Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live From London

So the people from the Neil Cavuto show on FOX News finally tracked me down and I'll be doing an interview for Neil tomorrow on his show (Aug 16th) from 4-5pm EST. Be sure to tune in and check it out. Here's hoping I don't make a complete fool of myself.


I know some of you already know this but for those of you who don't and who didn't see my interview on FOX you can view it either at FOX or at You Tube. Thanks for those of you who brought these sites to my attention and also for posting the video at You Tube. Enjoy!


The Ugly American said...

Congrats bub!

I will be sure to Tivo it.

Anonymous said...

Just be yourself Sgt. Boggs. Forget that millions of people will be watching you and don't faint on us. Pretend you are just talking to us, your fans that you know are your friends and we are not judgemental...except for "YOU KNOW WHO". Always one sore *ss critic around. We will all be watching. Just think like you are talking to a friend. You will be fine. Easy for us to say. You are on there for a reason, a purpose so have confidence that it will go well. And after it is over don't second guess yourself. Go have a brew. Everybody will relate to you if you are nervous and enjoy your just being human. Break a leg!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I won't be hurt if you don't say hello to us on TV...much. Could you pull your ear like Carol Burnette or jump up and down on one foot or somethin'? Just don't do anything retarded, okay Tim?

t.h. snure said...

We will all be watching here - Helen can't wait to see her big cousin on TV!!

Todd and Helen

Huntress said...

So the people from the Neil Cavuto show on FOX News finally tracked me down

Hmmm...you mean them finding you had NOTHING to do with the 24 emails you sent with your potential itinerary before you left...not to mention the hourly updates from your blackberry once you arrived in the UK??


No pressure, soldier boy - but consider this your audition for that role I've promised you in a certain feature film. :>)

I 'll be sending a security team to fend off the herds of women who will be seeking you out after your tv debut!

gypsy said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I wonder if they will run this again later (rerun) since I will be at work. Gah!! Makes me wish I had Tivo.

Good on ya t.f., knock 'em dead!

Melinda said...

I'm setting my digitale cable recorder thingie as soon as I post this comment...so cool!!!

Glad you're having fun!

john said...

confess your undying love for me and tell me i'm pretty.

Flag Gazer said...

Cavuto is a great interviewer of the troops! Looking forward to watching!

Anonymous said...

Saw the promo for Tim on Fox News tonight. Cool! They used his blogspot photo.

Susan said...

Oh, I think Fox new is the one channel we don't get on our satellite selections. =( You'll be great. Just be you.

Huntress said...

I just saw the promo of YOUR segment on Cavuto....and the tagline they used to promote your segment is KEWL...

"NY Times coverage of the Frontlines under Fire! Watch how one soldier fights back! ( insert blog photo)

I've set my TIVO to tape it since I'll be at work.

FYI - for anyone that can't tape it.. the show repeats at 1:00am EST!

strykeraunt said...

I too saw the promo a couple of times. I am confident you will do great!! Thanks Huntress for giving the repeat time.

Margarita said...

Tim -- This is totally awesome! I wish you the best of luck. Relax and stay true to who you are... =)

Kat said...

OMG THAT IS TOO FREAKIN' COOL! :) Dang I'll be at work.... but I'm sure you will do FINE!!!!! Being interviewed on TV is a breeze... just be yerself. :)

Anonymous said...

Steve Harrigan gave a great report on Fox yesterday on Bucks Stryker outfit in Baghdad. Thanks to him and hope everbody got to see it. He showed several of the guys. Go Fox and go Buck! When Fox does good things we should let them know.

Melodie-Army Mom said...

THANK YOU Sgt. Boggs! I'm the Proud Army Mom of two Soldiers. Both in Iraq, one just extended from Mosul into Baghdad - Stryker and the other on his 2nd tour-82nd Airborne - Cav Scout, not sure where he is! As a mother it is my job to keep my boys and their buddies morale up. But when you hear about these stupid acts of political insanity, you just want to scream. What you wrote was perfect! Thank you again, God Bless, keep your head down. I'll be watching! Prayers and Hugs - Melodie - Proud Army Mom!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sgt., take a quick read through the First Amendment before you go on the air to criticize the free press, one of the things that makes this country great and one of the things that you are over there fighting for (ouch … you're over there defednging the Times in a way, how ironic). In place like, oh let's say, Saddam-era Iraq, newspapers weren't allowed to publish news critical of the government. Is that what you are advocating?

Sharon Styler said...

Thank you for your letter to the Times. I wish I had a subscription that I could cancel too. AND thank you is inadequate, I know, but what you are doing is greatly appreciated by the large majority at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And the t.v. thing - anonymous is right - just be yourself.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 10:34pm, Please use common sense. If it puts soldiers in danger then they can't do that job can they. This is war time, sometimes during war time you have use your brain and bend the rules. BTW, freedom of the press doesn't mean you can write anything you want, especially if it is critical to the welfare of this country. What is amazing is that people like you even can criticize this man while he's defending your right to be stupid.

Anne Parks said...

You ROCK!! Suggest they file treason charges. That is what Harry Truman would do. Cavuto is replayed here (Ga) at 5AM. The First Ammendment protects free speech but you can't holler fire in a theatre. It does not protect publishing classified info that would cause harm to our country which is what they did. I am mad that the govt. has not filed charges against whoever leaked the info and the people who published it. Give them hell for us!! my son is a tank mechanic in Baghdad and just went back Sunday from his 2 wks R&R. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

As a former TV journalist, I know first hand how liberal most main-stream media is. Kudos to you for the letter, shame on The Times for not publishing it. Relax when you're in front of the camera and just have a conversation, don't think of it as an interview.
After 7 years as a journalist I returned to my true passion, I am now a dance teacher.
We pray for you all each day.

Anonymous said...

PTL that someone finally speaks up against the system of corrupt newspapers in the USA. The truth about the "good" the USA is doing in other countries (Iraq) never seems to get told. Only critism--what's worse yet is that it's coming from Americans who don't know what it means to "suffer". Ask a converted Christian/Moslem from Iraq or Iran that have fled their country for their life, and we would get a different story!

Thank you for serving the USA and for your bold stand!

God Bless you!
Silver Spring, MD

Anonymous said...

