Sunday, June 25, 2006

Letter to NY Times

I recently wrote a letter to the NY Times in response to their decision to print information concerning a U.S. secret program designed to track financial transactions of suspected terrorists. I'll post the letter in full below. I urge everyone to write to the NY Times and their congressmen and let them know how you feel about the NY Times yet again sharing secret information with America's enemies.

The Times article can be found here.

Mr. Keller,

What ceases to amaze me about your paper is the lengths you are willing to go to make headlines and sell papers. Who cares if those headlines help the enemies of America, you guys are making money and that is what it is all about in the end right?

Your recent decision to publish information about a classified program intended to track the banking transactions of possible terrorists is not only detrimental to America but also to its fighting men and women overseas. I know because I am a sergeant in the army on my second tour to Iraq. As I am sure you don’t know because you aren’t in Iraq, and I am sure never will be, terrorism happens here everyday because there are rich men out there willing to support the everyday terrorist who plants bombs and shoots soldiers just to make a living. Without money terrorism in Iraq would die because there would no longer be supplies for IED’s, no mortars or RPG’s, and no motivation for people to abandon regular work in hopes of striking it rich after killing a soldier.

Throughout your article you mention that “ the banking program is a closely held secret” but the cat is out of the bag now isn’t it. Terrorists the world over can now change their practices because of your article. For some reason I think that last sentence will bring you guys pleasure. You have done something great in your own eyes-you think you have hurt the current administration while at the same time encouraging “freedom fighters” resisting the imperialism of the United States. However, I foresee a backlash coming your way. I wish I had a subscription to your paper so I could cancel it as soon as possible. But alas, that would prove a little tough right now since I am in Iraq dealing with terrorists financed by the very men you are helping.

Thank you for continually contributing to the deaths of my fellow soldiers. You guys definitely provide a valuable service with your paper. Why without you how would terrorists stay one step ahead of us? I would love to hear a response as to why you deemed revealing this program a necessity, but that will probably come as soon as the government decides to finally put you guys behind bars where you belong.

Tim Boggs

Keep pressuring the NY Times and your congressmen, it the only way anything might be done about this situation. Tell your congressmen that what the Times is sharing with the world is hurting American soldiers. Feel free to copy my letter in full and send it to your congressmen as well.


The Ugly American said...

If the Bush admin fails to prosecute the leakers in this case then they are complicit in allowing these leaks to occur imo.

While I am disgusted with the NYT and Bill Keller thats nothing new. I don't think people at the newspaper can or should be prosecuted but the government employees who gave them this story definitly need to go to prison for a very very long time.

David said...

Saw your letter to NYT. Blogfather led me to your site. I wanted to go to the NYT to read some of the other things but they wanted more than my name rank and serial no#. They won't get anything from me but letters to the editor like ours. Keep up the good work.

I hope you'll brighten up your site. It was a little hard to read.

God bless you and your family from a real God blesser.

David Belfort

Anonymous said...

We consider them all traitors to our country, those in government who give out our secrets and those who prints those secrets. TRATTORS ALL. Not a chance in heck though that ANY of them will be prosecuted and justice served. So the responsibility once again falls on the shoulders of the American people. Vote for people who will put an end to this, who will prosecute traitors. And don't buy the new york times and complain to those who advertise there. Put the scumbags out of business or at least make them operate at a loss. We could hope that the rest of the media would condemn them all. But probably we had better not hold our breath on that one. Birds of a feather thing. Great letter Sgt. Boggs. Thank you for taking the time to write and send it. We will do as you suggest. We're doubtful it will get printed in the Times but we may never know because we refuse to read it. Stay safe as possible.

Melinda said...

Good for you for sharing your thoughts with the NYT. I'm wondering how long the shareholders will sit idly by while their stocks continue to plummet and readership falls off to each of the reporter's mothers (& that's only b/c the reporters give them a gift subscription @ Christmas)?
The leakers need to be routed out & prosecuted. I mean if we're going to treat Scooter Libby like he's the anti-Christ over supposedly releasing what was the worst kept secret in D.C., then this certainly deserves a look too.

B....... said...

Nicely put Sergeant Boggs! And I thank you for the sacrifices you are making for our nation. May God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Boggs I have written both the NYTimes & the LATimes as well as the Attorney Generals office. Am listing direct e-m addresses as the one you listed for LAT required sign in and I have no interest in signing in anything on their site. These from Michelle Malkin's web site.

