Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Victor and I

Well congratulations are due to me for making it into a Victor Davis Hanson column entitled “Traitors to the Enlightenment” this past week on his blog The Private Papers. He mentions how T F Boggs “keeps even the pope safe and the continent confident…” That is indeed high praise from one of my favorite authors isn’t it?

Okay, okay, okay so Victor wasn’t talking about me but he did mention my good old home state of Ohio.

“Those in an auto parts store in Fresno, or at a NASCAR race in southern Ohio, might appear to Europeans as primordials with their guns, “fundamentalist” religion, and flag-waving chauvinism. But it is they, and increasingly their kind alone, who prove the bulwarks of the West. Ultimately what keeps even the pope safe and the continent confident in its vain dialogues with Iranian lunatics is the United States military and the very un-Europeans who fight in it.”

I cannot claim to be a NASCAR fan but I am from Ohio. So maybe VDH didn’t have me personally in mind when he wrote the column but I bet I would make it in to his gross generalization about those who are working to protect the world from terrorists.

While I was in London on leave in August I found myself talking to a London cop that I was hanging out with for the night after downing one too many pints. As I looked around the bar I again saw what kept striking me as odd for the whole week or so I was in London: there was an absence of males that looked like “real men.” I turned to the cop and said:

“You know what, I haven’t seen anyone that looks like a real man in London.”

He looked at me for a second and then spoke: “What do you mean?”

“Well everyone has a stupid little mohawk-type deal going on with their hair and they wear tight form fitting clothes that accentuate their butt. They all look prissy to me.”

I doubt this was the best way to win over my guide for the night but I imagine he brushed it off with a thought that I was just a dumb American. I guess I must have forgotten he was a European male or something. I could really care less though and as the night progressed he seemed to forget about my comment anyway. We shared drinks and swapped stories until he left me wandering alone in downtown London at 3am miles from my hotel. Come to think about it maybe he didn’t forget about the comment.

Perhaps VDH is right, maybe all the men in the military are very un-European. Maybe that is why I only saw Justin Timberlake-like metrosexuals in London. The longer I stayed in London the more I missed America. Conceivably the men in London threw me off keel since I have been around military guys for so long and am used to smoking, cussing, belching, and lewd behavior.

Oh if only all men could be like military men then our world would be safe from terrorists but not from bad behavior.

The editors of Maxim would rule the country and Marlboro and Camel would be the different political parties. We would drink coke instead of water, dip instead of brushing our teeth, Febreze instead of wash clothes, work out instead of work, and play video games instead of read. Oh what a country!

Like it or not these are the types of guys that fight everyday for the freedoms that Americans enjoy. We may not win any politeness awards but that is not what you want of your fighting force entrusted with the task to kill the bad guys. Let us watch NASCAR and talk cars all the while skirting around books without pictures and workouts that don’t involve weights.

All this is said in order to prove me very un-European, but from the looks of it I doubt you would have confused me otherwise.

One more for good measure.


Melinda said...

They have NASCAR in Southern Ohio? Really? I didn't know that.

Thank GOD for Un-European men willing to be bulwarks of the West. I mean, I think we can all appreciate Prince, his music and his rear-endless leather pants, but for this Ohio girl's dream date, I'll go with Hubs in his BDUs any day.

Pictures are worth thousands of words so thanks for sharing some of your collection!

gypsy said...

Give me a manly man any day of the week. I cannot stomach the "metrosexual" male. Ugh!

Thanks for the pictures t.f., never a doubt in my mind you were an All American Male!

Oh yeah, nice butt. ;-)

Anonymous said...

God bless American men! And God bless Arizona men especially!!!! It's good to be in old AZ, where the men are men and the farm animals aren't nervous.

strykeraunt said...

This post and the comments that follow have put me over the!! And believe me tonight is one of those where it does not come easy.

