Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some Kinda Genius

So Buck Sargent from American Citizen Soldier has another great post up today. Today he does something unusual for a milblogger and gives us a little poetry. Here is an excerpt:

Jundis and shurtas, Iraqi patrollers,
Shot down and blown up or pelted with mortars.
Security forces trained from the boots on the ground up,
Uncredited valor amidst body count roundups.

Foreign jihadists and tribal omertas,
Turn on each other, both routed, Inshallah.
Though Arab versus Arab and Muslim on Muslim,
Long driven by the Prophet mo (Peace Be Upon Him).

Shifty attacks from those dressed none more black,
Thy nature of the beast roaming free the Middle East;
Baghdad... Samarra... Fallujah... Ramadi...
Our rank and file hunters on insurgent safari.

Toting carbines and ‘fifties, 240s and SAWs,
Flashbangs and flex cuffs, and Kevlar and gauze;
Strykers and Bradleys, Kiowa gunships and tanks,
MREs, IEDs, Humvees... (no thanks!)

Though the instrument of warfare that 'ever dwarfs any gun,
To win the trust of the people once the battle is won.

For the rest of the post go visit his site, you won't be disappointed. Leave him a comment and wish him luck as he goes back home. Iraq will miss him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim. We read Bucks blog last night. We have often thought it amazing that this man with all his talent to write has spent years defending us and risking his life for us all. The poetry just blew us away. All we could think was that God has given him this wonderful talent to inform the people of the world and mainly the USA and to inspire us to do the right thing. He certainly leaves us with no excuses to claim we don't understand war. He also has a great heart to represent our wonderful Military men with whom he serves. He has served his Country and those he loves well. Thanks Tim. You many not be a poet but you too are a great American and we love your writing as well. You take care and thanks again.

membrain said...

There's nothing I can add to the previous post. I just finished reading it before coming here. Godspeed Sgt. Boggs.

Kat said...

Wow that was AWESOME - thanks!

Susan said...

Thanks for the ref. I'll go. Good to see you post. Been missing it.