Monday, January 23, 2006

ACLU: American Terrorists

There are certain things that cause me to become upset: Laziness, ignorance, and down right stupidity to name a few. Then there are times when I get so pissed off that I can't stand it anymore and have to say something. Now is one of those times. After reading this article, among many others, I have come to the conclusion (as I am sure many others already have) that the ACLU is detrimental to our society and our very way of life. Usually when our country is faced with an enemy who threatens our national security our president takes action against them and is justified in doing so. Well with the ACLU running rampant filing lawsuits against the Bush administration's accused illegal spying I believe something needs to be done and soon.

Ok I know everyone is saying "All right T. F. this is way over your head and by your own admissions you are about 4 years away from a 3 year law degree, what do you know?" Well I know when I am being undermined as a person and when the security of those I care about is being threatened. I am not one to sit idly by and watch idiots run rampant and do as they please. We (military) are in several hostile environments risking our lives daily to bring freedom to the Middle East and at the same time rid the world of terrorism. Lofty huh? Well it is true and when the ACLU seeks to undermine all that we are accomplishing by alerting the terrorists of our best defenses then what am I supposed to say. That would be like me writing Zarqawi and telling him that I will be at this point, at this time, and in this truck, come get me Zark man I am right here. By "outing" one of our government's methods of national defense we exposed to the terrorists one of our great tools against them. Now they can just find a way around phone tapping and continue on doing what they were doing before in ignorance.

If I was a qualified lawyer I would be all over this. No need to pay me, I would do it out of pleasure and as a service to our country. What we need in today's society are people that are willing to stand up and do the right thing even if it doesn't benefit them. We need people of character, not people who are trying to rid our country of all "offensive" material while at the same time defending terrorists in court.

I believe in good and evil. I believe we can call terrorists evil and not just bad. I believe terrorists who kill innocent people are evil and I believe those who defend them aren't far behind. The ACLU is a terrible organization that seeks to defend people's liberties while at the same time stripping our country of exactly what makes it great.

I have been trying to think of a way to describe what they are doing and why but I cant think straight right now. I don't know how so many people could all at the same time be so ignorant. My gosh this seems like a reoccurring theme in my blogs. Ignorant people have and continue to befuddle me completely. If you have any insight into the ACLU let me know. I would love to make it my life's ambition to completely tear down the ACLU, but then again what do I know.


Anonymous said...

Boggs, You know more than most. Ignorance of the truth does run rampant. To solve any problem we have to recognize it as such first, learn all the truth we can about it and rationally determine the solution to the problem. We need inspiration, which is a real substance Boggs, not just a touchy feely sort of thing. We need to be determined to solve the problem no matter what it cost us personally. We the people out here in the highways and byways of America need to hear the truth about the great problems we face, then be inspired to use all our talents and energy to remedy them. We therefor need leaders to tell us the truth and lead us into battle, people we can trust and can without fear follow in these great tasks before us. Michael Yon is such a man and you can name many more I am sure. So, truth, inspiration, leadership and direction. Keep getting out the truth, Boggs, as you too can inspire. I'm sure that you are learning much about leadership in the Military. Look at Lt. Col. Kurilla and leaders like him and learn. Then be determined to fight the enemy with the truth and every talent that you have. Best I can do to answer your question Boggs. We agree with your observations about the ACLU. Our enemies are many, without and within the country. Thank you for doing your part to win this war against murderers and evil men. I hope that there will be men within the country as brave as you are who can rid us of this scourge.

Donna, Los Osos, CA said...

It is easy to recognize intellectual elitist, harder for us "rabble" to understand them. The have a distain for the working man, but profess to represent them. They say they are protecting "freedom, civil rights, etc." but in the last 40 years have done more to take away the rights of Americans than any other group. The last Presidential election was interesting in that way, forgetting the Rep/Dem thing. The intellectual elites were dumbfounded when they counted ballots and discovered middle America did not just accept their spoon-fed ideology because THEY said it. I hate lumping people like that ..but I think you know what I mean. Working class stiffs like us, even though we are too busy working to be hanging out in think-tanks....surprise, we do still think for ourselves!

