Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ask Away

A faithful reader suggested to me in an email the other day that it might be fun to post an interview of myself just like I used to do with other soldiers in my unit (which by the way I failed miserably at continuing). So I am asking that if you would like to see this happen then post your questions in the comment section of this post and I will answer as many as I can and post them in a few days. If not then just stay away from my blog for the next week or so. Any and all questions will be answered...okay well at least considered. Ask away.


Melinda said...

Wow...ANY question? This could take a bit to decide exactly what the most burning question I have is, but I did want to post that I think it's a wonderful idea and I, for one, will happily participate in the question asking. :)

Let me think on it. I'll be back, though!

Antediluvia said...

I want to ask a question, I'll mull over some and post back when I have a good enough one. Kudos to the emailer for the suggestion (and you of course for taking it up) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, oh boy. I think I will have to go to the top of the mountain and contemplate, meditate and maybe hyperventolate before I can ask just one, perfect question. Back with you Boggsy. This is like doing homework which is tough....for a cheerleader. Great idea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Short climber. I got it.
QUESTION: From your observations do the Iraqi people have the ability, desire, and personal integrity to govern themselves totally on their own? No pressure...take your time.

jordan said...

How does your experience in Iraq comport with U.S. media accounts of the situation over there? What are the gaps in information that we're not getting?

How do you gauge the attitude of the Iraqis toward Americans? Are most of them hostile and uncooperative?

What is the mindset of our troops in Iraq? Are they disturbed by the naysaying from some quarters about the war? How do they feel about being there and possibly returning later?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can think of a few. Feel free to rewrite these or throw them out all together. Just some suggestions!

Q: What do you look forward to MOST about getting home?

Q: What will you miss the most about Iraq?

Q: What would you say is the most challenging task you have faced to make a difference since you have been there?

Q: What are your plans after you get back, short term and for the future?

Q: How has the second tour in Iraq changed your life? For better? For more difficult?

Q: Who are some of your heroes? (famous, not famous, historical, not historical, family, military or a colleague?)

Thanks for considering these, Tim. We are so thankful for your sacrifice and your service!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
Here goes:
1.) Did you meet any Iraqis who were Christians and did you have a chance to discuss it with them?

2.) In what ways has this experience made you closer to your family and God?

Good idea for a blog!!

Anonymous said...

As non-military, what is the one or two things that we can do (besides not asking stupid questions!:) for (the collective) you as you return? Handshake and a thank-you? Free meal at a restaurant? etc

Anonymous said...

Who would you like to see become the next President of the United States?

membrain said...

What would you consider your most important accomplishment as a Soldier during both tours of Iraq?

Anonymous said...

First I'd like to say thanks for the wonderful insight. I have been reading your writings here and over on americancitizen soldier's site. You guys are both awesome!

I wonder, assuming in the next few years you settle down with Mrs TF Boggs and in a few more years have little TF Boggers and TF Boggettes, how do you think (when they are old enough) a discussion about the work dad did in freeing and securing Iraq will go? And what do you see Iraq looking like when you have that discussion?

Thanks again for your service and writings.

Anonymous said...

what is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?

rabbitvette said...

What did one snowman say to the other?

JOHN said...


Rakkvet 101 said...

Why did you go into the Reserves or is it National Guard and not on active duty? Is it a fear of commitment? Also, what is your beef with the 101st?

Tim H.

The Ugly American said...

What do you think about the lancet study claiming 650,000 deaths since the war began?

When are we gonna have some beers?

I'm buying!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Sgt. Boggs,

The Lancet study caused a bit of controversy within the Iraqi blogosphere.

Part of it stemming from the study itself and partly from . You can scroll down their site to read their post "Liars Liars" on it if you haven't already.

Iraqi blogger Konfused Kid did a
roundup of opinions that look at the study and ITM's views.

Do you have any thoughts on either the study or this discussion between the Iraqis themselves? I know Ugly American already asked this, but I wanted to take it a little further.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Sorry, that link to the Kid's site didn't work.

Try this

Lynnette in Minnesota said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lynnette in Minnesota said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Actually the title on Iraq the Model's post is not "Liars Liars", it is "Responding to Lancet Lies".

Slip of the memory, I guess.

tanksis said...

Hey Sgt.,

Great idea! Lots of good questions for you to work on already.

As I am sure you read on Buck's blog, his opinion of this war underwent an overhaul once he got settled in Baghdad. While I am appreciative that he keeps it real and honest, it was disconcerting to me to hear just how bad it really is in that part of the country. While Buck has offered many a great idea on how the brass should try to get a handle on this (all are ideas with which I agree), I am wondering...

How do the Iraqis you work with see the situation? Do they speak of the violence afflicting parts of their country?

If so, do they offer any opinions/ideas on how to turn the tide?

Also, Anon 10:25 AM asked what can people do for you all. I want to know what would you say to the Americans who have become indifferent to our returning troops?

I ask only as I have been witness to the lack of appreciation shown as my brother and his Company returned just recently. I must tell all those on planes with returning troops on them, or at the airports where they are returning to, SHAME ON YOU if you don't speak up or give them a sign of thanks. SHAME ON YOU.

Looking forward to your responses to all of our inquiring minds:-)

Margarita said...


I have a question for you as well as your faithful readers:

Will you be voting to "Stay the Course" or "Change the Course" on Nov. 7?

Anonymous said...

Would you please define what you mean by faithful?

Anonymous said...

Hello TF, Thanks for the opportunity to quizz you! Some of my questions may seem rudimentary to those that have known of your existence longer than me, so please bear with;

Q What prompted you to blog?

Q Did you have a role model, a standard set by another blogger that you wanted to meet?

Q Will you continue to blog from home or have you groomed someone still stationed in Iraq to be your eyes and ears while you are stateside?

Q Did you and your fellow soldiers receive your ballots in time to vote and send them back? Do you and your fellow soldiers feel disenfranchised?

Q You now have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world! Where will it be?

Q What do you want your first meal at home to be?

Q What would you say to a young(er) person contemplating signing up for a branch of the military in these times?

Q Would you really do it ALL again?

Thanks so much and God Bless you in your travels.


Anonymous said...

Are we 'winning' the war?

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

When did you first realize you were gay? Is that the reason you joined the Army, to be around all that glistening man meat for 24/7/365?

And, why can't you be as cool as Buck Sargent over on

Just curious,
a Fan

Anonymous said...

Just one Question: What goes through your mind when you see all the children and woman die, shot or raped..? You as a sholdier should have some feeling about it, since it was america that started with this whole mess.

mm pasadena said...


Here's one for you? Maybe to get your mind off other matters.

Can you give me some tips on how to hit the driver?

If you make it out to California..and if your suggestions help...I'd consider it a privilege to invite you to a round of golf.

Enjoy your life in earned it!


Pasadena, California