Anon, you can't leave a comment like that without giving yourself a better name than anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

strykeraunt....I was Neatie.
Signed Annie
PS: when she reads this she is going to kill me...the women are pretty strong too in AZ...but I think I can out run her.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...funny blog, Boggs! You take care of yourself and the photos were great. So much for Europe.

Bag Blog said...

Funny, but I knew immediately that comment was from Annie and Neatie. Real women want real men. I like the "nice butt" comment too - my thoughts exactly.

I have wondered where all the good men are - I guess they are in Iraq.

mamaworecombatboots said...

What? No pics of a power situp? teehee Are you a two-digit migit yet?

Praguetwin said...


Thanks for your thoughtful response on the last post. I read your interchange with Margarita.... Firery. Always fun to see the dogs go after the dissenter too.

Anyway, I think this post highlights how out of place the soldiers are. Living overseas I'm pretty sensitive to people's customs (these old societies are serious about this crap) and it always makes me cringe to see our youth in a Muslim country. I can't pinpoint the feeling, but it just rubs the wrong way.

I guess that feeling is at the base of a lot of people's objections to an extended stay in Iraq which this is quickly looking to be.

t.h. snure said...


You and the pc crowd are the reason this world is in the mess it is in. You give everyone the impression the we don't want to offend anyone, so these islamofacists use "offending words" as an excuse to fly airplanes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people for the sole purpose of killing.

I agree that at times it is prudent to be sensitive to the cultural likes and dislikes of other people, but a war is NOT one of those times. This blog is not written to a muslim audience. Let them be sensitive to our culture some of the time. Let them be sensitive to our religious beliefs (as diverse as they are I doubt you will find many takers on that one).

I'm sick and tired of the rest of the world demanding that we give up everything American, and kow-tow to their sensitivities, and they won't do the same for us. If they want that then tell them to stop trying to kill people just because they don't agree like us to be free. We didn't start this war they did. If they want to live in a islamofacist republic, where they can abuse women at will then they can amend their constitution to say that (but I doubt they will get much of the women's vote).

If you are so ashamed of being an American, go somewhere else and stay there. See if there is anywhere else that you can enjoy the freedoms we have here. If you want to stay, quit trying to take away my freedom by saying I can't say anything that might offend someone else. You go ahead and be as PC as you want to be but leave the rest of us alone!

Todd (TFuncle)

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Amen - Preach on, TFuncle! We had this discussion at work today & even the young dipsh*t libs agreed. We're Americans and we want to stay that way, to heck with PCness & everyone in the world being "offended". I stay so danged offended by much of the stuff I see and read, it's a wonder I don't keel over. I don't see but a few of us trying to rage against it, though. Tim, love the pics - love the guys! I agree with gypsy - "nice butt".

Anonymous said...

Quick! Get me twelve decent looking American girls quick, a case of Miller Light or we are going to loose T Boggs! Dude, your last email, shit you aint joking, we need you to come home. Pronto! You are almost gay!

Praguetwin said...


Your entitled to your opinion about being PC. I myself am not very PC. I try to be sensitive to the cultural norms in the country where I live, but I fail miserably quite often.

I'll give you an example. Here in the Czech Republic it is very rude to yawn without covering your mouth. Now I know it isn't perfect manners in the states to do the same, but it isn't a big deal. Here it is. On the other hand, you can blow your nose here anytime you want (including in a restaurant with people eating) and no one bats an eye.

I don't know why this is, but I try to be sensitive. I know that war is not the time to be sensitive, and that is not what I'm suggesting ought to be done. My point was just that our men in women in uniform in a muslim country for and extended period is going to have it's negative effects.

Getting to your other comments....

I think some Muslims are quite sensitive to other's religious beliefs. Christians had their place under Saddam, like it or not. Now they are fleeing.

