Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yeah I Don't Get It Either

After checking my site meter earlier today I learned that a number of people were coming my way via Mary Katharine Ham's website at I decided to check out why they were doing so since Ham has never linked to me before. When I got to her site I watched a little video that she made that quotes me during it. I don't really know why she quotes me because what I said doesn't fit with the point she is trying to make. I am also quoted alongside the likes of some of my favorite people like John Kerry, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid just to name a few. Now I don't know whether Ham was trying to cast what I said in a negative light but after watching the video several times it seems that way to me. Of course that may not have been her intention with the video but the video is poorly done and devoid of any real meaning so the point was hard for me to grasp.

So why did I respond you may be asking? Well I just didn't want people coming to my site thinking that I support what those democratic senators said. Don't blame me for the video, I'm just an innocent bystander. Go check out the video and tell me what you think because maybe I am way off base here.

*Update* Mary Katharine Ham emailed and said she didn't mean for it to be negative in any way. No harsh feelings Miss. Ham just wondering.


Anonymous said...

She took your statement out of context so missed the point of why you made that statement. As I recall it was in response to the last elections and your disappointment in those democrats being elected. It is poor okay and I suspect an example of what modern day education can do for you. Get used to it, Tim. We have a society of folks who are educated but not real capable. Who knows what she meant by it. If you have to guess I think it is fair to say you can just ignore it.
An example of "Look at me..I'm young, attractive and really think more that I should of myself." So you came to a pretty good conclusion, Tim, and we would never think you agreed with that bunch of crooks in Washington.
Someone old who is shaking her head.

Winston said...

why dont you ask her to remove it?

T. F. Boggs said...

Actually she just emailed and said she didn't mean for it to be in a negative light. She meant for it to counter what Durbin was saying in the video. I have no hard feelings and she knows that, I was just curious because I think it could have been taken out of context.

strykeraunt said...

Just watched the video. It was actually real difficult to follow. Perhaps if I watch it over and over again I would get the purpose but I'm not going to put myself through the torture. I agree that from what I saw, it is devoid of any real meaning. It definitely was not clear that she was using your quote to counter Durbin. But then again, nothing was clear. My suspicions are that she did use your qoute out of context but, of course, is not going to admit to doing so.

gypsy said...

I *think* the quotes were to show how the party was saying one thing a while ago...and now something totally different. For example everyone was crying for more Troops prior to the election, now that the President is sending in more Troops...they cry no more Troops.

I'm also not sure why your quote was in there other than the counter perspective to the dims comments, from a Solider. I wasn't terribly impressed with the video. Oh yeah and Durbin is an arse.

ET USN 71-78 said...

I watched the video shortly after you posted the link. Yes, the video was hard to follow, but I was looking for your quote and finally saw it. I left MKH a comment about how out of place you are among the others in the group she quoted; you are head and shoulders above the others in character and common sense.

I've followed MKH in the past (she posted with previously) and I really liked her work, so I don't think there was anything intentionally negative caste your way. I think she just made some sort of error in judgement and you were right to question the situation.