Monday, January 23, 2006

Interview at Blackfive

I just did an interview at so check it out if you don't regularly visit that site. And if you are checking me out as a result of that site then welcome, glad to have you.


TainanCowBoy said...

Seen yr pic on are Stylin' & Profilin'

Stay Safe,
An old Ranger

Melinda said...

Count me in as someone who found her way here from B5. Looking forward to putting your blog in my favorites folder. :)

Maggie45 said...

Your dad wants someone to buy the both of you a beer when you get home. If you ever come through Arizona, let me know and I'll meetcha wherever.

Stay safe, and thank you very much for what you're doing. And don't ever let that crazy sense of humor abate. You are really funny!

AFSister said...

Good heavens... how did you escape my milblog radar until now?

*smacks hand for being a bad blogsurfer*

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I've just recently learned blogging? but I love reading your thoughts! Love you,
Grandma Barbie

Anonymous said...

Boggs that is so sweet! Aren't grandmas wonderful? Hang in there grandma Barbie. This blogging is great fun but can be addicting, especially with great bloggers around to read like you grandson.

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I am always glad to have new readers and that includes you Grandma. Apparently I have made this a family thing now. Thanks for the offer Maggie I will take you up on that should I ever visit your great state. And Melinda sorry I couldn't be in your school but I think being in mine has helped me learn more about what I believe. TC it is always good to have a ranger on your side so good to have you too.

Gypsy said...'re sure to be famous now. I can say I "knew you when" :) Glad to see you getting some traffic, it's well deserved. Stay safe, and drinks on me if you get through Chicago too...goes without saying!