I don't expect us to give up what is American, but rather for us to be American at home (When in Rome...) We can argue about why people like Bin Laden want to kill us, but it is clearly not simply because we want to be free. If you don't know about operation Ajax (Iran) check it out. Bin Laden's number one stated reason for his hate of America is American troops in Saudi Arabia and in other Muslim lands. Number two is our backing of Israel in it's conflict with the Palestinians. Now, perhaps both of these things are justified, but they should be distinguished from simply "being free."

Who started "this war"? Well, since we are talking about Iraq, I would have to say we did. If you are talking about the GWOT, well then you may have a point, although again, I would encourage you to look to history as your guide. Things rarely happen in a vacuum, and although terrorism is unjustified no matter who does it, there are reasons (not justifications mind you) why this all started that go back centuries.

I don't think the constitution in Iraq is going to have much impact on whether or not the people live in an islamofascist republic that likes to abuse women. The militias don't need to get the constitution ammended, they just enforce their will on the ground largely unchecked.

Ironically, although abuse of women was widespread under Saddam, women had a more active role in that society than in the one that is currently residing in Iraq. I still think it is good that Saddam is gone, but don't kid yourself about the reality for the women in a state run by militias. They are living in fear (at least in Baghdad and Anbar).

Finally, to your "if you don't like it get the hell out" comment, I'll tell you this..

I am not ashamed of being an American. That doesn't mean that I can't be sensitive to other cultures. I don't lose anything by being aware of my surroundings.

I left the United States about eight years ago and I live in the Czech Republic where I enjoy much more freedom than I ever did in the United States. If you really believe that the US is the freest country in the world, I suggest you travel a bit.

I have many reasons for prefering life here in the CZ to that in America (superior public transportation, clean and safe cities, free medical care, finest beer in the world, beautiful women, etc...) but the number one reason is the freedom that I enjoy here that I never had in the United States.

I am proud to be an American, and I still love my home country, but I choose to live in a place where I can enjoy true freedom, and that is here.

Come on over sometime and I will show you what I mean.


Prague Twin

tfdad said...

Praguetwin, I've read Tim's post over twice and I can't find him saying "if you don't like it get the hell out." I also couldnt find it in any of his recent comments. Where'd you get that?

I'm also really curious about the'freedoms' you enjoy in the Czech Republic that you wouldn't enjoy here. Besides smoking in restaurants, I can only imagine you're referring to being free from people that vote for Bush. Seriously, I'd like to know.

Margarita said...

So, what is a "real man"? For that matter, what is a real woman? My knee-jerk reaction to anyone who has a diffinitve answer for this is to immediately turn them off. Your opinions are totally subjective so are not shared by everyone else.

I read VDH's article and I think that while he makes some valid, (although sweeping) arguments, there is very shallow depth and understanding of his thesis. He conveniently "ignores" a lot of our own history and totally frames it as a one-sided debate.

I'm way too fair and think everyone deserves equal treatment so automatically I see the discussion erupting from the other side...

Censorship is practiced everywhere and America is not excluded. Why in our country is some literature on ALA's 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books, for example? Because they dabble with adult themes and "colorful" language? If the author's point is that Europe is OVERLY P.C., isn't it just a little bit hypocritical of us to challenge Mark Twain's work because he uses the word "nigger"? Furthermore, literature that explores reality through such themes as homosexuality (whether you refuse to accept it or not, it's there) and childhood abuse and rape (see Maya Angelou) is continually bashed by many religious groups in this country... Are we really that different?

Seriously, the way I see it we're more related than dissimlar--we've influenced them and they've influenced us. It's been easier for us to "disconnect" and establish this strict, "us vs. them" dichotomy because of our geography; Europe on the other hand is forced to play it civil because they're not all surrounded by friendlies. Also, I would predict that if you asked the people they would totally be on OUR side... only politically and in the global arena with strangers do you have to remain "culturally sensitive", you know? That's why I think VDH's paper is kinda shady... it sort of sets up a straw-man argument.

