Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back At Liberal U

I do not know why I would ever be surprised by the goings on at a major university but for some reason I am now. After attending the first day of classes I visited a local bookstore to purchase my textbooks and I noticed several class reading lists that consisted solely of books bashing the Bush administration. Titles like State of Denial , The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth From 9/11 to Katrina, War on the Middle Class, and The World is Flat adorned the bookshelves and kids were rushing to get their copies. Books by Cornell West and other hate-America lefties were assigned reading and I cringed as 18-year-old students fresh out of high school plopped down their money in order to be indoctrinated by their far-left professors.

After my book buying experience I was all set to meet with a professor whom I hadn’t seen since I left school almost two years ago for Iraq. Now to be fair this professor is a friend of mine and is a great teacher but what she said to me within the first minute of seeing me confirmed the fact that I’m not in Kansas anymore. After we said our pleasantries she asked me the same thing that everyone always wants to know:

“So are you going to have to go back to Iraq?”

She said this with a hint of trepidation in her voice and when I explained to her that the earliest I would have to go back would be sometime late 2008 if at all she breathed a sigh of relief and said:

“Phhewww. By then we will have a democratic president in office so you won’t have to worry about it. If by some crazy chance Bush was elected to a third term you know you would be going back.”

After I shrugged off her ridiculous concern that Bush might somehow gain office for a third term considering it is law that presidents can only serve two terms (although admittedly Bush does have superpowers since he caused Hurricane Katrina) I found it funny that she thought I must feel the same way as she did. I can guarantee that it never crossed her mind that I would feel differently. After she was finished speaking I just smiled politely-the smile that I do when I know there is no reason to argue-and told her that I didn’t really mind my deployments and actually had a great experience. However, I am sure that this part of the conversation went somewhere off the left side of her brain and bounced around the walls of books until it found it’s way out the crack at the bottom of the door.

The reason teachers (not all teachers just to be fair) feel this way is because they live in a little academic bubble and are surrounded by like-minded peers. I don’t have a solution to this problem but if you know a young college student point them in the direction of websites that share real world information (hint: info not found in a college newspaper) the likes of which I have linked to in my blogroll. A little outside perspective can go a long way on a college campus.


Anonymous said...

You are a gentleman and a scholar, Timothy Boggs. Welcome back to the land of Oz.
One who has been there and is most elated to proclaim....escaped only slightly...brused...but it was a heck of a battle.

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 18 (the now beautiful 24 yr. old)and looking at colleges, I can't begin to tell you all of the problems we had with well-meaning profs telling her what she should do and how she should think. They certainly did not want a mom hanging around at orientaion to see and hear what was being indoctrined. I won't bore you with the details (Maybe I will blog it myself). Liberal U is a problem in this country, but it seems you handled yourself well.

Anonymous said...

I have a brother with 2 PhDs, one from Wisconsin liberal U, the mother of all liberal Us. He was a normal child and a good brother...but alas he is no more. They seem to all write books, Tim, lots and lots of books that say nothing. Tingling bells, dry wells.
He too wrote a book, my brother. I haven't the slightess idea of what he was trying to say...but his peers loved it. Go figure. All I know is that Liberal U took a very inteligent, loving, wonderful brother away from me and now all I have left is a faithless, self centered, anti-American.....nut. Oh parents beware! True knowledge is difficult to obtain and true teachers more rare than pearls. College is a dangerous place to venture into, student Boggs. Keep your armor on and pray without ceasing lest they eat you alive and you end up writing another book of propaganda. From the Lion's Den into the Snake Pit. Wasn't much of a break for you. Can we send you packages and encouragement from home Sgt.?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should wear your dress greens to class every day -- I bet that'll help your GPA!

Seriously though, the state of campus life was so left-leaning the last time I set foot on it in 2002 that I can't even imagine how bad it's gotten today. I recall there was a bit of a resurgence in conservative students, but that the institutional Leftism had only gotten more vocal and obnoxious in response.

I'm getting the same apprehensive questioning on my end as well, though: "Do you think you'll have to go back?" As if I should be applying for Canadian citizenship in the meantime just in case. It's funny how once you're home you fairly quickly forget all the bad times you had over there and can only remember the good. While I don't miss the daily stupidity of the Army brass, I definitely miss the comraderie among my fellow "joes."