This BS has got to stop.
Keep safe Boggs and THANK YOU for your service.
Andrea in Fresno, CA

Webproze said...

Great letter to the Times. Those slimy traitorous scumbags need to be prosecuted for this sort of thing.

God Bless, and thank you for your service. Keep your head down and come home safe.

CowChain said...

Great letter, I just hope it does some good. The only thing that will do any good I am afraid is to eliminate what feeds these traders...their money. I cancelled my print news over 10 years ago because I did not want to feed the swine. I will not buy any products from those that advertise in liberal media or support liberal anti-american causes. I will not alow any TV stations in my house except Fox News. I feel as long as people support what enables this trash and enables this treason it will continue. If you care about yourself, your family and this great country I beg you all to please bite the bullet and stop funding these fools.

blueskieswoman said...

I am deeply ashamed that our country has allowed these pathetic, greedy, avaricious reporters and their accomplices (read traitors) to continue unabated in their 'war on America'. I would like to suggest that these reporters, the entire staff and owners of the NYT be sent to live in Iraq for at least 5 years. Let them 'enjoy', through first-hand experience, what it is like to live in the real world of terrorism.

Some day these people will finally go too far and the rest of the nation will awaken from the drunken stupor provided by the MSM. When that day comes, and ONLY when that day comes, will we who are actually living in the REAL WORLD, with real lives, with real concerns - be allowed to say "I TOLD YOU SO! WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?"

My prayer is that those who are not listening, not believing, not understanding, not doing anything to stop these acts of treason - my prayer is that it will NOT be too late.

My fear is that it WILL be too late because there are too many who are hiding their head in the sand, imagining some mysterious 'others' will fix this.

Every American needs to stand up and be counted. Every American needs to take responsibility for their own actions and for the actions of those elected to represent them.

For myself and my family, we will continue to support the war on terrorism. We will continue to be thankful for those who put themselves in harms way to protect us. We will continue to believe ('I believe. I believe. I know it's silly but I believe...') that good will conquer evil.

Thank you for carrying the load. I know it is heavy and may seem others don't care. Please understand that more believe in what you are doing than the MSM will ever have the intestinal fortitude to admit. We will continue to support you. We will continue to ask God's blessing and safekeeping for you and yours.

Chris said...

Right on. That's what the Times needs to hear - and it means so much more coming from folks like you, who are actually there.

Thanks for your service to our country. I hope its an encouragement to know that many of us back here are grateful to you for what you're doing, and we know that it matters.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic letter, Sgt.!

Thanks for letting them know how it really is.


Hankmeister said...

Thank God for courageous Americans like you who are serving on the frontiers of freedom and at the same time willing to put the feet of the lamestream media, particularly the New York Times yahoos, to the fire. I personally find it disgusting that the unelected fourth estate is acting like the fourth branch of government in its fifth column efforts against the Bush Administration. It sickens me that traitors like Keller, and other journalist elites, attempt to slime their way out of their own culpability by wrapping themselves in the First Amendment. As far as I'm concern they are doing something far more dangerous than yelling fire in a crowded theater. These people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law - that is if anyone in the Bush Administration can grow some cajones and pursue these seditious journalists and news organizations.

Mary*Ann said...

Bill Bennett referenced your letter this morning on his radio show! Good job. Stay safe.

Tense Teacher said...

I got here by way of Michelle Malkin's Vent.
I was already angry when I heard the story about the Times this morning, but your letter and dailly sacrifice in Iraq have inspired me to write, as well.
God bless you.

Max said...

Remeber, the Times printed the Unabomber's manifesto pretty quickly when he threatened to send a few IEDs (a.k.a. mailbombs) their way.

And the Times refused to print the offensive Muhammed cartoons, even though there was public interest.

Now the Times has made it easier to send a few IEDs somebody else's way, and justifies it because of the public interest.

Kind of tells you something about the Times, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you had the same outrage when Geraldo Rivera exposed troop movements on Fox News. Don't remember seeing the same righteous indignation.

CalFed said...

"Just wondering if you had the same outrage when Geraldo Rivera exposed troop movements on Fox News."

Yeah, and what happened to Geraldo?

He was booted from the Iraqi Theater of Operations, pulled by Fox, and then made a heartfelt apology.

Heard any heartfelt apology from the NYT's?