Does anyone ever read the Guardian or watch BBC news? Maybe it's because they're "in the thick of it" but I've found the BBC really informative on global and international news. Also, their programs are usually longer with less sound bites and more details than you will see in the typical evening newscast here in America. The point is, a lot of their news is also conveniently ignored by the U.S. media outlets, or they are subtley discredited.

To give the argument full justice I think the author should have expanded more on "the big picture" and framed it in different terms.

tfdad said...

Praguetwin, Woops, I see you were addressing Todd, not Tim. Todd doesn't say "get the hell out" either but I guess that's a moot point. It appears that's what you've done so you have my respect for a certain amount of consistency. I'm still quite dubious about your claim to be enjoying greater freedoms there but I anxiously await your reply.

t.h. snure said...


You have to be a totally ignorant to not be able to see that the Iraq war is just one battle within the GWOT. They were sponsors of a-q and paid the families of kids who would go and blow themselves up in Israel. In addition they used chemical weapons on their own people so they obviously had them (although they seem to have been successful in moving them somewhere (Syria maybe??)). If none of that works for you then you are beyond help.

I'm glad you find yourself so free in CZ. I hope you continue to have a good life there. As for my travels, I have been all over the far east (Japan, S Korea, Hong Kong (under UK), Phillipines), Peru, Mexico, Canada and maybe a few othere that don't immediatly come to mind. I spent more time in Japan than any of the others, and throughly enjoyed the experience, but I wouldn't give up what we have here to live anywhere else (unless I go as a missionary).

OBTW, if you want to see a people with some ingrained cultural norms, visit Japan.

I do hope to travel Europe someday, but all of that "free" stuff isn't really free. I don't know your financial situation, but the people there do not keep much of what they earn, and the medical care is in the dark ages compared to here. It will not be long before people will be euthanized just because their medical condition is too costly to justify keeping them alive (some freedom).

As for why the European governments seem to side with the likes of Iraq and Iran, follow the money. Nuf said.

Like I said, I hope you have a good life there (and I really mean it, I hope you prosper in the ways you find enjoyment). After eight years, I imagine you have some clue as to what you are into.


Praguetwin said...


Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I don't really want to get into a big discussion on the merits of choosing Iraq as the central front in the GWOT. The only reason I brought it up was because you said we didn't start the war, and I disagree with that.

Clearly Saddam was a horrible dictator. But for the real reasons for the war in Iraq, as you asked me to do, just follow the money.

If the ruthlessness of a dictator is the entire justification for starting a war, I can think of at least a dozen wars that should be started today. I just don't think that is prudent policy. I'm not an idealist, but rather a realist and I believe in balance of power politics, but that is just my opinion. Your are entitled to yours, obviously.

Glad to hear about your travels. I myself have never made it to the far east. I understand that life is quite regimented, both by the laws and by the cultural norms as in Japan. If that is the comparison you are using, I can see why you think that there is more freedom in America than elsewhere.

Gettting to the question posited by TFDad, the freedoms that we enjoy here are not that much different than in the U.S. but as a young man, I liked being able to skateboard in public places (having been arrested for doing the same in the U.S. several times). I enjoy having hot wine in the street at Christmas time without being thrown in jail for having an open container (that goes year around by the way, no open container law). I don't use these services, but if I want to prostitution is legal, gambling is also legal. Bars stay open all night. Marijuana is legal in small amounts. The age of consent is 15. Another thing I find that allows people to be free is the public transportation system. You are free to travel even if you don't have a car.

These are just a few obvious examples and I could go on but I think you get the general gis In general I find a greater degree of freedom here than in the U.S. Freedom from fear is paramount. It isn't all about the laws, but also about a tolerance here for people to do what they want so long as they don't hurt anyone (and they cover their mouth when they yawn).

As far as medical care goes, it is quite good. I actually have time to talk to my doctors. I had knee surgery and stayed overnight in the hospital. The nurse came and gave me a shot for pain every couple of hours (not bad looking either). Clearly, the U.S. has better experts, but I enjoy a much higher level of personal care than someone in the U.S. who has an H.M.O. for example, or than the uninsured (which I was in the states). We are still pretty far from euthanasia.

