Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Post at the Frontline Forum

I have a new story on Michael Yon's Frontline Forum so be sure to check it out. The story is about the town I am stationed in and I hope to have more posts soon on my site talking further about it. I also have an interview in the works with the commanding Iraqi general of the area and it promises to be good. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more to come about the great town of Qayyarah.


Anonymous said...

Will stayed tuned Sgt Boggs. All ears. Please be careful going about doing all this. Please!!!!
The article on Mike's Frontline Forum was great - -interesting and made us think alot. We compared it to our own little town and the struggles we face here. You do a great job. Thanks! But most importantly - stay safe.

Susan said...

Just read your post Sgt. over at the Forum, in a word -THANKS!

Be assured that there are many people reading milblogs (I just linked your blog to mine) and that the truth is getting out.

Be diligent, be safe

tanksis said...

Great story, Sgt.

Keep them coming.

tanksis said...


Way to give it to the Times-the owners and editors of whom should be on the our government's list of "Most wanted Terrorists".

Too bad they possess as much cowardice as the terrorists, meaning they probably won't print your letter.

Still-way to go.

The Ugly American said...

Great job on your letter to the NYT Tim! very much looking forward to your interview with the Iraqi General.

Headed over to Michael Yon's to read your latest.