Saturday, December 31, 2005

Whats Going On?

Not a whole lot if you are me. Life in the military, as anyone who is or has been in at one time can tell you, can be pretty boring at times. There are lots of days or even weeks when absolutely nothing special happens. This past week has been one of those for me. However, what I think makes that fact kind of special is that I am in Iraq right now and nothing too crazy has been happening where I am. Of course that is good news, although it doesn't exactly make for a good headline.

So what has been going on then? Well this past week we have been building up our living area and improving the quality of life for ourselves. We, however, cannot take the credit for the work though. The credit instead goes to a couple of Iraqi guys who have been working for us doing some carpentry work. They are great workers and are fun to be around. Along with building, they have been teaching a few of us how to speak some Arabic and also have been telling us about how Iraqis view Americans. One of the Iraqi guys in particular is quick to say that Iraqis love Americans and instead it is foreigners who come in to Iraq to fight us. Americans don't realize this point though and are quick to equate all Arabic peoples as being the same. He has said to us on a few occasions that we don't even need our weapons in his town because they all like us. He, along with all the soldiers here, wish the foreign fighters would stay home and quit terrorizing Americans and Iraqis alike.

It would be great to hear about how actual Iraqis feel about whats going on in their country from the MSM, but like I noted earlier, good news doesn't make for good headlines. I fault not only the MSM but also people's perpetual need to hear a sad/heroic story. I cannot begin to count how many people asked me if I killed someone or if someone in my unit died the first time I was deployed. Why do people want to know this stuff and what bearing will it have on their lives? As if soldiers even feel like discussing that stuff when they get home anyway. So if you know of a soldier coming home soon please spare them dumb questions including the ones just mentioned.


Gypsy said...

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people asking such questions to Military members returning home. All we need to know is you're out there doing your job, whatever it takes.

Happy New Year t.f. boggs, stay safe!

t.h. snure said...

Hi Tim,
Great to read your stuff, and We're glad to hear that life is kinda boring. Your little cousin asked the other day why "cousin-uncle" Tim is in Iraq, I told her that he is helping to let other people live in a free place where they can go to school and church and do the things we do and that bad people are trying to stop them.
She simply said "He's good to do that for them". Pretty perceptive for a four year old, and I have to say that I agree.

Thanks to you and all your fellow soldiers.