to put their past behind them and affect change for the better. I feel the same way and I know other soldiers do too. We don’t care too much about what dumb things professors say to us, we just want our diplomas so we can go on and up in life. We see what it takes to form opinions about real matters and have the knowledge to do so.

I obviously know that there are great teachers out there and I applaud them for putting up with what they do from the professors that make them look bad. College professors have a profoundly important job: to educate America’s youth. When those bad seed professors take advantage of their position to talk about matters that are above their heads and beyond their scope of expertise then they fail not only their students but America who is counting on today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. Thank God that there are ways, such as the military, to learn about what it really takes to make it in this imperfect world of ours. Thank God there are real Americans out their, who despite their lack of higher education, have the common sense to elect and follow a president who can and will get the job done that America so desperately needs completed. Thank all of you “average” Americans who did the right thing by voting the right way last election, your military salutes you.


aandn said...

I was married to a college professor once. He died unexpectedly. Isn't death always unexpected? His father was a college President for 29 years. Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va. so even though my life with higher education was but a few years - -what you say is exactly, and I mean exactly, right Boggs. Even the once sound schools have gone liberal. There are good professors, as you say, but they are fewer and fewer every year. My sister and I came to the conclusion that the best of American men are now in the Military. The men we meet here all seem, like you say, to be lacking in all the respects you mentioned so we write to our troops and send packages and help in small ways where we can because they only seem worthy of caring for. We never meet them face to face but that doesn't matter really. I think this was your best blog so far - at least it was for me. By the way I am a graduate of Tombstone High School (The town too tough to die - -unfortunately) and not a college grad. But I know how to stand for my basic beliefs, for my country and to support myself without assistance. I also know how to survive on the desert as I was raised on a ranch in Arizona without federal assistance. I only wish I had more knowledge so I could do more productive things. Yours was a great blog and an inspiration, Mr. Timothy. Thanks heaps! You guys are the best! Annie

Gypsy said...

t.f. it's a dang shame (being "nice" here) that your profs said such things to you. I have countless acquaintences that are appalled by the extreme liberalism that is so pervasive in our universities today, as am I. It is the teacher's/professor's job to teach, *not* to teach what to think.

Most are fairly clueless to the outer world beyond their cocoon of university life, and hold themselves as "god" over all. There have been so many prof's that have denounced America, called for a million Mogadishu's, etc and you know what? People like me, and others, are pushing back.

Yep. Letter writing, sending "news" to some of the cable media to expose these anti-Americans, spreading information through word of mouth etc., and writing to the colleges and letting them know with free speech comes responsibility. America enjoys liberties and freedoms because of our Military standing tall to ensure those God given rights, and it's so ironic these folks don't get it. My standard reply to moonbats is..."there's the door, go see the third world countries and come back and tell me how much we suck."

The silent majority has come to life t.f. I wish it didn't take so long but...there you have it.

Keep on Soldiering (great entry on part two of your Reservist articles btw) and rest assured we have your back, just like you have ours.

Godspeed, and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boggs,
Yes, another thought provoking blog. I graduated top of my class from the school of hard knocks and bad decisions, but I have a brother who has been a college student for the past 16 years. He has many degrees but won't think for himself and is the biggest liberal butt-head I know. It's very sad what his higher education did to him. My other brother was Army, then Marine, and fought in the gulf war. From the knowledge he gained during his service to this country he will be successful, but it is a real struggle for him to get through the liberal BS
from his professors while trying to get a formal education because he knows the truth. So... I actually understand and can relate to this blog very well. (made me feel kind of smart. That's a treat for me.)I think you are 100% right on the money! Thanks Boggs!
Neatie - of AandN

Anonymous said...

Hey Gypsy - -I don't know where you have been hanging out but in my world the Liberals are now the majority. And where were the silent majority and what were they doing while the liberals slowly and efficently took over. I don't think I will depend on them now. What we need is people like T.F Boggs and Mike Yon and the younger generation who see the truth to get it out and live the life and not just talk it. The silent majority had their chance and screwed up big time! Now it is our young men like Boggs and company's turn. I wish them well. May they succeed where the last generation failed. Lilly

Anonymous said...

