Friday, October 28, 2005

Over There...Over Where?

I accidentally watched the television show Over There for the first time the other night. Accidentally because it was on in the gym while I was working out. I didn't expect much because the media and television never accurately depict anything having to do with the miltary. However, the show far exceeded my expectations. I think the best way for me as a veteran of Iraq to describe what is wrong with that show is to list what I found wrong with the show. 1.) First off the actors were too good looking for anyone to believe that they were actually in the military. 2.) The "soldiers" spoke english too well and didn't cuss enough to be soldiers. 3.) Not one of them held their weapons right 4.) The fake dirt and grease they had all over them wasn't believable 5.) Their convoy was set up wrong with two girl maintenance privates leading the convoy blocking the way for the first gun truck. 6.) They had a camp fire and drank beer out in the open at night time 7.) The LT did things that no officer would ever do and the soldiers respected him all the same 8.) The "infantry soldiers" were all a bunch of girly men. 9.) They were all scared of killing people. 10.)The list goes on and on but I have already started the process of forgetting the show.
I think what I am trying to say is that the show sucks and is nothing like what it is really like to be "Over There." Once again television has failed Americans and anyone who watches the show should think twice about what they are seeing.