There are trade-offs. I don't pretend that it is Eden over here. I, personally, just prefer it. I miss certain things in the states (like the level of service or just how everything works). I miss driving for 150 miles and not seing a single house. I miss the food. There are always trade-offs. I don't pretend this is the best place in the world, just the best place for me.

I have a beutiful wife (Czech) a nice flat, a good job, good friends, and a pretty care-free existence. I have friends who prefer to live in the states and I understand. I don't believe one place can be the best for everyone, yet many in the U.S. seem to believe that nothing could possibly be better, and that no one in the world is more free or even equally as free. With those sentiments, I strongly disagree.

Again, thanks for your comments and the interesting discussion.


Matt Carlstrom said...

I'm not dead... far from it. And so are you.

Tim, thank you. Simply, easily put, thank you. There is a long story to be told, and I have a decently boring story to tell... nothing like the tales you have.

I think I offered this before... but let me offer this now under the auspices of Los Angeles air. If you ever want a free place to crash in California, email me at duh. Tim, I would love to buy you several rounds (de cerveza) at the offering you allow our country. Still, you still inspire me with brave words unafflicted with pussy-itis. You are the calibre of what some people call 'the real deal'.

Thanks for not being a fucking pussy. Thanks for standing up for what you believe every day... because I sometimes fail at being who I know I truly am.

Tim, thank you, not only for being representative of most of what makes me proud to be an American; but thank you for being an example of what a good man should be.

I say these words in a most disgruntled state... a very most disgruntled state. Thank you.

And again... thanks for not being a fucking pussy.

T. F. Boggs said...

Anon-"Quick! Get me twelve decent looking American girls quick, a case of Miller Light or we are going to loose T Boggs! Dude, your last email, shit you aint joking, we need you to come home. Pronto! You are almost gay!"

Anon you have to be Greg and thank you for your concern but I am still straight. The desert makes you lonely though that is for sure, but then again you know about that don't you?

Matt-Coming from you I greatly appreciate the kind words. I would love to have you buy me some beers and if I play my cards right I could have a pretty crazy night in Cali if I let all the people there who have offered to to buy me a beer.

Matt don't give up on whatever is going on. I have most certainly had times in my life that I regret and I look back on those experiences and find that they are what makes me what I am today. After experiencing the bad times I promise myself never to go back and do them again. Actually there are a few things that drive me continually to this day that happened years ago. Keep up the fight and don't give in to all the pussification of men that is going on all over the place.

Keep eating that cereal by the box as well.

SK said...

Awesome post! But then again, I'm another female in Arizona:)


Too true, Boggs. Too true.

Great post. Dead on the money. There's an entire generation of men in our country that have no idea how close they are to actually being women (not that there's anything wrong with that!), simply by fact that they've never been in the military or served their country in wartime.

Europe has a rude awakening heading their way, especially with their native populations dying off and their Muslim populations exploding (sometimes literally).

Tony Blair made an astute comment recently to the effect that if they continue to alienate American on the Continent, Europe is going to wake up one morning and find themselves all alone against a rather tenacious and unyielding enemy that will not care one whit about their self-congratulatory "sensitivity."

I'm predicting Sharia Law practiced openly in the EU by no later than 2025. And if you think it will end there, just think about the West Bank for a minute. You think of Palestinian Muslims first, do you not? Rather than the birthplace of Jesus and Christianity and the ancient homeland of the Jewish people? Now why is that, considering Islam did not even exist for another 600 some odd years? And now, with the exception of the tiny sliver of Israel, the entire area is majority Muslim. Well, it didn't get that way by "white flight" or falling property values. It was conquered by the sword, as radical Islam has always done throughout its history.