You go guy. We need to hear more from soldiers like you -- loud and clear!! This American supports you all the way.

A Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim:

Good for you! I just wish I had the power to put the NY Times out of business. I tell all of my friends that it's a paper that hates American values.

Keep up the good work. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your fellow troops.


Howie Burch

Ginny Meyer said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
It's about time someone spoke up about the detremental articles in the NY Times and other "Liberal" yellow journalism newspapers. In the interest of hurting this administration - they have put you and other brave American military personnel in grave danger. Not once, but many many times.
God Bless you and all those who serve despite the few at home who still just don't get it!
My husband is a retired Gunny Sgt., my father is retired Army, my nephews (2) now serve in the Air Force. I am but one American among many who know what you sacrifice to keep the fighting over there and keep us safe over here.
Thank you for your service.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry....you will do fine!! After all, you're a soldier and great American. And, Neil can be a pussycat!! Just has a big head. Looking forward to seeing you today!! Thank you for going to Iraq and fighting for our freedoms!!!!

Pat B.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Boggs,

I came to your site from a fox news link. I expected a five minute stay...an hour later I leave inspired and entertained by your excellent observations. I'll be back, Thanks.

Have fun, you earned it and much more


old Marine said...

Thank you Sgt. I was an active duty Marine and my oldest son (also a Marine) leaves for his second tour in less than a month.
You are dead on in your assesments.
Keep it up and thank you for your service.
I will be rooting for you on your interview. don't hold back - the liberal left has all the chance in the world to voice thier views through so many slanted press outlets - Tell it like you see it.
Lets wake America back up to the reality of the crap they are being fed.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sgt. Bloggs. No matter what you do or say tommorrow you have already said what real americans feel. I don't have a subscription to the Times and never will as long as they publish that stuff.
Bless you and all your men.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Boggs, thanks for your service and your courage to not only defend our freedoms but also to defend your right to do your job correctly. I've never 'blogged' before but just felt a need to let you know that you and your friends all over the world protecting us are prayed over every night by my 3 little girls (ages 6, 4, and 2). Take time to listen to this song I found that says it all; from all of us here in the states (you can download it free): http://www.korybrunsonband.com/downloads/download1.html

Gull said...

We're proud of you, Sgt. Boggs. There is absolutely NO WAY you will ever embarrass yourself or the US. No way -----

I can't say the same for that bird cage liner called a newspaper.

Godspeed, Tim Boggs!

SPC Krol said...

I know alot of people who are eager to hear what you have to say, and even more curious to see if the NY Times will respond. Good Luck there are many behind you Sergeant.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love FOX, Sgt. They love you guys - as do we ordinary schlobs back here in the states while you guys in desert garb make all this possible for us. We really are grateful, man. Congrats on the FOX gig. Maybe you can take over for Colonel North when he retires since you'll surely be travelling the world till that time anyway.

One last thing... a warning... Don't forget to drive on the WRONG side of the road in Britain! I'd give you the name of this quaint little Irish pub where I got quite drunk once but I honest got sooo drunk that I forgot me own name, much less that of the damn pub. Just get to an Irish pub, Sgt. Most any of them knows how to treat a soldier.

Thanks for all that you do. I wish I could be there to buy you a pint. Cheers, mate.

Millie Molitor said...

My prayers are with you, Tim. God will be with you as he promises in Isaiah 32:17 --

"The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever."

Blessings of wisdom and joy.
Millie Molitor

Anonymous said...

I'd rather look a little foolish than to be the total ASSES that the NY Times are.

Talk to us, ... your Veteran Brothers and Sisters that agree with you whole heartedly.

May GOD bless you and protect you, your fellow soldiers, and your families.

A Desert Storm I Vet

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Boggs,

Kudos to you. I think what the Media has done to our Military is treason and should be punished as such. The average American respects and appreciates the sacrifices you and your comrades make on an hourly basis. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Boggs, you go for it and say it like it is. As a 35-year old veteran, I am a patriot first and I support you, all of our troops, our president, our country, and your position on this. Shame on the NY Times.

For the person who posted about 1st Amendment. It must also be governed by conscience (definition in case you need it: The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong). That's why we don't allow x-rated advertisments or graphics in our mainstream media. And that's why we sure as hell shouldn't allow sensitive material that can harm our troops and our nation's security to be published anywhere!

The poster wants to protect the NY Times. Well, here's another definition for em: TREASON

Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

SilverBreez said...

Sgt. Boggs, thanks for writing such a great letter to the NY times, I have one word to say in support of it, "HOOYAH" Thank god there's guys like you with some balls (i'm a civvy i have none..) to show the news media where thay can go and where to shove it. I hope you & your entire unit make it back to the states intact godbless, and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

You said that soldiers died because of what The New York Times has printed. I was wondering which ones? Thanks!


Mike's America said...

You did yourself and all of us proud!

Thank you for speaking out!

tanksis said...


Didn't even know you were going to be on and when I heard Cavuto speaking of a soldier who wrote the NYT, I KNEW it had to be you.

I am behaving like a giddy schoolgirl right now...I am so freakin' excited that you made it to TV land!!!!! YOU DID AWESOME! I am so damn proud of you, aren't we all? Way to go, I just can't say it enough. Hope you are enjoying England.

You are the best!

A Soldier Supporter said...

ZThank you, SGT Boggs, especially for your Service to OUR Country, but also for being my voice on this issue! I work in a grocery store and I've had it up-to-'here' listening to all the liberal rhetoric that is ignorantly rehashed in the check-out lines. I obviously cannot speak out [on the job] in the stearn way that I would love to. So I am always grateful for someone like you to get the opportunity. Just be yourself and tell it like it IS!
My Utmost, MM in Colorado

#1INFIDEL said...

I just read the letter. You freakin rock!!!! Can't wait to see the interview. Keep the faith.

#1INFIDEL said...

I just read your letter to the Times. You freakin rock!!! Keep it up.

Flag Gazer said...

You were GREAT!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOO! Thats my Timmy B. Iraq misses you.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Well, Dang! Didn't get home from work in time to see it. Will try to catch the re-play. Good for you, Sgt. Boggs, and good for FNC!! I always send them an e-mail of thanks when they show something about you guys & gals, not just the "numbers thing". Enjoy your R&R! tfdad is doing a good job in your stead, but you know we miss you.