Would I go back? Sure, but I'd do it the smart way next time and go over there as a contractor. Those guys have got it made. Though, I'd have to change the name of my blog to "American Citizen Mercenary." Not that I'd have a problem with that.

The hardest time I had in dealing with Iraq on a day-to-day basis was how mind-numbingly boring it often was. But now I've found that civilian life is even more boring. Driving or walking around isn't nearly as exciting when you're pretty much assured that no one's going to take a shot at you. I'm developing this pet theory that this is where most of the "PTSD" cases are coming from -- people come back and become severely depressed because daily life is so unchallenging back here. Boggs, have you been experiencing any of this too, or am I just plain nuts? You can be honest with me on this. I can handle it.


T. F. Boggs said...

rBuck at first I thought you were crazy but now I can clearly see your nuts.

Okay what would a comment be without an Austin Powers quote?

So I am in the same boat as you Buck. PTSD should stand for I Wish I Was Still There But At The Same Time Am Glad To Be Home. Or something like that. As I walked around campus today I looked at all the young faces and thought about how I should be in charge of them and to what capacity I could use them out on the roads of Iraq. Civilian life may not be as exciting as the best moments in Iraq but at least you don't get blown up around here.

I occupy my time with reading and listening to music, wait that really isn't a far cry from what I did all the time in Iraq. Okay well at least here I can look at cute girls walk by. Maybe that is your problem-you are married now and have taken some of the fun out of life. Okay wait I retract that statement, I would trade places with you in an instant.

So I don't really know where this comment is going other than to say you aren't alone. You know what really helped me? I went out and got my concealed carry permit and now carry a gun around so at least I feel like I am cool all the time. If something ever goes down you'll see me doing combat rolls and shooting haphazardly hoping to kill something even if it is just a tree. Rest assured I'll get the bad guy.

The moral of the story is I think I need friends who went through the same thing as me nearer to me right now. Buck you ever think about going back to school? I'll be here until summer.

bd said...


It was good to see you at the Stealing Bismark show a couple weeks ago. Best of luck down at Liberal U.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, if you are bored you can come and drive around Venezuela! You'll probably get shot at. We've had over 100,000 violent deaths here in the last 5 years so...
But really, take care

Anonymous said...

Shoot, and Boggs have given us PTSD. For the last 5 years we have only associated with guys like you as well as "Mercenaries" over there (although we have never left the safety of home) and we find regular people types....boring as well as depressing.(And they probably call us nuts) People debate and worry over the most mundane, unimportant things here, things that should be disreguarded or taken care of in 2 minutes flat. We don't really care if there is inteligent life on Mars anymore...our problem is that we are wondering if there is inteligent life on earth any more. We too have a theory...when you cut out all the crap in life and get down to the bottom line of survival and completing a mission successfully it is difficult to get your brain and nervous system back to dealing with the mundane and adjusting to not dealing with the basic instincts of survival and accomplishing the difficult as often. Your brain programes you autmatically and it is not easy to undo that program by simply telling yourself to do it or removing yourself from danger. The Military does not have a corner on this PTSD thing. Life gives you PTSD although probably not in such an obvious way. And liberals give me a pain in the ass to boot. That just sort of happens automatically as well. :) Women are not a cure but can be a nice distraction...and once in a while they are even helpful. At least you men have not lost your..... sense of humor, TF Boggs.

Anonymous said...

"Hey guys, if you are bored you can come and drive around Venezuela! You'll probably get shot at. We've had over 100,000 violent deaths here in the last 5 years so..."

100,000 violent deaths?! Does Newsweek know about this? Doesn't that qualify Venezuela as being "at war?" Hmmm, I suppose only if the US military is there...

Oh, and if you thought I hated the MSM while I was overseas, by this point I'd like to have them all killed. The scope of their depravity (though not their intent) was until now unknown to me. I had no idea how bad it had gotten.

A few weeks ago I heard a "breaking news report" on the radio that breathlessly announced that three more Iraqi policemen had been killed in attacks in Baghdad. Yes, you heard right. Iraqi policemen. Not to discount their lives, but why exactly is this breaking news again? Have they once ever broken in to tell us that three policemen in Madison or Fargo or Columbus were killed in the line of duty? Of course not. But every time they can keep beating the drum of negativity on Iraq, they never miss the chance. Truly disgusting.