AMEN Lilly!!!
In the words of the great Billy Joel:
"We didn't start the fire - No we didn't light it, but we're trying to fight it. -- yeah"

One of the younger generation,
Tom Canterbury

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it any better than the others. You hit the nail on the head. Next in line after the pols is academia. They are a danger to our youth and we must monitor them and bring them out in the open. Some of our young grads don't know who the Sec'y of State is but are against the war because it's just to icky? Please, that's enough brains to be able to graduate with? Thanks for a good and true posting.

Anonymous said...

The guy formally known as "transom clamp man"
Tim, here at Florida State with all the diverse teachers I have come across, only one professor (who reminds me of an old cranky grandfather) has said positive things about America and the military. Later to discover by no surprise he has had prior military service. It’s almost sickening the amount of anti-bush, anti-war bumper stickers I see on cars in student and teacher parking lots. I suppose you could say ignorance, but that’s a lot of ignorant people who are earning and have a “higher education.” Perhaps it is because these young liberal professors are creating and are in position to create the most noise or crap really. Nevertheless sometimes I fear for our youth and tomorrows leaders, whose main foundation of information on things like war is CNN. gypsy is 100% correct, people are clueless and take for granted what our military protects, I agree with the "there's the door" standard.
Just talkin’. Great post buddy. I look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark, AKA Transom Clamp Man. Agreed. The hate for everything American ferments, especially towards our Military and grows in institutions of higher learning. But along with showing the brainwashed individuals the door why not get to the cause of rotten professors. Go to the men and women who create the enviornment where such hate can spon, the "elected" culprits, Govenors and boards of regents who regulate state universitiesy and oversee the hiring and firing and the money. The ones who "make the rules." What about college presidents? We do have some power there but the right people aren't getting elected and appointed to office to change the situation and solve the problem. I guess it does really matter who we vote for and who we put up to vote for. Bandaids won't work when the system has massive internal bleeding. Lets show them the door too by actively changing the officials running the schools and the country. I hope that many young men now serving our country in our great military services will come back from war and run for public office, get elected and make real change from those possitions of authority. Like your spirit, Mark! Annie

Anonymous said...

Annie you’re right and hopefully we will have great leaders step up to the plate.
I suppose I have given to much credit to professors in general. I have always looked up to and respected them so second guessing seemed demeaning… for a minute. It shows my youth and inexperience. Thinking about it more I believe that ignorance is a small factor. It’s the ones who just do enough to get by and who will jump on the bandwagon and throw political opinions into the mix which requires no genuine facts and research. Two things I’ve learned never to ague about are religion and politics.


Gypsy said...

Lilly, we're on the same page here. LOL I'm not exactly old. ;) I for one am glad to see more of our "younger generation" stepping up to the plate to speak up and push back. Many of the profs also are from the "baby boomer" generation that distrusted the gov't since the Vietnam war.

Michael, t.f., and so many others are giving voice to what is really going on, the MSM sure the heck doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gypsy. You are right. We are all on the same page just different paragraphs because we all come from different backgrounds probably. I bet I'm older than you are but please don't tell anybody, will you girl? You are right about that 60s crowd but even some of them saw the light when they had to make a living for themselves. Mike and T.F. are doing a fantastic job getting the truth out and making people think. Look what old T.F. started with all of us? He's probably sitting in Iraq reading these comments and scratching his head. Have a cup of coffe T.J. and just look at what your last blog started. I think we should all drink a toast to T.J. Boggs, for being a trouble maker. Ha! You commenters are all great. I for one enjoy you. Although my head is hurting from all this thinking right now. Lilly makeuose baby bo