And it has not stopped doing so today, only it has gotten more savvy, at times subsituting the pen and the web and the camera, as well as the useful idiots in our own societies.

Sorry, a wee bit off topic. I really need to save this stuff for my own blog, but once you get me started...

Plus, I really enjoy irritating Praguetwin, as I'm sure this will.



Oh, and to clarify before the hate-spam begins, what I meant about "a generation of men who are close to being women" is that they have no idea what it means to be a man. I wasn't trying to disparage the women in the military.

Most of my generation's biggest worries center around their hair, or their clothes, or their on-again, off-again relationships. Or a litany of other frivolous BS. Many are against the war not because they have anything to lose in it, but simply because they are tired of hearing about it. It's nothing but an intellectual or emotional exercise to them with zero connection (they believe, wrongly) to their actual lives.

They don't understand the enemy our society faces because they've never come face to face with this enemy. To them, it is "laughable" for anyone to connect this war to their individual freedoms. But all you have to do is read the news to see that militant Islam is already altering the societal behavior of its Western enemies with its violent tactics. It's a gradual, incremental change, but it's happening. "Don't criticize our religion for being a violent death cult, or we'll kill you!"

Some may choose going along like a bunch of willing sheep to whatever these crazies would like us to do, simply to enjoy a fleeting moment of peace between attacks, but I for one would rather die fighting them than submit to Allah's will. Which is the literal translation of Islam, btw, not "peace."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Buck. You are telling the truth like few can or have the guts to do. Playing word games with the likes of Margarita and Praguetwin is a total waste of time. Just because we have bred and fed and nurtured the lies they now promote in this country and around the world does not mean we have to continue doing so. That said, it is not worth wasting blog space on them. Right here in this country evil Islam is grabbing up the country and it has to be stopped. This blog was about real men. You are right not because we support you and are "yes women" but because we see it with our own eyes day in and day out. You men have missed telling one side of this story however.....where are the real women? I am sorry to say that real men find little true support from real women. Alas, women in fact have grown up soft, self centered. They think themselves self sufficient and able to rule the world by being cute, clever and educated. I know how women get what they want and in MOST cases it isn't because they have worthy visions, true knowledge, learned by difficult study and honest experience. Just like men now days they are rarely capable and dependable. Trustworthy friend, wife, coworker....forget it. This is not all women but far too many. Unfortunately or can't expect real men to provide, fight, sacrifice and love women more than they do anything else when women do not respond as women should. Maybe you understand what I am trying to say, Buck. There are real women out here. I am not saying there aren't. I am also sure that the men they are standing behind know if they have one in their lives. They provide inspiration for their men as well as always being available to help in any way they can. Sometimes that takes sacrificing their own comfort, career, material goods,...their all. So instead of raising a bunch of selfish premadonas in this country maybe we should be teaching girls what women can be when they stand along side of a worthy man and support him regardless of circumstances. If there were more real women around maybe there would be more real men. It is hard to say which came first..sort of like the chicken or the egg thing Buck but I have a feeling that women are not blameless here. God help us women to support you guys as you truly deserve and need to be supported. Thank you Buck...and TF Boggs. Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you above what we have figured out for ourselves. You are the Best! TF has our email address and the offer is not idle talk to make us feel good about ourselves. Talk is cheap. Action usually cost something.

tfdad said...

Annie, You want us to think you're a poor speller but you're just trying to through us off track. You are a freakin' genius, babe! Pre"-"madona, indeed. Why didn't the rest of us see that before now?

tfdad said...

That would be "throw", wouldn't it?Give me a break, it's a tough-ass language!

Mary said...

Ha ha! I had very similar thoughts when I visited London, also in August. On my last day there, I wrote a long diatribe in my journal about how sick I was of London and how the men all suck. So you're not the only one who thinks so!

Anonymous said...

hookt on foniks werkt fer me. And I happen to know it is accidental genius. She does that all the time and thinks it is real funny. Now we are even, Annie.


gypsy said...