This was totally unrelated to this post, but what they hey. I did say I was bored, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

What do you think we have been telling you in our comments on your blogs...and why do you think we turned to you? I wasn't your souther charm, Buck. It is because we are in a war here at home as well as on foreign soil. Did you think we were exaggerating? Why do you think we went off on liberals spouting propaganda on your sites...for the fun of it? You don't know the half of what is going on here at home, Buck, but we are sure that you will soon find out being trained to spot the enemy and his dirty work as you are. I think people thought we were being ungrateful and radical when we told Boggsy welcome back to hell....well, unless you are an idiot, a brainwashed liberal or totally consumed by decadent activities you know we are in a heap of pucky here in the good old USA and the guards have fallen asleep at their posts. In fact the homeland troops are a rag tag bunch that refuse to fight or even admit we have a problem. They simply blame Bush for EVERYTHING. Don't worry Buck. Look around and you will know that we need you here at home as much as we needed you in Iraq. And don't be so gracious to the MSM anymore ....okay? You have been just too nice a guy. We are guessing that you picked that up in the are going to love facing an enemy that is nice, sweet and would never think of killing anyone. I'm sorry Buck..please enjoy your homecoming and your family. We'll give you a week okay? Then get your ass in gear...we still need you and your blog!!!! Don't need you and Boggs resting on your previous victories. We need organization here.

Leta said...


I DO NOT envy you having to finish college in this day and age. ARGH! I think if I had to attend college for even one day I'd probably change my "major" to massage therapy, welding or cosmotology. Oh, wait - maybe not. Even in the state where I live they give the cosmotology exam in a plethora of languages. Idiot me! I thought the official language of MY country was English. I'm not sure which would be worse - listening to the liberal jibber jabber or attending a "non traditional" institute with people who don't speak English.

AND............before anyone "goes there" it's NOT about me being irrationally biggoted or racist. If you want to comment about that you are WRONG WRONG WRONG. I'm just wondering how many other countries would allow ME to take an exam in English in lieu of their national tongue?

Anyway, I feel your pain and applaude you for your constraint. I DON'T know how you guys do transition back in to this society of people who "KNOW ALL ABOUT THE WAR" because of what they saw/heard on TV and in the print media. ARGH!

Best to you and Buck (I do read your blog, too). Can't ever thank you guys and so many of the military bloggers for opening our eyes to reality.

tfdad said...


What do you guys think about the troop surge idea? My take is that it shouldn't be necessary if only they would make the ROE more reality based, i.e. let the troops there kick the s#@t out of the bad guys as necessary, without regard to political fallout.

(I figure this is the best way to contact you, Buck. I'm waiting for a comment from your wife to you to bring home milk.)

Anonymous said...

This recent quote from Michael Yon seemed appropriate:

"This war is strange. I never hear soldiers worried about their own morale sagging. Contrary, the war-fighters here are more concerned to bolster the morale of the people at home."

Anonymous said...

For Buck
Here is a link to a conservative number of the violent deaths in Venezuela as of 6 months ago. The average is 50 a week country wide.

T. F. Boggs said...

My ideas on the troop surge might just have to wait for a post. Here's a hint, I think it might not be that bad of an idea.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought Tim....National Guard Troops on Arizona/mexico border...troops shot on....have to run to defend selves as cannot fire back...policy? Would a million troops on the border keep illegals out if they can't fight back....will a million troops in Iraq do any good if the rules of engagement stay the same as they are today? Hope to hear what you think. The National Guard thing is not something I made up. It happened last night.

Agnieszka said...

Good luck with your education Tim! I hope you'll meet some cute girls :-)

As to Democrats and 2008...they are already getting in trouble with their left wing supporters...there is no mention of Iraq in their 100 days plan, is it?

Anonymous said...

Watching my 19 y/o become more and more left leaning every day she attends University of Wisconsin, I feel for what you're experiencing. If it helps your state of mind at all, I went thru many similar feelings after getting out of the Marines 20+ years ago - and that was a peace time deployment. The transition from military to civilian can be difficult. Toss in the additional stress you had from combat and putting yourself into college - it's gonna be rough at times. Hang in there, it's worth getting the education.

Winston said...

welcome to the world of loonie leftists.

gypsy said...

winston is spot on. Heck, I was always under the impression prof's should teach how to think...not what to think.

Good luck back at university t.f., there are obviously huge hurdles to cross with the liberal bias being spewed across the nation.

Anonymous said...

