Monday, January 30, 2006


As any experienced milblogger could tell you it can sometimes be pretty tough to find things to write about. Bloggers in the states are able to blog daily about the news and whatnot but milbloggers have to write about what’s going on in their own daily lives. The tough thing about doing so is that a lot of times nothing happens to us. Take for example the last week I just had. I spent most of the week out on the road and nothing major happened. We drove, we came back, and we went out again. I didn’t run into any fascinating people and I didn’t have any bright revelations into current events.

It is tough trying to blog often and keep a fan base when sometimes I go through a 4 or 5 day blogging drought. People like Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin blog about 5 times a day and all I can come up with is one every 3-5 days. No big deal though, they do it for a living right?

I have been thinking of a few ideas for future blogs so stay tuned. Don’t let the blogging drought chase you away.


Melinda said...

I think you'd be surprised what milblog readers find interesting. It's kind of like when I write letters to those serving overseas and they pick out the details I consider most mundane as the ones they want to know the most about...I remember that it's interesting b/c it's something they are missing now.
For me, when I read their letters or milbloggers, I am honestly interested in the everyday things because it provide a window into something I will not experience first-hand myself.

Gypsy said...

t.f. now don't you worry about a thing, there are plenty of Milbloggers that for one reason or another can't/don't post for several days. It's good that your time outside the wire was uneventful, you know?

We'll be here, whenever you pop in to say hi or write something that's on your mind.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Interested to see what your blog strategy will be and know your wheels are turning, literally as well as in your head. All you say is of interest and can teach us, Boggs. But I know you want to expand our knowledge of the progress of the war, what is happening right there in and around Mosul as well as life for you men fighting this war. Can't immagine that it is boring any time you go outside the wire for anything can happen at any time and you have to be ready to act. We have a million questions for you. Here is just one. How experienced are your leaders over there and how well are you working together as a unit since you are recently deployed. Are things coming together for you yet or will that just take time and experience with many, many daily missions? I think you are wise beyond your years to step back and see exactly what your mission is in blogging and how best to accomplish that mission just like with your military missions. As you feed us information we will also learn to assimilate it and act upon it. You are much appreciated Boggs because you are good at what you do and your readers can't help but become attached to you because you are also a nice man. Annie

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim!
I see that Annie beat me to the comment page tonight. Not that it's a contest or anything----but for this she will pay a terrible price!:(
I think you will find that your true fans will stick with you even when you are silent. They know their patience will pay off. War is not only fought by hand to hand combat. We know your presence in those daily missions is vital. My faithful watchdog does not fend off intruders every night, but I can rest assured that he is on watch, discouraging an intrusion. Thank you for being faithful to the watch. The bloggers you mentioned are great ones but somehow we aren't inspired to pray for them daily nor do we feel a closeness to them as we do you military bloggers. Maybe it is the fact that you are risking your all for us. Would that we would do the same for you men. Surely we can at least be patient while we wait with anticipation to hear more words from you. Be safe Tim.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, I don’t think your droughts are bad for fan base. I try to check your blog as often as I can but not everyone has time. I prefer your “droughts” otherwise I couldn’t keep up. I have no idea who Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin are haha….. But I doubt they are risking their lives everyday fighting a war. They can’t compare. Also just an assumption but I’m sure you have a pretty loyal fan base.

Mary*Ann said...

Ditto what everybody else said, and, it's quality not quantity we look for. That you do quite well. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey T. F.
Good assumption, Mark. But did you notice that you are the only man to comment tonight? Could it be that while our great men are at war we girls try to keep up their moral and at the same time want to know about every single thing that they are doing and if they are well? It could also be that women just naturally talk more than you guys. I for one, always appreciate hearing men make comments because they have to think about it longer than women do. On the other hand I can't remember reading any female milbloggers. Are there any? Down here at the coffe shop, Boggs there are mostly older men who keep up with you so you do reach more than us girls. They just don't say much. I read your blog before this one to a man and he cried, T.F. It was a very moving blog and I want to thank you for it. However long it takes you to tell us things we will be waiting to hear them. You just keep an eye out on those uneventful little rides you take every day and we'll be thinking about you.

Mrs. Diva said...

I have been reading and enjoying your blog, although not commenting. Your fan base will wait and your blogs will be ever more inspirational than anything I could put in print;) Thank you for what y'all are doing!

To answer Rosie, yes there are female milbloggers... offhand one known as GreyEagle. Go to to find blogs by military, past and present.