Huntress said...


I just saw the TIVO version I made..and I've replayed four times.

You look great...being on "leave" works for you!

You were funny, charming, articulate, very relaxed and the camera loves you.

You totally passed the audition :>)

FYI- When you smiled - I heard the hearts of single women everywhere MELT!

Way to go, soldier boy, way to go!!

Stormy said...

This is my first time on a blog. I heard about you from a Fox promo but missed the show. I will catch it tonight when it replays. I've been enjoying your comments and I'm so stoked to hear from one of our country's finest. Your anger at the NYT's is spot on. I've written to Atty Gen Gonzales and the President many times asking that an investigation be started on this viciously anti-American rag. I can't tell you how good it is to hear your take on this. I love Fox and they rock with how they support our troops. I cringe so many times when I hear the left lamenting the need to bring our 'kids' home. They could care less about you being in harm's way as long as they can use it to clobber Pres. Bush. Don't know how you feel about being labeled a kid but I always wish that when they say these things it could be in front of one of you guys. I can only imagine the reaction those blood sucking savages you're fighting would have to someone doing that to them. Please keep speaking out and encourage your mates to do the same. I pray for you all every day, and we're so very thankful for bravery and service.



WTF, Blue Falcon? First you go to Britain on leave without me, and now you're saying you flew solo on Cavuto?

That's cool, bro. That's cool. I see how it is.

I'll catch ya later, man. Meanwhile, I'll be right here in B-Town sweating out the daily equivalent of the Dead Sea if you need me.

Oh, and if you happen to accidentally wander into any gay British pubs, try and remember not to order the "fish & chips." I'm not saying why.

gypsy said...

Thanks for the info on the replay of the interview, Huntress. Gah that's late, but I will stay up and watch it. Sounds like our t.f. did a great job, not that I'm surprised.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Boggs - Saw the video on my FoxFan mail. One would never know you don't go on interviews daily. Good job!

Hey, Buck! Glad to get a breath check from you :)

gypsy said...

Hold the press! I found a link of the video interview with t.f. on Fox News!! Go to the link and click on the video link "Deadly Leaks". Not sure how long it will be on this page, tried to save the video with no success.


GREAT JOB, BZ t.f.!! You rock.

sparkium said...

Look at you Mr. Fox News. You said at CAHS that one day you'd be on the news.

Well there you are! Congrats, Timmy Bo :)

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Boggs,
You did a great job!
I am not surprised at all that the NYTimes didn't publish your letter--it doesn't fit into their agenda of spilling US secrets.
I hope you & your fellow Troops stay safe & come home as soon as you can.
Thanks for your service to our Country! It is greatly appreciated!
You want to see some real craziness & see why the NY Times does that kind of stuff? Go here: http://www.slate.com/?id=3936&tp=ballotbox sometime & see the crowd that they're playing to.
Thanks again--

Anonymous said...

I posted it up on youtube


Great job and God bless.

Matt N. from the Blackwell campaign

Tony Maxey said...

Thank you for your sacrifice and service to your country. The United States is indeed fortunate to have people like you defending us. I'm sure you will do well on TV...keep in mind, there are many of us who agree with you completely that the New York Times editor and reporters violated Federal law and should suffer the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Your honorable Sgt. Boggs,
Your readers, and now viewers, have said it all. It was a pure pleasure to watch you doing such a great interview on Fox. We have to be almost as proud as your parents are of you right now. If anything gives us hope that we will win this war on terrorism it is listening to a great young man like you. We hope that this won't be the last time the American public gets to hear from you but only the beginning. Your fans are great too by the way. Their comments also give us hope. If we stand together behind new young leaders such as yourself we can't help but win. We also want to thank Buck Sargent and his outfit again. We have a lot of great guys fighting for America- -don't we.

Anonymous said...

All of the reporters need to think before they speak or write. I am proud of every one of the people in our military. My brother is getting close to retirement from the air guard and his son is in AIT for the air force, just beginning his career. My brother did a year in Saudi in '91 so he understands the heat over there. I tell you this so you know we are behind you 100%. Go Israel. Arabs have fought since their beginning and will never want peace for any reason that I can think of that lets Israel exist. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you every day. As far as Gitmo, they need to use some good old fashioned attitude adjusters or just put a pig in their cells, I bet we get some info we can use then. Good luck and Godspeed.


Rubicon said...

Go for it Sgt Boggs. Many of us have had at it w/the NYT, but just as they balked at printing your letter, they ignored or round filed those.
I am amazed they cling to "its legal." How can one get across to those so obsessed w/ Bush Hate, that "just because something is legal, does not mean you should do it."
Beyond this, just because you disagree with the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, or even the War on Terror, is that any reasons to provide our enemies w/ info that enables them to evade capture, change their tactics, or compels them to give up their fight?
Oh well, I guess some of us are stuck loving our country. If I am to die, at least I will have kept my word, and my loyalty.
Rubicon in SEPa.

AMM said...

You did great!

Brian B said...


I found your blog specifically because of the cavuto interview and the fact that Fox posted your URL under your signature. I've taken the liberty of posting the letter, and this link, directly on my own Blog.

To the detractor who referenced the First Amendment, I'm glad that it has already been pointed out that not all speech is protected as free speech -- libel, slander, "Fighting Words", sedition, etc. -- the SCOTUS has time and again ruled that these are not protected forms of free speech. Revealing secret information that endangers the lives of American soldiers and ultimately the security of the nation certainly should fall in the same category.

Let me say, as someone who doesn't know you personally and has not followed your blog before (an error I plan to correct immediately) that you did very well in the interview. You were polite but firm, you presented your views succinctly and rationally, and you came across as a hell of a lot more rational thn sme of the talking heads the networks drag on camera these days.

As for your letter, it was spot on, and it's a measure of the Times' cowardice that they not only demurred comment, but lacked the "Testicular Fortitude" to even publish it. Thank you for saying what we all have thought, and for saying it from a position of experiential authority.

Finally, thank you for doing your part to make sure I am able to raise my son in freedom. I only pray I can raise him to be as good a man as you.

As I said on my blog, keep your head down soldier, and know you carry our prayers with you.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"You said that soldiers died because of what The New York Times has printed. I was wondering which ones? Thanks!"