T. F. Boggs said...

Funny you should mention Geraldo. I was working front gate to the camp the army made him come to in Kuwait after he was kicked out of Iraq and was there when he rolled in. He was treated like a rock star and soaked it all up. Of course none of the soldiers knew at the time why he was there. What a loser.

Former Boston Globe Subscriber said...

Mr Boggs: First, God Bless you for what you are doing in Iraq. You have my unending admiration. Second, I too am disgusted with what the Times did. Just so that you know, the Times owns the Boston Globe, and as I live in Mass., I did the only thing I could think of which was cancel my Globe subscription. When the guy on the phone asked me why, I told him. I truly hope that your boycott idea takes hold. Thanks again for your good work and God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Boggs -- Well said. Linked here off of Powerline, so it appears you are being heard in influential circles. Looking forward to hearing the MSM's justification for this latest secret-divulsion (privacy! privacy! privacy!).

A heartfelt thanks to you for your service in our defense.

Anonymous said...

So who do you think is responsible for more deaths in Iraq; The New York Times or a President that had to lie to send us there in the first place?

Foreigner said...

Just happened to stumble on this site, read your mail to NY Times, and most of the comments.
First, I am not American, and naturally I don't have same feelings towards people fighting for freedom Iraq as you do. You might have family, friends or someone you know out there risking his life for life of his fellow Americans. But try to look at my post objectively and not get angry with what I say.

To my "objective" (=no personal attachments) eye it's astonishing to see how you react on this.
Do you guys not realize that your goverment makes a huge deal about the "defending the freedom, and democracy", while at the same time totally ignores all personal freedom and acts like a totalitarian goverment ? Is this really the freedom you want to live in ? Where goverment can do anything they want and silence anyone who dares to question the decisions made ?
I personally think NY Times was right to publish this, because you American people should have right to know the way your goverment handles things, and how they drive your country totally the opposite way from "freedom". Is the "safe and happy life" where you don't have to worry about enemies really worth loosing your *real freedom* ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sgt. Boggs.

The NYT has alerted the money men who are financing the death of your fellow soldiers to change tactics. And, they will. This will certainly increase the money channeled to terrorists and will give them more weapons and explosives. This means more deaths for Americans and Iraqis.

I would suggest that you and your fellow soldiers to proved no help to NYT reporters.

If possible I would recommend that NYT reporters be expelled from your front line units. Better yet, expel them from Iraq (The NYT also owns the Boston Globe and other news papers - expel all reporters connected with the NYT Company).

Further, if you or any of your fellow soldiers (or family members) has stock in the NYT I would suggest that you sell it - or even short sell it (the stock’s ticker is ‘NYT’ and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange).

The US military is a large place and it very possible that you guys and your families have a stock in the NYT (this would include mutual funds that own the NYT on your behalf).

Since the NYT is financing your demise I would urge you to hasten the financial demise of the NYT.

CalFed said...

Look, foreigner, I’ll give you a break, because, well, you’re a foreigner.

You have apparently come to the mistaken conclusion that because we sometimes say that in America we have “freedom of the Press”, that means the press is right to print anything they please. I don’t know where you are from, but in America, we teach that Americans have “rights”, but that with those “rights” comes “responsibilities”, and that the exercise of your “rights” sometimes comes with “consequences”

No one has suggested that the New York Times didn’t have a “right” to print what it did. The prior restraint of free speech, with some exceptions, is abhorrent in this country. The insistence that free speech be exercised responsibly is not. The irresponsible exercise free speech sometimes results in consequences to the speaker.

The New York Times reported on a legal program, that was effective in helping to run down terrorist that threaten not just the United States, but other countries as well. Countries where foreigners, like you, might live. Now that the Times has reported on the program in a way that renders the program less effective, people are now at risk. Your people are now at risk. And Americans have begun to ask why the Times believed that exposing this legal, effective program was necessary. The Times doesn’t seem to have any good answers.

As for your belief that my country “totally ignores all personal freedom and acts like a totalitarian government”, I can only say, you must get your information about my country from the New York Times, because what you describe is a gross misconception of how my government acts.

George said...

