Monday, November 07, 2005

God Machine

A friend and I have recently talked a few times on how we as a country could better fight terrorism and what we came up with is what we like to call the "God Machine." Now you will have to bear with me as I explain.
The "God Machine" would be created by Hollywood's best computer graphic designers and model makers and would cost only a fraction of what we have already spent on the global war on terrorism. Instead of 80 billion dollar packages the senate would only have to approve about 1 billion dollars to make this project happen. My friend and I envision the "God Machine" (GM) as being a technical marvel that would be able to convince terrorists that it was really Allah and it wanted them to do certain things. The GM would be a sort of ghostly image with a commanding presence that could appear and disappear at the will of it's operator. It would be able to speak many different languages so it could be used on terrorists from all over the world. Whoever employs the GM would sneak somewhere close to a terrorist training camp and wake the terrorists in the middle of the night so as to catch them off guard, or spray a gas in the air to put the terrorists in a trance. It would then tell them whatever tactic was being used at the time, whether it be to call off operations in Iraq because Allah no longer approves of killing innocent people and is sending suicide bombers to Hell, or something a little more permanent like telling them to all make a pilgrimage to Guantanamo so we could put them in jail. Obviously these are just suggestions and we would let the professionals in charge of the GM tell the terrorists what they want to. All I am saying is that we need to think outside the box when combating terrorists and the GM might be a step in the right direction.
When you are dealing with extremists extreme measures need to be taken.

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aandn said...

Funny Boggs and "friend!",
Sounds like the wizzard of Oz to us. You know, we like a guy who has a sense of humor. When times are tough you need one. We laugh a lot around here. Have been known as "those two laughing fools who break horses and email Iraq". We actually think that getting the truth out over and over again to Americans will do great things for our country but it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of discernment and great observation abilities. Plus you gotta know how to spell. As a soldier in war you must have your share of those talents. We shall read on. Thanks for the immagination -and thinking outside the box. The GM could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Hehehe
Ann & Neatie