Hurdles are to be jumped....brick walls are to be removed. Some things do not take adjusting our lives to survive. They demand removal.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Oh Dang, Tim! Sounds as if you've fallen into a bed of fire ants! Unless it's going to mess up your grades or get you thrown out, please don't just smile at those idiot professors! EDUCATE THEM!

Buck, didn't I warn you about the MSM and other "know-nothing-don't-care" folks here at home? I tell you, they're hell on the blood pressure!

DayKay said...

I've got two in college now (ack! That makes me old, I think!) and they come home frustrated at the liberal tone, and our campus is well-known for its conservative bent. Fortunately for us, we've home schooled since they were in 2nd and 3rd grade, so their first 12 years of education were NOT about indoctrination from the left (just from US!), but we have taught them to think criticially and independently. The oldest had an exam question "Compare the war in Iraq to Viet Nam." Oh, my did I hear a rant about that! "What happened to the 'contrast' part you and dad taught us to include?" She knew the answer which would be counted right would include the word "quagmire," but just couldn't bring herself to do it. Luckily for her, the "extra credit" was worth the same amount as that question, so she answered that correctly, and instead gave the prof something like, "While the answer the professor is looking for.....(blah blah, proof she'd been in class)....I personally think.....(blah blah, right-wing conspiracy stuff, no doubt.)" We were surprised that the prof gave her credit for her answer!

So in closing, Tim, I'd encourage you to be willing to talk/argue in class. If these kids are going to go home with their opinion swayed, they at least need to have two viewpoints from which to choose. If your GPA suffers from it - oh well. Seriously, how many times AFTER you get that piece of paper does anyone ask what your college GPA was? You were willing to physically fight in Iraq, it would seem you would be willing to verbally fight in the classroom. At the very least, come back with "That's a common misconception from the uninformed."

Pangloss said...

Sorry to hear that you can tell that it's worse here in the home country than it was when you left. We who are not in uniform have the moral imperative to take up the Counterjihad Information War and somehow work to fix our institutions so they defend our civilization and nation instead of working to destroy it from within.

Tanksis said...

Hey Sgt.!!!!

Thought about you being in Vegas for New Year's Eve...I am green with envy but glad to hear you enjoyed the heck out of the holiday season! I happened to drive through your neck of the woods on Christmas day--was that you blowing by me in that silver Mercedes???? I figure you purchased it with all the money you saved by not having to pay for healthcare all these months:-)

A1 interview on Hugh Hewitt. Didn't know about it before hand, otherwise I would have called in and given you the business:-) Loved the whole thing, especially your take on Matt Damon's idiocy. The whole 3 hours was great.

Aside from the idiots a liberal U's, you can often find them right in your own family. Although idiot is probably a harsh term for me to use in describing a member of my own family, try this question on for size...

"So, the troops understand why we're so against this war, right? They do get it, don't they?"

That's the question I got during a visit with family after I had spoken about my brother's recent deployment. Funny, no one asked me how he was doing, or what his thoughts on the situation in Iraq are. They just wanted to be sure the troops, a la my brother, understand why they became turncoats the minute it got too hot in the kitchen. Oh how I wish I had a Bored Soldier and an American Citizen Soldier as my wingmen at that moment!

You and Buck on the same campus--where do I sign up??? I'd love to see the two of you turn any liberal U on its ass! It may not compare to combat, but I bet it would be pretty darn bloody! And though I am unable to recall which campus you are on, I do have a contact at OSU in Columbus who will be watching for a guy doing combat rolls and taking out innocent trees:-) He'll be offering you a few drinks (and possibly some counseling )on me!

Your dad's point about the troop surge is spot on and I am looking forward to your blog on it.

Happy New Year to all!

T. F. Boggs said...

Alas Buck and I are not on the same campus or even on the same side of the country but I do imagine it would be fun to rough up, or I mean argue with a few loonies together (statement not yet endorsed by Buck). I am at Ohio University not OSU but hopefully will be soon so tell your contact to keep his eyes peeled early next fall.

Thanks for listening in and sorry I couldn't be with you to help you out with the liberal loonacy. Take heart though and don't let it get you down. I know you'll be fine.

Susan said...

Hey, thanks for not smearing all teachers with that liberal label! I've been fighting that all my life. Teachers are supposed to be smart - and most of them are until you try to talk reality politics or history with them.

I hope your time spent getting whatever piece of paper it is you need from the university is well spent in some way. You and Buck and some of the others need to get in positions where you can make a difference here, just like you did in Iraq.