What's so complicated here?

People don't decide to become a terrorist and then in the next instant get handed an RPG and some shaped charges by a gaggle of magical Jihad Pixies.

Somebody (a lot of somebodies, actually) puts up money for them to be trained, to house them, to feed them and to arm them.

Thus, programs which track terrorists by the flow of money save the lives of our troops in two ways: By making the terrorists less well funded and by using that money trail to capture cells and leadership figures.

Covert programs do this job more effectively than well-publicised ones because it's pretty easy to avoid something you know about.

I mean, do you honestly think that in WWII the Germans would have kept using the Enigma code to transmit all of their secure information if the New York Times had exposed that it had been broken?

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks everyone, I had a good time appearing on Cavuto's show. Sorry you couldn't come along Buck, it's not my fault you had to stay in Iraq longer ;)
Thanks to everyone who wrote me also. I would love to respond to everyone now but my internet access is limited and it may be some time before I end up getting back to everyone. I am still on leave so give me a week or so.

FeathersMcGraw said...

Congratulations for speaking up Sargent. I am very proud of you. I was born in Venezuela but live here now and love this country and its ideals as my own. I don't think freedom of speech has anything to do with posting classify information on war times. Unfortunately, as one of your reader mentioned, indeed you are helping the morons of the NYT to keep up his right to be behave like such idiots supporting terrorism because they don't like Bush or are not in agreement with this war. Shame on them.

Berry said...

Sgt. Boggs: Just finished reading "Taking on The Times: One Soldier's Response" on Fox News and I want to congratulate you, and thank you. Keep up the great work - you are being heard load and clear back here in the USA.

The battle wages on!

Anonymous said...

Sgt Boggs,

Soilders like you are what america is all about, My family thanks and prays for your safety every night. You are doing the right thing, the american left dose not have a clue. Keep up the good work you and your fellow soilders are doing. I am 43 years old and freedom is why i can email you today
stay safe & God bless you & The USA!

Kathy said...

Sgt. Boggs: Great letter!! You probably won't get a response - Keller doesn't have the integrity or courage. Thank you for your service for this great Nation. God Bless you & Thank You so much for all you do. 2nd: Your interview - be yourself and speak from the heart - God will guide you - trust Him. Kathy, AZ

Janet in Connecticut said...

Great job! There a lots and lots of us regular folks who support you! We feel terribly frustrated! My nephew is a Marine serving his second tour in Iraq and it burns me to no end what these hacks are doing to hurt the U.S. God bless you and all your brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom!!

Christopher J. Hoffman said...

I read your well written letter to the NY Times on the Fox News Channel website, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you for all that you and all our fine men and women in uniform do every day.

Christopher J. Hoffman
USN 1987-1995

Anonymous said...

Easy to choose FOX who can only wish to put anyone live who can save this administration. It's amazing how a country that used to boast of its freedoms has now become a facist state in disguise. Thanks to articles like the one in the New York Times there has been some balance in the US to fight this abusive dictatorship when both the legislative and judicial have become idle watchers of abuses of all sorts. All I can say is that if it wasn't for the the brave press you'd stil be committing atrocities like Abu Grahib, Haditha, Hamadin, Guantanamo, eavesdropping on private conversations, financial transactions, Guantanamo. Hell you are probably still doing all of them anyway, but at least this time we know what you and your government are capable of.

Tim is my dad said...

Whoever posted that last blog is a complete idiot. I hope that trailor park couch is keeping you nice and comfortable. Enjoy a nice PBR for the soldiers in Iraq that allow you to do so. Dumbass.

T. F. Boggs said...

Good job son, good job. I see I have taught you well.

Anonymous said...

Tim's son- -Whoever posted that comment didn't even sound like an American to me. Mars maybe? You do well, Tim's son, to follow in his footsteps. Tim you did a great job on Fox. Thanks!

Brian B said...

It's amazing how a country that used to boast of its freedoms has now become a facist state in disguise.

The fact that you're free to make such an inflammatory comment without fear of the police beating down your door is proof that it is the unfounded claim of a fool.

kosovodad (Mike) said...

Hey! I'm an Army Lt. Col. who just finished a year working at Fox News, and now I command AFN back here in Korea.

For the idiot who posts in secret:
Actually, it's because of soldiers that we know about Abu Graib, it's because of the Marines that we're investigating Haditha, and quite frankly, the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay are being treated much better than necessary ... and certainly better than they would be treated in an Islama-fascist state such as Syria or Iran.

They're lucky they are under the control of American Soldiers and not their own "countrymen".

Nice job on Fox by the way!

Lt. Col. Mike Lawhorn
US Army

The Pabst Girl said...

Hey, "tim is my dad," I agree with you wholeheartedly about anon being a complete idiot but your PBR comment rubbed me the wrong way! I'm a Bush-loving, Boggs-loving Reagan Republican. I'm also a diehard PBR lover. So please, don't lump A-holes like anon in with PBR-drinking America Lovers.

Tim's newest #1 fan,
Em Green
AKA "The Pabst Girl"

Huntress said...

Well Well Well.. I see the asshats from Camp Liberals-remain-Stupid have made an appearance...and always using that nom de plume ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous #1 Hey Sgt., take a quick read through the First Amendment before you go on the air to criticize the free press, one of the things that makes this country great and one of the things that you are over there fighting for (ouch … you're over there defednging the Times in a way, how ironic). In place like, oh let's say, Saddam-era Iraq, newspapers weren't allowed to publish news critical of the government. Is that what you are advocating?

I think Tim understands quite clearly both the first amendment and what his purpose is in Iraq.
You obviously understand NEITHER.

The Times article he refered to wasn't publishing news critical of the gov't and NO WHERE in Tim's letter does he admonish any paper for critising ANY gov't.

Since you obviously have trouble comprehending what Tim wrote -let me simplify: The NY Times article he responded to outted an important covert program that was legally and very successfully tracking the banking assets ( that means MONEY) of terrorists ( that would be the people TRYING TO KILL US AND DESTROY DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ AND AMERICA, AND WHO WANT US TO LIVE UNDER THEIR ISLAMIC CALIPHATE - LOOK UP THE WORD CALIPHATE).

wHEN HE SAID " I am in Iraq dealing with terrorists financed by the very men you are helping" he wasn't being glib. Terrorists need to be financed. Stop the flow of money into their hands...you begin to choke them! And by following the money trail..you identify those persons aiding and abetting jihadists/terrorists/mass murderers. Aiding and abetting terrorists is what the NY Times and most of the MSM is doing!

