Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey Hillary!

Dear Mrs. Clinton,
Could you please get the Bush Administration to send me some more body armor. My hamstrings are still unprotected and I can still move a little.
Your secret admirer

If I, as a lowly army reservist, have enough body armor then I think we are spending enough money on it. For anyone as an armchair politician to say that we don't have enough body armor has no clue what they are talking about. Pretty soon we are going to need squires in order to get ready to go on missions. Any more armor and we won't be able to move. Get out of your chair and come talk to some real soldiers if you want to know what is going on.

The one pic is of me and the other is of where I have to stuff myself on missions. Not much room as you can see. I don't know where I could put more armor.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Boggs! A very good point! I'm definately happy to hear that you have all the armor you need. We obviously hear different here. THAT, my friend, is exactly why what you are doing is so important. You go man! Thanks for showing a bit of your humorous side too. Very funny. Thanks to Mike Yon I know you have all the bullets you need too. If there were one thing that you NEED, but the military does not supply, what would that be? We'll let Hillary know and I'm sure she will jump on it! Good blog, Boggs. That's kind of fun to say - "Good blog, Boggs." Keep it up!
Neatie the goat breaker

Anonymous said...

Hey Boggs, Loved the photos! Is there really a lean mean fighting machine under all that garb? Looks like the men in the backbround have all the armor too. When Hillary goes to a war zone we always notice she is in a mess hall choking down the plain food you guys eat and looks like she smells something bad. Oh, sorry. That was mean of me. But I think the mess halls have more cameras going in them and it looks like she is rubbing shoulders with lots of guys. I guess you men eat whenever you get a chance no matter how many politicians are gathered there. From the looks of all the equipment in the vehicle it is no wonder you need so much training - -to learn how to use it all. I think we do have a "smart Army" now days. Thanks for another insight into your lives in Iraq, Boggs. Please know we are grateful and crave news from over there constantly.

john said...

i like your new shoulder pads....

texas rose said...

Funny Boggs! Everybody at the coffe counter would like to see old Hillary thrown out of the country! She's not popular 'round these parts. We are fed up with two faced politicians. Democrats or republicans! You keep up the good writing! Ya'll keep wearin' that armor! Does that truck you drive around have AC? Maybe Hillary could work on that.

Anonymous said...

For Hillary,
In the words of the great Weird Al Yankovic, "Everything you know is wrong." Thanks T.F. Boggs. Take care of yourself and thanks to an administration that has supplied you with good armor.

Tom Canterbury

the dude said...

Nice one, maybe someone can send that to Hitlerary.

Gypsy said...

Shrillary errrrr Hitlary errr Hillary loves to posture for her target audience, middle America. Wants us unwashed masses to think she cares about the Military. Ha, that's a laugh considering her track record and that of her husband. Well her "plantation" comment the other day should just about tank her political ambitions for the White House.

Hope you're well t.f.!

Anonymous said...

What you said got me to thinking - It is strange how politicians and different organized groups sort us all out like a deck of cards and put us into various groups. I have never thought of myself as belonging to a particular class or being conservative or liberal, rich or poor, orgaized or not. I just think of myself as myself. An American individual. Me, myself and I. I resent being classified like a bug! I also resent being targeted as I know Boggs does too, so to speak. Keep your head down Boggs and so will I. Hillary may be targeting me! Then again she may not.

Anonymous said...

At last.... A bumper sticker for both parties. FINALLY, someone
has come out with a 100% bipartisan political bumper sticker. The
hottest selling bumper sticker comes from New York State:


Democrats: put it on the rear bumper.

Republicans: put it on the front bumper.


Thank you for taking the time to update your blog. Stay safe, t.f. boggs, we're praying for your safety.

Anonymous said...

That was funny, anoymous. And we do pray for your safety too t.f. more anonymouses.

Gypsy said...

LOL!!! Anon, I'm going to borrow that bumper sticker info. :)

A, I think too many politicians try to pander instead of stating what it is they intend to do, believe in etc. And then there are the sheeple that take them at face value! Hillary's outrage is laughable considering she called for a hearing along with other pols then didn't show up due to "previous committments". Right! Not to mention she refused to allow the Military to wear their uniforms in the WH. Yes, it's true.

Huntress said...

Just read the interview you did over on Blackfive!

So...if that's not an earring...then WHAT is that on your earlobe???

Earring or are totally HOTT!

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Boggs, Congratulations!! You were great on Blackfive. You kept up with the wiseguy asking the questions very well. Quick thinking on your feet. The old guy interviewing you actually wasn't so bad himself, for an old guy. You were funny but you made some great true and honest statements as well. At first I thought it was shaving cream on your ear but then you probably weren't shaving back then yet, were you Boggs? Two thumbs up, Boggsy.

Maggie45 said...

Ahh yes, what Gypsy said. Ask Buzz Patterson what he thinks of Hillary! LOL


Ahh, once again the great "lack of armor" canard raises its ugly little head. I have yet to meet a fellow soldier who would admit to wanting MORE crap on their IBAs.

Looks like you guys have already gotten stuck wearing the shoulder and nut guards. We've so far resisted all extras but the neck collar (which I actually don't mind; gives one someplace to prop your head when racked out in the back of a Stryker).

Stars & Gripes just announced that the Army got guilted into purchasing 230,000 side armor SAPI plates after that NYT story about how "DOZENS" of lives may have been saved had they been wearing these. "Dozens."

Hillary just forced the Army into wasting 70 billion dollars, because if they think we'll actually be wearing these, they are sadly mistaken.

Most of my guys would sign a waiver right now to dump everything and go on mission in LCE and soft cap.

God how I hate Congress.