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I just thought i'd check Tim's blog site before I call it a day and it looks like a party going on here. Thanks, Mark, for saying I was right. I seldom hear that and it is encouraging. You are so right about lazy professors who really don't keep up with anything much and just go along throwing comment out to appear as though they are with it. You can always tell the lazy ones from the hard line communists though. If it weren't for them having such a big part in destroying our country it is almost funny sometimes. So you never argue politics or religion, Mark? Here's another bit of wisdom. Never correct a fool. If you PROVE them wrong they will only hate you for it. I think Mike Yon and Timothy Boggs are on the right track. You put the truth out there for all to see and let the chips fall where they may. The truth has a way of doing its own work as long as it is available to all. I think I too will join you in your toast to Boggs, Lilly. I like your spirit too and your drinking habbits. Let me go find my tea and can we meet every night around Boggs table like this? Annie - the one who finally got someone to agree with her. Thanks again Mark! Good night Boggs

Anonymous said...

Hello soldier Boggs,
I just have a question for you. I have read that the negative news from the MSM and comments from anti-war people over here and around the world doesn't really affect the men fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, their moral and attitude? Is that true or have you observed otherwise? Thank you.

Gypsy said...

Excellent idea. A toast to t.f. boggs and all of our Military! God bless you one and all, and thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

A toast to Boggs - -May your pen never lack for ink and may your heart never be faint.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bogg-man, Can you read MY's comment page over there in Iraq on your computer? If so a fellow who signed his name Harley posted a letter with an article about that "kid" from Florida who supposedly went to an "emersion journalism" class in his school and went to Iraq without his parents knowledge to do good. Well, it seems the MSM got this one wrong too. Gypsy would be interested in it we are sure and maybe Mark, as well as you Boggs. What do you think, Boggs? Can you pull up the web where you are? How much news do you get there, anyway? That's a good question by the way. How much news do all you men get over there? Probably makes a difference where you are in Iraq, and how very busy you are. Good nite Boggs - good morning to you in reality I guess.

T. F. Boggs said...

Hey guys, nice discussion. I do get the web here and I can read Michael Yon's site. I saw the post about the kid who came over here without his parent's knowledge. I saw it on MY's site under the title of "My new replacement" or something like that. As far as news we get the Stars and Stripes daily newspaper and CNN on our AFN cable network. Not a whole lot of good choices but I substitue with the internet. We make do with what we can. Have a good one everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow commenters! What can we do to get more readers for Bogg's Blogs? Must be something we can all do! Think I'll make this my project of the day. He's too much of a good sourse of information from the war to just appreciate him by ourselves. Any ideas, Bogg Readers?

Anonymous said...

Hey Boggs and readers.
Annie---Try Michele Malkin. Send her a letter. You know she would appreciate Boggs site just as she does Mike's - and she has a huge amount of readers. Could get Boggs word out a bit! And by the way Annie, be home in an hour, sis. Also....Would you want a subscription to Rush Limbaugh's site Boggs? He has a program where you can get a subscription for soldiers at a discounted rate. Would be happy to do it.... if you like Rush - some don't. Keep up the good work Boggs! Stay safe!!!

T. F. Boggs said...

Hey great idea: More readers for my sight. Sounds good to me, try Hugh Hewitt too. Someone already got me a subscription to Rush's site that way but thanks for the offer. You guys are too nice. I love how you guys communicate together on the comment page A&N. Have a good one.

Gypsy said...

If I remember correctly Blackfive sometimes posts up on new blogs...I'll watch for that and enter t.f. boggs info on it! I wouldn't just post it in a comment section on a non-related entry though. Maybe some of the Milbloggers can link back here, that helps drive readers to come as well!

t.f., sorry to hear you guys get stuck with CNN. You'd think the least they could do was offer Fox, they do try to be more balanced.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Gypsy. Fox is better than CNN OK but I could do without the balancing act and go for just the facts without balancing it with the lies. Although it is good to keep an eye on what the enemy is up to. I'm sure Boggs could tell us about that! Would you Boggs?

Huntress said...

Thank God that there are ways, such as the military, to learn about what it really takes to make it in this imperfect world of ours. Thank God there are real Americans out their, who despite their lack of higher education, have the common sense to elect and follow a president who can and will get the job done that America so desperately needs completed. Thank all of you “average” Americans who did the right thing by voting the right way last election, your military salutes you.