Its interesting how clueless you are but how smart the terrorists are. In their handbook on "how to win a war by winning over the hearts and minds of DUMB moonbats in America" they used a tactic from "The Art of War" as put forth by Sun Tzu : Don't bother to physically defeat the enemy- rather defeat the enemy's will.

And do so by using a very willing biased liberal Anti- Bush, Anti-Military, Anti Victory, Pro-Insurgent media to do so. Since the media elites seem to be enamored with mass murdering terrorists this hasn't been such a difficult task for our enemies to accomplish! And in doing so - for The NY Times to hide behind the first amendment is akin to terrorist hiding behind human shields! Utterly dispicable!

We are at WAR!!! To reveal any covert tactics we are using to defeat our enemy in a time of war is Treason and Treason is NOT protected under the first amendment.

The Times deliberately frames ANY story about the war on terrorism to best further their personal biased agenda fueled by unfounded hatred for this administration AND for the military while remaining unexplainably enamoured of these terrorists - that would be the people who flew planes into the WTC!

The self appointed left wing intelligentsia at the NY Times lack any real understanding of the complexities of this war, lack a basic simple understanding of WHO our enemy is and what his intentions are and WORSE they fail to grasp that our enemies will continue to act on their intentions as they have done numerous times in the past under the CLINTON and the CARTER administrations - ESPECIALLY since democrats and left wing moonbats led by The NY Times seem hellbent on ENABLING them to do so.

Anonymous #2 " Im not even going to quote the inane, ludicrous, lies you try to pose as truth.
You are an ass. Its doubtful you live in the US - "now we know what you and your gov't are capable of"
Im glad you know what "we are capable of" . Yes thanx to brave press .. you You don't have to worry about all the evil our "fascist state" will be visiting upon the world.

But that wacko in Iran...and his good buddy in North Korea and their friends in Syria..well I'd keep an eye on them if I were you..Hey..,,aybe our brave press will head over there and enlighten the world about all the atrocities being committed in those fascist states!
And by the way ...the worst actions being committed in Iraq are NOt being perpetrated by American Soldiers and Marines!

Nice to see you again Lt.Col Lawhorn...and well said, friend, well said! You can bet those two kidnapped Israeli soldiers are not being treated as well as terrorists are at Gitmo. Then again, there is no ACLU in Iran is there??

windypoo said...

Good job, Sgt Boggs! I just viewed your FOX interview -- glad to see you mentioned my favorite guy, Sean Hannity :) Enjoy your well-deserved R&R.

May I now address your father? "Double-good job, Sir. First for your substitute blog duty but - more importantly - for the fine job you did in bringing up our Sgt Boggs. As the mother of soldiers I, too, live with the pride you undoubtedly feel every day."

Brian B said...


Ms. Huntress, Ma'am, remind me to never make you mad. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Obviously our Sgt. Boggs does a great job of speaking for himself. Without negative comments we would know that he failed in delivering the facts concerning the NYT. He must have had a pretty broad audience, which is good. We are glad so many people got to hear you speak the truth, Sgt Boggs, with out name calling, and with such class and style that we had confidence that you deserved the air time and that that you are well worth listening to.. Thanks Tim. You're the man!
another anonymous that saw you in a different light.

strykeraunt said...

Great job Tim, you looked like a natural!! Enjoy your next week...

Huntress, I have to agree with Brian b, I wouldn't want to make you made at me either. Those are my exact thoughts, I only wish I could express them as well as you did.

Annoyed American Citizen said...

You are a god among mortals. Great f'n letter about The Times. More of you need to be heard.

Anonymous said...

where can I get a cool bat-girl mask like yours huntress?

Anonymous said...

Well it is obvious that when people lack arguments they resort to the lowest forms of insult. It is unfortunate for all of you to support war and death and at the same time profess love for religion ( well at least some of you). If the press informs the public of things that matter its because those with the responsibility to control have failed to do so.

All these programs that have been discover only make a central government more powerful in detriment of its citizens. Are they really following terrorist? Can't all this information they are collecting be used against regular Joe? We will never know for sure if this or any other government keep invoking things like national security.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but questions things from time to time, or else one day we just might wake up to see our freedoms ended not by an enemy 3000 miles away but from a government that is becoming authoritarian.

The Ugly American said...

Great job Tim!

So did you use the "you know I was on TV today" line at the pub?

Christian said...

Good point. Both sides make good arguements. It is unfortunate that this country is divided due to the past two election campaigns and mud raking.

I believe we all need to come back to the center because we are only shooting ourselves in the foot. Is it bad for the NYT to divulge secret information? Yes. Is it bad for this admin to leak CIA operatives real names? Yes.

As an Ohio University alumni who graduated from the School of Communications the first thing we are taught is the Code of Ethics in journalism. Unfortunately, the media in general has lost sight of this on both sides. Yes. The "media" is both "liberal" (as Ann would put it) and "right" (Rupert Murdoch and Faux) do not report the news as news without injecting opinion. The internet does not help with everybody and their mother having a blog and attempting to make rumor into fact. Ratings and advertisement revenue rule the American media and has turned it into tabloid sensationalism rather than trustworthy news.

I agree. You cannot be a yes man to whatever party affiliation you associate with. It is not a government of the people anymore, but a government of big business. You must always question those who are in authority. If you do not have a system of checks and balances then we all lose.

My point is that if we continue to attack each other for the wrong reasons (eg-Israel vs. Palestinians) over a long period of time it breeds a culture of hate that will never go away. There is no exit strategy or if there is people should have the right to know. Arrogance and not communicating a business plan is suicidal in the private or public sector and in this case it is the public sector.

