Saturday, December 03, 2005

Insane hippies and CNN

Reading the Stars and Stripes (the daily military newspaper) always provides me with enough material to blog about. As far as reporting the same old crap about body counts, and too-old-too-far-out-of-the-game-war-vet-senators I guess it is like any other news agency in the states, perhaps maybe a little better but not much. The past few S&S have had some well written and informative Associated Press articles about such topics as the recent Christian Peacemaker Team members taken hostage here in Iraq, and Ted Turner’s fear that someone (George Bush) might accidentally slip and trip the “hair trigger” to launch nuclear weapons at Russia. Hard hitting journalism at its best from mainstream media’s finest.
Now considering the recent Christian Peacemaker hostages I have a few thoughts of my own. I have personally dealt with some CPTers before and not one of them has been sane. In my experience they have either been old hippies searching for a new cause to cry about, or young hippies looking for their first cause to rally around. Now I don’t personally know the four individuals who were kidnapped by the terrorists here in Iraq, and by no means would I ever condone kidnapping, but maybe this will open the eyes of the “peacemakers” to the real situation here. It’s not America who are the terrorists or occupiers ,but rather, the foreign terrorists trying to disrupt the democratization of Iraq. Of course the CPTers would say that the terrorists wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for America conducting it’s “illegal” war, but that just goes to show how far from reality the CPTers actually are. People who hide behind religion to mask their own ignorance of the truth in order to accomplish their goals are the same as the terrorists who kill “infidels” in the name of God. In my book the CPTers and their sympathizers are American terrorists bent on seeing America fail and the terrorists succeed at any cost. The CPTers who came to Iraq in 2002 before the military invasion, and continue to come now, are puppets of Saddam and the current terrorists. They should not only be recognized as such, but should be thrown in jail for providing aid and comfort to the enemy, betraying their country, and for contributing to the deaths of American soldiers.
Ted Turner might as well join them in jail so that “brain” of his wont be able to hurt anyone besides himself. That a mind like that can control a major media outlet like CNN just goes to show how gullible Americans can be. I am starting my own boycott of CNN and ignorant hippies. If you would like to join me I would be more than happy to have you.


iamNomad said...

Welcome back t.f. boggs! Glad to see you posting, hope all is well.

I'll join you, heck I stopped watching the Communist News Network (CNN) a looooong time ago.

As far as the folks being held hostage....while I hate to see anything happen to them I can't help but wonder what they were thinking going to a war zone. Nuts.

Stay safe t.f., you're in my prayers.

strykeraunt said...

As far as boycotting CNN and hippies...I am already there :D

I too would hate to see anything happen to those being held hostage. On the other hand, it would put me over the top if something were to happen to one of our soldiers while trying to rescue them. In my opinion, if someone wants to go to Iraq to spew their hate of America then they are on their own when they get in trouble.

the dude said...

I agree with the previous comments, but I think they ought to use those hippies as bait. Lure in the terrorists with the holier than thou hippies and then ambush the whole lot!

the dude said...

This ought to go quite well with this post...copy and paste this into your address bar...

aandn said...

You did an excellent job on this blog, Boggs! Amen to everything you said. We never watch anything but Fox and we get mad at them sometimes for being so "fair and balanced". We want the truth and don't really care too much about the balanced because why do you have to balance out the truth with a bunch of lies. So we read you and Mike Yon instead. Your blog said what a lot of people think and we need to start letting what we think be known. We think the type of people you wrote about are traitors to our country and to God too.