Annie, you rock. always you're on the money.

Stay safe t.f. and Buck!

Margarita said...

Annie: I don't see how I am "playing word games" at all. Could you please elaborate?

Also, I take exception to this: "So instead of raising a bunch of selfish premadonas in this country maybe we should be teaching girls what women can be when they stand along side of a worthy man and support him regardless of circumstances."

Do you mean, like, the women in Iraq who are supporting their insurgent/terrorist husbands? Well, perhaps if more women didn't just blindly follow but instead questioned doctrine and demanded change we could have a more peaceful coexistance. What's the old joke about "If Women Ruled the World..."? Never a truer word has been spoken in jest!

Anonymous said...

I said a worthy man....not a worthless man.

strykeraunt said...

"Do you mean, like, the women in Iraq who are supporting their insurgent/terrorist husbands?"

Excuse my french but, WTF! If you are going to come on here could you at least follow the subject matter?!? Since when are insurgents or terrorists absolutely disgusting. Why don't you crawl to where you came from.

And, Annie doesn't need to elaborate because the majority of us get what she said...and completely agree!

Margarita said...

Why the fuck do you think THAT? Because I can put myself in someone else's shoes? Just because I have been blessed with that ability does not mean I support that point of view.

"Why don't you crawl to where you came from."

Ya'll REALLY have a such a skill for shutting us dissenters up! Why are you so scared of what I have to say? Because maybe I'm partially right??

I have (if not more than you) something at RISK in this "war" so I will not shut up nor will I cower behind my Country's flag when I see injustice and lies.

Grow some fucking brains and a little compassion, children.

I can admit when I am wrong, I can apologize if I have offended, and I CAN SEE BOTH SIDES TO EVERY ARGUMENT. On many occasions I have discovered a unifying thread to everyone's opinion; are you even capable of doing that, Annie? I know there must be more of you out there with some level of intellectual and emotional maturity. Now would be the best time to make an appearance because I am quickly losing faith with the commenters on this blog.

Annie's posts are so convoluted and just strange to me that they are impossible to follow; that is why I asked for clarification. When you bring my name into a conversation I should know what you're talking about. Otherwise, please don't mention me.

t.h. snure said...


Just keep being who you are we love you just that way. If some people (who I won't mention as they are kinda sensitive about their ignorance) can't read and follow your very plain but eloquent english writings, don't worry about it. There is little hope for such small minds.


Rakkvet 101 said...

"Why are you so scared of what I have to say? Because maybe I'm partially right??"

Not at all. I'm angry because you are entirely wrong. If you yell fire in a crowded theater and there is no fire and people die in the ensuing stampede is it all okay because they were just words? You don't see how the false ideas and information you speak will cause long term damage to this country and our way of life.

Just like Buck was saying, "It's nothing but an intellectual or emotional exercise to them with zero connection (they believe, wrongly) to their actual lives."

Truer words have never been spoken. Buck was also being very generous. I bet the majority of the time they are just regurgitating what they have been told to think by the media and their teachers/professors. No intellectual exercise whatsoever.

You can go on and on about how connected you are because your husband is over there. Truth is, HE is over there. Not you. Just like I'm no more qualified to perform surgery because my spouse is a surgeon, or be president because my husband is president. (Couldn't resist the Clinton dig)

I would also add that many just think it is cool to be against the war. Many are just cowards that have never had to sacrifice or work hard for anything. Ranger Pat Tillman was a professional football player with money. He volunteered for: Active duty, Infantry, Airborne and Ranger Training. How many people do you know would be willing to make the same or similar sacrifice? Most people don't have that much integrity.

I say all that to say this. I don't care if you have the right to free speech and your opinions and all that. When your opinions are based on lies how much of a right do you have to express them?

Tim H.

Margarita said...