I support the troops. I don't support the reasons for why we are in Iraq (plenty of other countries with WMD). Even for my friends on the right know that just like Manuel Noriega, Saddam was a puppet dictator gone rogue. Finish the job by continuing the fight in Afghanistan until you have Bin Laden's head on a spike. Now we are spreading ourselves too thin (Roman Empire, Napolean, Hitler, British Empire - you think we would learn)and while we fight the good fight in the Middle East China and Russia grow stronger.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"Well it is obvious that when people lack arguments they resort to the lowest forms of insult. It is unfortunate for all of you to support war and death and at the same time profess love for religion..."

So you're saying that roughly 1.5 MILLION Iraqis who starved to death under the UN sanctions which "contained" Saddam Hussein DIDN'T die? You're saying that Saddam's attempted genocides of Iraq's Kurds and Marsh Arabs never happened? The mass killings of Iraq's Shiiahs? Nor the countless political assasinations, the overwhelming causualties from two pointless wars of aggression?

Before the war, I went to as many humanitarian sites as I could to get a ballpark figure of how many Iraqis would die waiting for UN sanctions to end (assuming that UNMOVIC inspections went as-planned). Then I compared that number to how many Iraqi civillians were projected to die in an invaision of Iraq. Wherever possible, I rounded against the position of going to war.

The number I came up with was 20:1 in favor of war.

Even today, after the thousands and thousands killed by the insurgency, that ratio is still 5:1 in favor.

So from your simple argument of "supporting death," the fact is that you support more deaths than we Hawks do. You in fact support it on a much more ghastly scale than we do.

War is never a "good" thing. However, it's not necessarily the worst thing.

"If the press informs the public of things that matter its because those with the responsibility to control have failed to do so."

That is ridiculous logic.

Are you suggesting that EVERY American citizen is entitled to know EVERY government secret, right down to the launch codes for our nuclear weapons?

OBVIOUSLY, some things need to be kept secret and for any media outlet to expose those secrets is GROSSLY irresponsible.

The program in question here had been approved by Congress and had to be kept secret in order for it to work. It had proven results in tracking and apprehending terrorists and it's unquestionable that exposing it has worsened the fitness landscape on which our soldiers fight.

"All these programs that have been discover only make a central government more powerful in detriment of its citizens."


At the worst the government knows I have really boring phone conversations and that I spend my money on a lot of really weird music. How can ANY of this POSSIBLY be used against me?

"Are they really following terrorist?"


Tell me, do you even read the news, or just skim the headlines?

"Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but questions things from time to time, or else one day we just might wake up to see our freedoms ended not by an enemy 3000 miles away but from a government that is becoming authoritarian."

Personally, I question things ALL the time. The "dissenters" have as much motive to lie to us as the government does, so to assume that the government is out to get us and that those who criticise it are always right is just as dangerous as doing any damn thing the President asks of us.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"Is it bad for this admin to leak CIA operatives real names? Yes."

Bob Novack recently cleared the Administration of ANY responsibility for this.

He got her name from the CIA Spokesman and Ambassador Wilson's entry in "Who's Who in America."

Christian said...

Will Eaton's last stand....If we use your logic of Iraqi civilians dying everyday under a dictator then why not use the same arguement for the Sudan, etc. etc.?

Other Motives?

Saddam kept Iran, Lebanon and Syria in check. He was the red headed step child of the Middle East.

I have not seen the NYT article, but does it give a step by step tutorial of what and how they are doing it? If they are just saying that we are going after the banking activities of suspected terrorists then that is just common sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sgt.Timothy Boggs, for defending your country not only by physically fighting terrorists but for defending your country against the anti-America propagandists who murder us with their mouths every day, news media and otherwise. It is a two front war and anyone who is on top of it knows that. Both fronts are equally important and the American people not in the military are daily being forced to stand up, think for themselves and decide which side they are on. There is no middle ground here. Not making a choice IS making a choice. Nobody likes war but nobody likes anti-america propaganda mongers either. It has come down to stand and fight or die, unfortunately, maybe because we having been sitting for too many years letting the enemies of our great country move in our midst, our schools, all of our institutions, unhendered, protected by multiculturalism, the first ammendment and PC. You, Sgt. Boggs are a truth teller, a good observer, a defender of freedom, a patriot, and maybe above all an inspiration to all of us to get up off our lazy duffs and take an inteligent, informed stand against terrorism and their propagandists. Rock on Sgt. and we really are behind you on the homefront. Have a great week. Fighting a war on two fronts, you deserve a little break at least once a year. And to the propagandist who always says, Does it have to have to be either or?" the answer is YES. With MUCH respect,

anonymous said...

Having a narrow mind leads to long term consequences Annie. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Anonymous said...

Are you admitting that there is a cat to be skinned here?

Anonymous said...

Then again I guess it depends on just WHOs cat you want to see skinned?

Anonymous said...

The last time I skinned a cat I found there was only one affective way. At first I pleading with the cat to see reason. It did not work. He was an ignorant cat and begging him did no good. I ask him if I could just skin him a little but he refussed to listen. I decided to ignore him and he then attacked my I wasn't looking and I got scratched up. I then took the direct route. It worked well. So much for skinning cats.

Karla Shelton said...

All I can say is "Thank You!!!" Thank you for being in Iraq, thank you for being an American, thank you for speaking up to the NY Times, and thank you for being you.

Karla Shelton said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm turning you all into PETA.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything to say......I just wanted to be #100.
Hi Tim!

Melinda said...

I watched the interview (more than once) & it was great! You made very cogent & concise points & Neil let you have your say. :)

As always, you draw some interesting comments. I considered posting a reply to "Christian" but then noticed he's apparently proud he graduated from Ohio University's communication program. Familiar enough with that campus and many grads to know I'd have better luck just running full speed at the wall, head first. No thanks.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"Will Eaton's last stand....If we use your logic of Iraqi civilians dying everyday under a dictator then why not use the same arguement for the Sudan, etc. etc.?"

Because the Sudan is not a long-term stragetic threat to several of our allies.

"Ah-ha! But North Korea!" you say!

Whatever threat North Korea poses, Russia, South Korea, Japan and most importantly, China are all on the same page with us and North Korea hasn't been able to BUY the UN Security Counsel the way Iraq had. Also, the very nature of North Korea's government is centered on isolation and survivalism; the diplomatic crises North Korea causes are usually aimed at getting money or more food.

Saddam thought himself the reincarnation of Saladin and dreamed of a Pan-Arab empire.