Do not lose heart my friend. You are doing an important job, on so many levels. You are right in that freedom demands we pay attention, and your service is helping with that. God bless you, and thank you!


PS. Sorry I got so wordy!

Anonymous said...


A limerick for Boggs

There once was the ACLU
Whose ideas all smelled like poo
We hate them a lot
And want them all shot
And now we know you do too

The limerick nerd

Gypsy said...

t.f. you are spot on re the ACLU. I've never understood how people can support them or their actions, it's as if they work for the demise of what makes our country so great. They pretend to be there for us, the "unwashed masses", when in reality I think they are communist or socialst based in their thinking and actions.

David M said...

The ACLU is no longer a civil rights group, it is a Political Action Committee for the Communist Party. Its sole purpose is to generate revenue for its coffers. Many times the mere threat of the ACLU suing some city or group is enough to drive settlement money into its bank account so that it can then do the same to another unsuspecting innocent. It should lose its non-profit status and have to identify itself as a PAC and Lobbying group.


Sgt. Boggs,

Great blog. Just stumbled on it today via Matty O' Blackfive. I don't usually read other milblogs due to the fact that so many of them are mired in fobbitalia. "Dear Diary, the humvee ride to the P/X today was really dusty." But I can relate to many of your insights and they've already given me a good chuckle or two.

As far as the ACLU goes, I've thought the same thing for years. I believe we need a DOJ with balls to go after them with the same tactics they use: the courtroom. Of course, they'll hide behind the 1st Amendment all day long, but I think there's a good case to be made against them for sedition. Same with the NYT, who regularly print national security secrets on the front page.

Where's our generation's J. Edgar Hoover when we need him?

Buck Sargent

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blogg, on the ACLU. Let's home our government is keeping a closer eye on them than we realize and they get tripped up soon. Just read Mike Yon's new posting this AM on his new website about other American Terrorists. A real eye openner! It might encourage you. It did us. A&N

T. F. Boggs said...

Buck Sargent,
Good to have you here. I know what you mean about other milblogs, I only check out a few. We call them fobbitts here and they never leave the gate so they dont have anything worthwile to say. I agree with you on the armor and only a few of us have to wear it. I wont be wearing the side plates either. The army should be ashamed for spending that much money on them. I can tell you now that all of ours will be staying in our rooms while we are on the field. I'll be checking out your blog.


Looks like we may both be in Mosul and deployed at roughly the same time. What FOB are you at? I'm at Marez with the 172nd Stryker Brigade.

Don't know if you've been able to send home many pics or video of your surroundings to your family, friends, and fans. If not, here's the direct link to a couple videos of us in Mosul that I've put together so far. Also working on a feature length documentary in my spare time (of which there isn't all that much), but who knows if it will ever be finished. There are links to them on my site as well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Buck Sargent,
Just went to your site and loved the videos. Hope you and Boggs get together over there in Mosul and thanks to both of you.

Huntress said...

The ACLU or as I like to call them, the ACLUser(pronounced ACLoosers)
and the New York Times have systemically and intentionally jeopardized the National Security of the United States and its citizens.

While the DOJ may not be able to file suits against the NYTIMES and ACLU, I wish one of the many heavyweight Republican attornies would file a class action suit against them for the above mentioned reasons.

As for the the biased left wing commie loving, terrorist supporting, MSM, F*ck them! It's clear that they are continuing to rapidly lose viewers and readers, and by fiat, ad revenues. With any luck..they'll be out of business thanks to bloggers and especially milbloggers, who continue to report the truth.

Stay safe!

Huntress said...

WAHOOO Boggs...looks like your prayers HAVE been answered:

Debbie Schlussel, along with Michelle Malkin and John from Stop the ACLU will be interveners in the ACLU NSA lawsuit, to assert our interests as American citizens who wanted to be safe and secure from terrorists.

I just sent you an email with all the appropriate links!

And they say "be careful what you ask for"

Anonymous said...

You could NEVER be a laywer!
You have too much integrity.
Please keep up the great bloggs!

AFSister said...

Have you been to Jay's "Stop the ACLU"? You'd like it....

your boy john said...

you cannot tell it any better than that, ACLU American terrorists. good blog homey...i feel you all the way on that one.

T. F. Boggs said...

Thats my boy.