Monday, December 19, 2005


I have heard lots of talk about the morale of the troops in the news lately. The anti-war crowd often sites the troops as being unwilling and unable to fight and win the war in Iraq. Senators like Kerry, Kennedy, Murtha, and Biden think soldiers just can’t do the job they were tasked to do. They think soldiers just don’t have it in them to do what the president has asked them to do.
The funny thing about their thoughts is that no soldier cares what they say because they realize those senators don’t have a clue what they are talking about. If only those senators shut up for a minute and actually talked to the military leadership here in Iraq they would realize how wrong they actually are, assuming they are capable of listening to the truth.
As I see it the general morale of the troops is good. We are out here to do a job and have fun doing it. We don’t sit down and discuss the implications of what we are doing and how it might affect the world or our future. That is for non-military types to hash out all they want. Soldiers have a job to do, if we do that job right we stay alive and go home at the end of our year. We don’t care about what the hell people like Kerry and Biden say. That is until it starts affecting how Americans view us and how the MSM portrays us to the world.
Not to say that all soldiers support Bush or vote Republican cause they certainly don’t. The thing about 99 percent of the soldiers here though, is that they see a side of the war that Americans don’t. We see the differences taking place everyday for the Iraqis. We see the cities being rebuilt, kids going to school, the new Iraqi army being trained, modern technology coming to the everyday Iraqi, and the list goes on and on. These differences allow soldiers of all political affiliations to put aside their differences and work together to make real tangible change in this country. If only democrat senators could put aside their ambitions for their own future and think about the future of the 25 million people in Iraq, as well as the Middle East in general, just as the soldiers do, then real progress could be made.
If I could cut off all news to Iraq I would so that I don’t have to sit in the chow hall and listen to Anderson Cooper or Chris Matthews open their mouths and show the world how ignorant they are. I would love to see troops do their job without having to worry how people back home will view them. I would love to have the MSM leave their hotels and actually come here and talk to us and find out how we feel. I would love to talk to Kerry, Murtha, Biden, and Kennedy and tell them how wrong they are about everything. I would love to go before the Senate and tell them all to strap on a pair and do the right thing and quit worrying about what people will think of them and whether they will have a job in a few years. If only senators cared more about doing the right thing then what people think of them we would be in a much better situation.
I don’t want to sit around and let Iraq become another propaganda war like Vietnam. Iraq is nothing like Vietnam and never will be unless we as Americans let it become that way, which is exactly what the Axis of Evil senators want to happen so they can finally be right about something.
Oh how I wish I could personally meet those senators. I would tell them exactly how it is and exactly what the soldiers think of them. I have a feeling those conversations would contain a lot of four letter words.


Gypsy said...

t.f.boggs, great post. To be honest I don't know many people that listen to the MSM anymore for their news in Iraq. It's all coming to the forefront now with the many MILbloggers out there giving the American public the truth. It's not all pretty of course, but you guys out there are doing what needs to be done and folks are "pushing back" and letting their representatives and the MSM know how disgusting their behavior is.

Keep yourself safe and know we ARE behind you and the mission.

Gypsy (formerly iamnomad)

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks Gypsy. The thing about the MSM is that they still have influence even though it is dwindling. Until they break down and start reporting the truth I will keep writing about them. Thanks to good people like you things are changing but I think the message still needs to be put out there.

Thanks for the support and I will do my part and stay safe.

Mrs. Diva said...

I'm new here and thoroughly enjoying your observations. I don't know many conservatives who even watch the news anymore, unless they just have no time for the internet or over the age of 65. Every person I know who is a liberal believes that our news is fair and not biased in any way (except for FOX). Kinda makes a statment. Thanks for what you and your guys are doing...most of us truly apreciate you.