"Saddam kept Iran, Lebanon and Syria in check."

In check?!


Iran was the #1 state sponsor of terrorism WELL before we invaded Iraq AND SYRIA WAS HIS ALLY.

Lebanon's troubles with terrorism seem to be directly due to Syria and Iran's [mostly unwanted] influence.

It seems to me that an Iraqi democracy with a well-trained, non-conscript military is not only a better check against Syria and Iran, but gives us a genuine partner in combating them.

Christian said...

@ Melinda

The reference was to OU was in response to how I found this blog http://thepost.baker.ohiou.edu/articles/2006/08/17/news/14230.html as well as the things we are taught in a liberal arts school such as OU. Although we are known as a party school some of us actually took time out to get an educumication. You might want to think about generalizing and know your facts next time.

Sgt. Boggs was on TV because of his disklike of a media outlets lack of credible information or in this case too much information. The Scripps School of Journalism, which has a great reputation nationally, prides itself on the Code of Ethics.

Not to offend Sgt. Boggs, but after watching the YouTube clip he is a pawn in one media outlets bashing of another media outlet. His interview as a sound bite at best. I am glad he got the chance to express his views because that is the right he is fighting for. It is exciting when you have never been on a national network before.

The easiest way for one channel to improve ratings these days is to try to discredit the other. Take your pick - Oberman vs. O'Reilly, Stewart vs. Carlson, etc. etc.

Again, if you read in my previous post everybody has an opinion and sometimes those opinions are accepted as fact and newsworthy. The media today (liberal and right) has blurred the lines of what is fact and fiction.

Christian said...

@ William Eaton's Last Stand

Iraq was an ally (Iran-Iraq War):


Anonymous said...

Hey Sgt. Boggs,
The debate rages on but somehow I don't think you are thinking about people who are sitting on their duffs in safety, thanks to you and men like you, and debating, except when they are aiding the enemy and making it more dangerous for you.- The enemy that you are facing in real life not from a comfortable chair. You are more qualified to tell the truth than the most educated, ethical, journalist and I do question their ethics daily. The proof is in reading them. A little education is a dangerous thing. So to get back on topic- - you did a great job of presenting your own observations from a situation that you are actually involved in and I for one was not snookered by the media, left, right or balanced. I was impressed by you. Thank you very much for caring and doing all in your power to fight the ememy without and within. I like your ethics. Please take care and enjoy the rest of your R&R. With much respect, Sgt. Boggs.

Elizabeth said...

I honestly did not read any of the prior comments. I just took a look at the video and here is my opinion:

Sgt. Boggs did a good job in terms of responding to the questions in a concise way. I would like to point out though, as a former journalist, that being a good journalist is not supposed to have anything to do with one's political views. One is not a good journalist because one supports or doesn't support the Iraq War. Being a good journalist means reporting the facts. Sgt. Boggs may like a particular TV commentator because that individual has the same political views he does, but that has nothing to do with good journalism.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Sgt. Boggs would insult the man who is giving him air time to state his opinion about the NYT by calling him a big head or something? Boggs is polite and treats people decently. He doesn't think he is superior to everybody else like some do. You are an ass Elizabeth. And Boggs never claimed to be a journalist anyway. Thank God! Great work Boggs! Hope to see more of you.

Elizabeth said...

I didn't understand that last moronic comment. I was referring to Boggs's statement that the media don't support the Iraq war and are therefore not doing a good job (that wasn't exactly how he put it, but that was how it came across). The media aren't supposed to be supporting the Iraq war or anything else. I never said Boggs claimed he was a journalist, although, some of his writings on this blog could be defined as journalism.

Anonymous said...

My moronic statement meant that Thank God Sgt. Boggs isn't a jouranalist and doesn't claim to be one. He only told the truth about the media. They are biased and they are not neutral. None of them. You are an idiot to think so and besides...you are not human if you don't have an opinion of your own on whatever subject you are reporting on. You don't have to state it but it will always influence the way you write. The only non fiction book is the dictionary. You have such a distorted view on everything and everybody that you are just a mean and hateful person. And besides that you promised Tim Boggs you would not write comments on this page again. You are also dishonest. A mean, hateful, anti American, propagandist and you make those of us sick who actually seek the truth. You are the type that turn the rest of us off on the media, not Neil Cavuto or Tim Boggs. You are the moron, Elizabeth. You and the likes of you can rot.

Anonymous said...

That was called the direct route of skinning a cat I'd say.

Melinda said...

My thoughts on OU have nothing to do with partying as my alma mater has made the nat'l news countless times as a party school & it didn't dissuade me from my studies either.

As a professional in the communication field, someone who sought graduate education in the field and an eventual faculty member in the field, I am well aware of OU's reputation & even if that appears to be "generalizing", I have not met one alum who has proven me wrong yet...still looking.

gypsy said...

The media aren't supposed to be supporting the Iraq war or anything else.

That's correct Elizabeth, but you are delusional if you think the various media outlets do not slant when it comes to their idea of "reporting" the news from Iraq. I just can't even waste another breath of oxygen reading your drivel.

As to Christian commenting that that t.f. is a pawn for Fox, get over yourself. Maybe instead of positing such comments you should pose a question to t.f. as to why he chose to appear for this interview. My guess? It's time that more than one side of the story gets told when it comes to media biases, and what the affect of said reporting creates. Then there is the inevitable self rightous idea of these journalists (using that term loosely) that "reporting" leaked state secrets and/or certain methods of tracking terrorists just MUST be known to the world.

Anonymous said...

I think that News coverage during the second world war was pro american. It wasn't wrong for them to be pro America. We might not have won that war if Americans hadn't all pulled together, but then some of the younger generation who have nothing but a lefty education and no REAL experience in war except to sit in safety and criticize just don't know true history and they are so selfish that they will never pull together for a cause like winning a war against Islamic Terrorism. Not worth the breath arguing with them. Maybe when it is too late they will see but I doubt it even then. Sgt Boggs, a man who has been there, did a wonderful job of telling the truth and I hope he will use whatever outlets he can get to continue doing so. We don't care what shows he can get on as long as he gets on them.
An old person

Christian said...

Aye. It is not worth arguing with old reactionaries who are unwilling to change.