Todd --> Yeah, I get that you're referring to me. True, I am very sensetive about ignorance; take for example Annie's large, sweeping generalizations and twisted, "because it happend to me it must be true" logic. However, regarding my own ignorance (I don't claim to know everything!) perhaps you could elaborate on that statement? What am I ignorant about, exactly?

Tim H. --> How am I yelling fire in a crowded theater? What ideas of mine are false?

I believe the War in Iraq has gone to hell. Most of America agrees with me; most want to "cut and run" (as you guys have framed it) but some people want it over and done with (in the most efficient way, maybe with higher troop levels) as fast as possible.

Perhaps this "regurgitation" you speak of is America waking up: what we are starting to realize (and the rest of you have not) is that these assholes in power led us to Iraq on misinformation. Call it incompetence, malice, whatever. It doesn't matter the reason because they've proven that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO FINISH THE JOB. How is that so hard to wrap your head around? Why is there still trust? And why is everyone here still so "rah rah, go WAR!"? You've become bloodlusting lunatics.

I think ya'll have rationalized it so much with the incessant "The evil Islamic terrorists are gonna get us!" mentality that you're losing perspective and rapidly slipping away from reality.

Anonymous said...

So Tim.....What else you got to tell us that the liberals can distort and turn into a hate Bush thing, you little trouble maker you. You're laughin' your rear off aren't you, real man? Hope it makes the time pass more quickly for you. One thing I love about your blogg is the comment section. It makes me know that there are "real Americans", (that will cause trouble right there) men and women, out there in the highways and byways who are using their heads and who have integrity. Although I have heard it said on this very comment page that most Americans disagree totally with Bush and with what is happening in Iraq. I have to say that I can see from what you and Buck and others over there write probably could be done better...if we didn't have to be politically correct in our war strategy and we weren't fighting with one hand tied behind our backs. But coming back to your current blog...if we didn't have so many candy asses walking the streets in other peoples shoes it might be a lot better for you real men fighting for us over there. Too bad they don't walk in some combat boots instead. Thanks for your observations TF. We love you. TFDad. I have purposely misspelled some words in here. See if you can find them. You are a funny man. And thanks Todd. That's all I ever wanted...a man who understands me. You guys are great and I happen to know you have real women standing by your sides. Nice huh. spellcheck

Praguetwin said...


If you are still out there (I've been busy), I wanted to let you know that your slightly off-topic diatrabe didn't irritate me at all. We have agreed to disagree on most things, with respect.

There was just one little thing that did make me curious, however. Your comment about Sharia law being practiced openly in the EU by 2025. Could you be more specific on that?

To what extent, do you think?

Where in the EU, or did you mean throughout?

Are you considering Turkey's possible inclusion by that time?

I think that there is a real problem in the U.K. with disaffected muslim immigrants. To me it is ironic that Tony Blair said what he did considering that his own problem far exceeds the other members. Perhaps that is why he is urging the rest of Europe to go along with him.

As far as EU countries go, the Czech Republic is pretty difficult to immigrate to. They recruit young people from Africa and Asia, but only very good academic prospects. Otherwise, you have to have resources and a lot of patience.

As of now, there is no problem here. I'm not saying that won't change, but this is a very calm place for now. We are a hell of a lot furhter away from people practicing Shiria law openly (and by that I guess you mean without the real law being enforced on those who do "honor killings" and such).

I believe their is a case pending in the EU on a guy who killed his daughter or some such horrible thing. His Shiria law defense isn't looking too tough.

Anyway, good to see you still trolling Boggs'.


europeans do it better said...

the London pub you mention might not have had a single man... But it had at least one idiot. I guess no european pussy for you, hm? I wonder why, you big bad man...

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home safely! I want to thank you and I appreciate your service to our country..
The men in my family have proudly served this country for years. Starting with my father, brother, cousins and now my nephews. All Marines except one lone Army Sgt. (my nephew)! But that's okay I have the uptmost respect for all of you. God Bless you and WELCOME HOME!