Saturday, March 17, 2007

Initial Thoughts

I came, I saw, I drank some coffee and then some beer. I guess I didn't really know what to expect coming down to D.C. for the counter anti-war protest termed Gathering of the Eagles. Whatever it was the reality of the day definitely did not match up.

For starters the anti-war group ANSWER and their cohorts seemed to have an unusually small turnout. Perhaps I feel this way because their exploits are always given too much media coverage but their group was really lame. Actually I can't say only bad things about them, they did have some great music playing on their supierior sound system. I guess if you become accustomed to protesting you figure out how to do it well. But I get ahead of myself.

The Gathering of the Eagles saw a great turnout of veterans and military supporters. The day was cold and the ground was muddy from the night before, but the Eagles stayed out the whole day to show their support despite the lack of media coverage that the anti-America group was enjoying. There were a few cameras rolling near us but they only wanted to catch the heckling going on outside the gates to our area. Since I can only take so much of chanting, heckling, and crazily dressed commie-pinkos I left the gathering before too long.

What I realized before I left has changed my viewpoint about the anti-war crowd. I realized that they don't necessarily outnumber us, and they definitely don't out think us (not one of them could participate in a rational argument). The only reason they enjoy so much attention is because they are so outrageous that the media covers them. So instead of solely blaming the anti-crowd (anti-war, anti-democracy, anti-truth, anti-rationality etc.) I blame the media as well. When we approached the protest site today media vans lined the road around the anti-crowd but were nowhere to be seen near the Gathering of the Eagles. Why? I don't know so I can't tell you, but what I do know is that it is a joke. I am sure whatever they put on the TV will be an exaggeration so don't buy the hype. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today no matter what the TV tells you.

What did happen today was a bunch of people from across the country came to D.C. in support of the military and our president. They made an impact on each other if not on the media. So I leave D.C. feeling better about our chances winning the war in Iraq after seeing the lame anti-crowd. If they are our only opposition then we are okay.



I used to participate in similar counter-protests of hippie protests back when I was just a student at the Univ. of Texas and not the bloodthirsty killer I am today. Back in those days, they only had the initial campaigns in Afghanistan to decry, but they did so with gusto. Don't ever let any of these hippie types tell you that they "fully supported the Afghan war, just not Iraq." Bullshiite. They were never in favor of that one, and even protested our response to 9/11 before we even had a response.

But to get back to your point, yes, the anti-war types are unbelievably lame. I stopped attending the counter-protests when it became obvious that it was a waste of my time. That collection of misfits and losers couldn't have convinced a dog to lick its own balls.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

According to the gal from Fox News Channel, the numbers were about the same for both sides. She said that this morning but I didn't hear her say it again the rest of the day. I'm proud of the GOE, hope it's a sign of things to come.

Anonymous said...

this is the "drunk SSG", did you feel like you were lost somewhere in 1969 during that demonstration? you know, with all the advances in EVERYTHING, whats the hold up on the media? because of these flam'n idiots, we have people who want to protest everything. well, you know what i say?........."IF YOU CAN'T STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, THEN DAMN'IT, STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!" good talkin to ya boggs! see ya soon. keep up the damn good work!!!!!!!!
"drunk SSG" (NEWT)

ET USN 71-78 said...

Thanks for your take on the anti-war protest, and so glad you were able to attend the counter-protest. Attending as you did may not seem important to you, but it is, just like your tours in Iraq. Sorry you have to do double duty (military and civilian, Iraq and DC), but I am doubly grateful and impressed with you and your generation of patriots.

Perhaps the media will someday report the substantial support this country has for the mission and the troops. It will certainly be harder for the MSM to sweep this support under the rug with this visible support.

Best to you.

Gary Rivest said...

The media wants to run the country. This is something that our forefathers could not see.

You see, with more attacks against our Homeland, you get more sensationalized coverage, which bring them more viewers, etc. you get the snapshot!

God bless people who hunger after the truth and make an effort above and beyond, for us, the USA.

Thank you Tim!

God bless Tim and all of our soldiers in and out of harms way.

Tom Bowler said...