@ Melinda the reason I said what I said was in response to you "banging your head into a wall."

@ gypsy I tend to like to look at the bigger picture. Working in Network TV News for many years now I know how Producers think. It would be different if I was talking out of my ass with regards to the tv business. Again if you read my earlier comments I asked if the NYT revealed the step by step tutorial about how the military was deploying operational tactics or if they were saying that they were saying that "the military is going after financial resources of suspected terrorists."

Having an education can be dangerous? Unreal. People to think for themselves. Wow. Everybody should strive to be educated, informed and do research on subject matter that interests them. This country would not be the last super power if that was the case.....but you cannot continue to stay the last super power if you do not adapt to the enviroment around you hence my reference to history and arrogance of national leaders/empires.

....and for those who are implying that I am young and dumb sitting comfy should not assume (we all know what that does). I support and I am very appreciative of everything he is doing while in the service. I am out, but I have many a family member and friends that I worry about every day.


Not as young as you think.

Anonymous said...

So you are an "older" stupid ass. Big deal.

BONNI said...

Still working on setting up your interview with
Sean Hannity. Getting impatient, but the Israeli-
Lebanon story moved Iraq to the back burner.
And now of course, the JonBenet Ramsey,
soon to become a non-story story. Grrrrrrrr....

Elizabeth said...

I never said the media wasn't biased. The media is full of biases, especially Fox News.

I'm not the one who is slinging childish insults and profanities here.

I'm sorry to destroy your precious delusions, but we aren't going to win any "war" on "Islamic fascism." Hopefully though, we will win the war against the creeping fascism in this country, which Fox News is promoting (although they aren't the only ones).

Anonymous said...

We know where you are coming from Elizabeth. You are an emeny of our country and a propagandist. You are a perfect example of the enemy within. You and your friends at the NYT. But you are wrong about Americans, real Americans. We aren't as stupid as you think, we call a traitor a traitor, and we will fight Islamic terrorism to the end, no matter what. I hope the other commenters recognize you for what you are as well.

Christian said...

@ anonymous

You show your true colors by flaming. I was having a civil debate with the adults here without name calling.

Anonymous said...

Civil debate my foot.

Anonymous said...

you did an awesome job with your interview! I was working from home at the time, and we were ALL able to watch.
I could not agree more with your interview, and I am SOOO glad debate continues concerning biased media, right, wrong, treason, and crossing the line (NYT and the story that still makes me mad. I have ditched my Times-Picayune subscription, as they use so many lame wire stories).
Christian and others are so concerned with divisivenes, and "Elizabeth" does not believe we are at war. Years ago, mainstream media would frame the debate and the response and Americans with another viewpoint had no way to consent. Conservatives were villanized. Ford was maligned inappropriately. Carter presided over the most disastrous presidency of the second half of the twentieth century.
Now internet has a way to view ALL viewpoints. Biased media are mad, as are most politicians, because they have lost absolute power. And absolute control over what is seen as true and right. They do not call the shots by acclamation. The anger over lost supremacy fuels the hatred.
Christians and Jews do not love war; we simply do not live in a relativistic world. Some things ARE worth fighting for. Sorry, but WE ARE AT WAR. We are also in the middle of a culture war.
Christian, are you aware that Sgt. Boggs has yet to graduate from your hallowed institution because of his voluntary sacrifice? He provided the school paper with a much needed "alternative" Op-editorial between deployments.
As for me, I will NOT stop praying daily for my nephew.
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

sometimes i am amazed to read the comments here and see how adults can argue like little kids with name calling and put downs. you may not agree with someones opinion, but when does that ever give you the right to start name calling and acting like a child?

also, i am interested in hearing everyones definitions of a "good american?" or a "real american"

Elizabeth said...

I'm amazed anyone thinks I am "friends" with the New York Times, a newspaper I've devoted a blog to criticizing.

What we all need is some humor to lighten things up:


Anonymous said...

Being childish? Oh yeah? Well, my dad can beat your dad up. That's humor elizabeth. I sort of thought the skinnin' a cat thing was funny. Didn't you?

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"@ William Eaton's Last Stand

Iraq was an ally (Iran-Iraq War)"


Iraq was an ally. THEN Saddam turned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, invaded Kuwait and then stood poised to invade yet another US ally, Saudi Arabia.

Are you going to honestly suggest that we should stand by our international "friends" no matter what evils they commit after we sign a treaty?

As debatable as siding with Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war is, to CONTINUE to ally ourselves with that regime would have been idiotic beyond words.

Here, let me put it this way; I'll support a friend through a messy divorce (one that is as much [or perhaps more] his fault as his wife's. However, if he then turns around, kills his dog then rapes the girl next door, I'll take him out back and kick his teeth in myself.

Certain lines are not to be crossed.

Alliances are critical to our nation's survival and are to be honored in ample faith, but not blind faith.

So, any more diversions to throw out, or are you going to address me on point next time?

Huntress said...

Thank you, StrykerAunt and Bryan B...and to think I was in GOOD mood when I eviscerated those two fools:>)
But clearly even that elementary school explanation of what Tim said and wrote still seems to have been lost on subsequent commentators.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


Thank you for posting the interview on YouTube.

Sgt. Boggs,

That was a very nice interview. You did a good job. I hope you are enjoying England and had a chance to see Scotland. :)


If you haven't been reading it, Jill Carroll has written a series of articles on her captivity. You can find them at:


Kat said...

Finally got around to watching this -- and you did GREAT!!! I knew ya would. :)

civiliangirl said...

I've been out of touch for a while... congrats on the interview. I am ecstatic to find that so many new visitors are here as a result.

Belated tip for first time visitors: Read "Interview with an Iraqi Soldier" parts I & II.

Side Note: What happened to "An Unfortunate Truth"? An incredibly sobering, yet enlightening piece. It made me think: The only answer is a slow and painful re-education of an entire people. (I can't access "Arabs and Jewish Hatred" for some reason, but check it out. Perhaps it is the same article renamed?) I'd like to think that T.F. Boggs and many other soldiers "over there" are effectively beginning this change through open dialogue.
I digress, but perhaps a point is made: reading these milblogs is thought provoking, and may broaden one's understanding of the nature of this war.

Again, belated congrats on the interview and the response it elicited.