And I thank God there are men and women like you, who look beyond the ingorance and left wing agenda of most liberal college professors, and have risen to the calling to serve life by serving our country!

Thank You, for your service and your sacrifice! I am eternally grateful!

You have a new blog fan...I'll be back and I'll be adding you to my blogroll!

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks Huntress, good to have you along. I'll look forward to hearing from you. A conservative in Hollywood, now there is something new.

JCK said...

You will be getting lots of traffic now! Found you via Blackfive, and that should certainly put you even more on the map.
Thanks for sharing your perspective via your blog. It will be a regular read for me.
Take care

Melinda said...

Wish I'd had you in my class...I'd have asked you to send me your APO so I could continue to work out my care package addiction. :)

I teach on a pretty conservative campus, but we have a very vocal, very active group of folks who like to take out full-paged ads & basically make rear ends of themselves at every opportunity.

I teach a mass comm. course & we've talked about milblogs, Michael Yon, & all the sites devoted to supporting the troops...I always find a way to enlighten the students to this "other" side b/c they sorely need it!

Guess it doesn't hurt that my husband is in the ARNG & I'm a little biased toward those serving the country. :)

Keep bloggin!


I graduated from the University of Texas in 2002 (who just won the best Rosebowl ever played, thank you very much). UT is about as liberal as they come, not to mention the largest school in the country.

As a government major, my GPA definitely suffered for being an unashamed conservative. I think we're the only minority who could make such a claim. Diversity of thought is certainly not what they mean by the term.

I believe the whole campus descent into liberalism began with the Vietnam draft when students could get deferments simply by staying in school forever. That's the biggest tragedy of Vietnam: being stuck with an entire generation of tenured fools.

I think the only solution is to engage in a little intellectual cleansing, to breed them out of the population ourselves. That means less conservatives going into business and more delving into academia. That's what I have my sights set on; probably in military history and poly-sci. I figure I took such a huge potential pay cut already by becoming a soldier rather than a lawyer; I suppose I'm used to it by now.

We need another Reagan Revolution people. Our current Republican congress is spitting on Ronnie's grave at a time when the Dems are at their most inept. Time to lay the groundwork.

Anonymous said...

you do understand roughing it, but to say you know cultures intimately is a big fat lie. What have you learned about Iraqi culture from the inside your base? I refer to your blog where you state Muslims are the most intolerant people. I live in a Muslim society and find everything you said to be incorrect. And to say Muslims come to the US full of demands, how many Muslims do you actually know in the US? Finally, have some faith in the youth of America. You are not the only person who can think beyond the realms of a professor's lecture. Intelligent minds know how to interpret and process knowledge from their professors, whether it be true or false. Your blog half interests me and half disgusts me. Oh, and what is it that America should be doing in Iraq? Why are we the divine-right liberators? I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Bogg’s:

This is my first time to your blog, and have placed it in my Favorite Places, as I will be returning frequently. You couldn’t be more correct in your depiction on the mindset of the majority of America’s educators creeping through the halls of our universities; and sad to say K through 12. As we know, since Viet-Nam (the war we refused to win), the indoctrination process of channeling anti-American sentiment into our children by their liberal educators has been applied with a rabid relentlessness, that would have made socialists as extreme as Marx and Marcuse envious.

I have asked myself why America’s educators, especially in our university system have taken such a left turn, indoctrinating our children with such seditionist, un-American rhetoric? However the answer was uncomplicated. I had been searching for a philosophical solution to the purpose of these Viet-Nam era (1960 – 1975) educators duplicity, however the answer was one a child could answer – they are for a lack of a better euphemism “COWARDS”. When our country began to engage the communist front in Viet-Nam, spineless young men of college age, unwilling to defend our nation, either enrolled in college or fled our boarders (al-la-Clintonesque). To mask their hatred for our country in reveling their spinelessness, they adopted a socialist dogma, and began publicly spewing the mantra of Marcuse, Fromm, Gramsci’s and the rest of the neo-socialist crowd. Because the Viet-Nam war lasted for a term of approximately 15 years, these covert academic cowards received undergraduate/graduate degrees, PhD’s and did not stop there, choosing fields in academia (educators) and the liberal arts [i.e., media (newspapers, television, etc.)]. To ease the suffering of their souls resulting from their own cowardice, they began using the halls of academia and the media to indoctrinate young minds as to why it was vogue to hate America. The very country in which brave men and women had given their lives in foreign battles before them, which now allowed them to proselytize their base vitriol from their pulpits.