For some time now, the media has had a lot of success running the country. Pre-internet, we were pretty much forced to take their word for things, and a lot of people still do because it's easier.

And there's no doubt that the media are still in there trying. I'm waiting for them to show a little embarrassment for their pathetic news coverage, especially after the Dan Rather forgery scandal, but they never do. Call me naive.

Bag Blog said...

So Buck Sargent is a T-sipper! I thought I recognized the arrogance.
Gig 'em.

gypsy said...

I was pretty disgusted with the coverage, but not surprised. Seems the only good reports are on the blogs. Heck the media, to include Fox, didn't even talk about GOE.

Thanks for going t.f. and giving us your perspective.

Oh, this article brought a smile to my face. Funny, it's from Canada...

flag Gazer said...

Glad you were there - it is an interesting experience!

TFAunt said...

Sounds like an overall great and eye opening experience for you, and more of what we have been dealing with for soooo long! The mainstream media has an agenda which is much more propaganda than truth. Let us hope any version of the so called "Fairness Doctrine" is NOT reinstated, or any opposing viewpoint is in real trouble. And those invested in our defeat will have real amunition! Scary thought if President Hillary becomes the nightmare we all fear.

Anonymous said...

I to was trying to find a good report on TV but couldn't, Thanks for the update Mr. Boggs.

I try to be a counter weight to the moonbats here in Tampa but I figure they destroy their own message with their outlandish costume & drama. They are disgusting & they know we know it.

The moral majority still rules.

Anonymous said...

"I realized that they don't necessarily outnumber us..."

That's entirely correct, if by "don't outnumber us" you mean "outnumber us in every major poll."

I also loved the part about how the GOE stayed out the whole day "despite the lack of coverage that the anti-America group was enjoying" but then you complain about how much coverage anti-war protesters always get. You can't have it both ways.

It's fine to have an opinion and stick with it on principle, but it's really pathetic watching you people try to pretend that most Americans still agree with you.

Anonymous said...

How many times have any of you been polled? I never have and I have been a registered voter since I was 21...a long time. I have never had a friend who has been polled either. The anti-war people got all the coverage...while the pro-victory people got no coverage to speak of. Tim observed and proved his point. You are not logical, reader. (6:17PM commenter) And who are the "You people" that you refer to....only one or two by your count. Why does such a small number of us out here wanting Victory in this war on terror bother you or even get your attention. You are not logical. By listening to those protesters interviewed on Saturday..none of them were either. Stupidity is easily led. I am glad there are the "You people" out here in America who can still think for themselves reguardless of the propaganda you other people spew. Great job Tim. There are more of us out here reading you and those like you than anyone wants to admit. We will sign this comment because anonymous letters have no credibility.
Annie & Neatie

MK said...

"Don't ever let any of these hippie types tell you that they "fully supported the Afghan war, just not Iraq." Bullshiite. They were never in favor of that one, and even protested our response to 9/11 before we even had a response."

And here's the proof

Whenever i debate any leftists about the Iraq war, it eventually comes down to the realisation that there is no war they will fight or support, no matter how many times they get attacked. The response is always some variation of grab ankles and hope it doesn't hurt.

Leta said...

Sorry I didn't meet you at the GOE TF. I loved your comment about how so many made an impact on each other. How true that was. It was a day I'll never forget and am thankful I was able to be a part of. I really can't add much more than what you have said or what so many other bloggers have reported. The long and short is that it made me so proud to be an American, so proud to be a part of that crowd and so many tens of thousands of other Amerian Patriots who wanted to be there and were in spirit. I, too, left feeling so sure that we ARE winning and the tide IS turning. Those "protesters" were not only frightful looking they were totally unorganized, pitching a myriad of different agendas and didn't have a clue what the person to either side of them was there to protest for. It was a circus. They were only able to get the number of people there because of the numnber of different "groups" who appeared to protest together. Whatever!!! As for the media - same old same old.

Rurik said...

Congratulations. You have just been nominated to the Thinking Blogger Award by Rurik of Veteran-American Voices. You may read about it here


Susan said...

I wish they were the only opposition! I'm beginning to think that noise counts more than numbers, anyway, and the media has long since ceased to be impartial. I was interested in reading what you found at the rally.