Where a dichotomy exists, is that we generally tell our children to “pay attention in class”, and “listen to what the teacher is telling you”. This was good advise in the time of mom, baseball and apple pie; when children stood in the playground each morning, pledging allegiance to the flag, and were taught patriotic songs, including military hymns (i.e., anchors away). A time when the largest department stores did not substitute the term “Merry Christmas” for Happy Holidays, or “Christmas Tree” for Hoilday Tree in the name of political correctness. However, these spineless propagandists, who now shout down our country cannot be trusted with the education of our children, as they do not teach, however indoctrinate a subversive doctrine which would have resulted in them being hung in the public square in days gone by. These liberal professors teach no history prior to 1960, instead indoctrinating our children on a mythical euphoric society founded on collectivism; and with the endorsement and consent of College Regents, retaliate against “normal” students who convey even an inkling of patriotism or conservative thinking, by giving them low marks.

This coupled with the same vitriol being churned out by their Comrades from CNN, CBS, New York Times, etc., results in a propaganda machine like the world has never seen. Generally, most folk believe what they read or hear, and when a lie is told often and long enough (by the liberal media), it is later assumed as the truth.

It would take severe measures at this juncture to turn things around. I for one am glad the Republican’s did not retain the house, as it would have sent a standard as to what defines a Republican, John McCain, Olympia Snow, Lincoln Chaffey, Arlen Spector? Had these folk bee re-elected, conservative party of Reagan would have been lost, never to revive. Conservatives, exercised their votes, or not, by not rewarding Republican House members or Senators, who betrayed their core conservative values and sided with liberal Democrat’s against the President (although President Bush’s recent timid approach in the middle east in tying our militaries hands, chastising them every time the left demands, and not allowing them to do the job they are proficient at, is troubling).

I believe the Republicans are being stubborn, and missing a great opportunity being presented by the Socialist Party of America (aka: Democratic National Committee). What is this opportunity you ask? Bringing back a mandatory military draft for all young people. The Dem’s want this, because they are stuck in this mental quagmire that only children of the less fortunate enlist in the military, and are hoping to force an environment where children from conservative backgrounds would be forced to serve as well (which is just the opposite of what is presently occurring). The Dem’s also believe that in a war scenario, children with conservative views or from affluent families would be killed, creating pressure on their affluent parents who may begin adopting anti-war views. The Dem’s are presumably also speculating that there would be less conservative votes, as a result of those who would never return home. I think a mandatory draft is a GREAT idea, and why the Republican’s are opposed, I have no idea. Republican’s should not only be accepting this proposal, but apologizing as to why they didn’t think of it first. The twist I would add, is that this would additionally apply to those who opt to attend college. In other words, after receiving an undergraduate degree, you would be drafted by the military after five years of attending college or receiving and undergraduate degree, which ever occurs first. If the student hoped to continue on and attain a Masters or PhD?…. sorry. This option would still be available after his/her four-year hitch in the armed forces were complete, and only with the receipt of an honorable discharge. The focus, is NOT allowing those who would hide out in the halls of academia forever, and not know the privilege and honor of serving their country. The crux of why I believe a mandatory draft would be invaluable, is predicated on socio-ideology. The incumbent education system in America is hell-bent on brainwashing our children to engage in the socio-ideology of Marx, Marcuse and their ilk. Why not allow our armed forces a shot at reaffirming to them what it means to be an American? Could there be any more effective therapy for a student graduating from Cal-Berkley, Harvard or Boston College one day, and be ordered to a Marine Boot Camp the next?