Thank you Sgt. Boggs, for your service to the USA and for your blog about the traitorous NYTImes. They have deliberately exposed you and all other service men in Iraq and around the World to more attacks by the murderous Muslim fundamentalists. They have also exposed all Iraquis as well as all "foreigners", including that twit who criticized you, to the same risks.
I think the best punishment for the Times, and for the traitor(s) who tipped them off, would be to force them to take their families to Ramallah, Baghdad and other hotbeds of terror and stay there, without military protection, until the war is over. That way they can enjoy the fruits of their behavior to the fullest.
I feel sure that none of them have relatives there now, or they would not have performed such a heinous crime, which is what they have done by revealing secret efforts to combat the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Barbara and I want you to know my husband and I support all the troops. We have a nineteen year old grandson that joined the Army and is now going to school in Monterey, CA learning Arabic so that he can also probably go to Iraq when he is finished school. He will also be expoxed to the dangers there and thanks to the New York Times all your lives are at risk. What a sick generation of reporters we have today those that only want to gain by publishing this information. Your service to this country means a lot to us and I want you to know that. We love you and your service to this country so that we may be free. bt and pt

gavin said...

This letter, to me, is completely uninformed and very anti-American. But I suppose that the blogger thinks that al-Qaeada exists and believes other things the government tells him.

That's his choice, but I do hope that he realizes his folly before the totalitarian takeover is complete. It's already chugging along at a steady pace.

I guess I'm curious: what does printing a story about a program - secret or not - have to do with attacks on soldiers? Because in case you haven't noticed, the terrorists are not the ones killing the American soldiers.

Just checking.

CalFed said...

"But I suppose that the blogger thinks that al-Qaeada exists and believes other things the government tells him."

Of course, Gavin knows that there is no Al Qaeda and that 9/11 was a figment of our imagination.

"I'm curious: what does printing a story about a program - secret or not - have to do with attacks on soldiers?"

Since you asked, Gavin, let me 'splain it to you.

The secret program that the NYT's exposed was a program that was yielding success at tracking down Al Qaeda members. These are the people that Bin Laden has urged to go to Iraq and kill US soldiers. If we can't track these terrorists, more of them will go to Iraq and there they will attempt to kill US soldiers.

See how that works, Gavin?

Linda said...

First let me say how proud and thankful I am for the great men and women in our military. America is the best place in the world to live. We have freedom that no one else in the world can come close to. All because of our military!!
The NYT had the right to print what they did.............but they also had the right to not print and help keep our military safe. The only thing that the NYT is able print anymore is anything against President Bush, the war and America is bad and America is wrong.
God Bless and keep you all safe, we pray for you every day. Also there are a lot of us here in America that believe in you.

Kenny said...

Just a few quick comments. Sgt. Boggs, great letter to the NYT and great blog. As a former soldier I know what you guys are going through and it's appreciated!

The early and mid 1940's was not all that long ago. It was a time of pure global turmoil, that nobody was exempt from. Well terrorism is causing that same situation in our times. The US Government during WWII initiated large propoganda campaigns urging US citizens to be mindful of what they say about government affairs. I'm sure all have seen the "Loose lips sink ships" posters. The media completely respected this unwritten rules for protecting American lives and the means by which they are protected. Obviously the MSM and NYT have no more loyalty to the citizens by which it is financially able to exist. I think the government has a responsibility to incur repercussions on those responsible for this leak of information. And as Sgt. Boggs so eloquently stated: the NYT article will cost soldiers lives.

Foreigner said...

CalFed, I do see you point, with "power" (in this case, ability to affect opinions through news) comes responsibility, and I agree on that.
However, what if this this reporter felt that his responsibility was indeed to tell people about these illegal acts your goverment was taking. And yes, I can see certain logic in thinking "but this was done to protect our soldiers and people", but where should the line be drawn ? My point was that is it really freedom anymore when goverment can do anything it decides in "the protection of it's citizens" ? What kind of "free" country are you living in if goverment is not held responsible for it's actions ? That is why the press is by definition "free to question" these decisions in "free societies", and by a recent study America's press is only #56 (!) on the "freedom of the press" index (

I'm not writing here in attempt to get you angry or provoke in any other way, just that this article just triggered me to write here, and maybe someone might start thinking why are things really done the way they are now ? This is not really a medium to try and appeal to the masses, but I just want to say that ordinary people should wake up in the US, and see what is happening all around you.

After all, 8 years ago, before all this war on terror and your current president, US was not hated (ok, maybe there were few countries, but even their focal point of hate was not the US). And it already was #1 country by miliraty and economic streght - what has happened that nearly every other country dislikes and even hates US now ?
My answer ? The decisions and actions of your goverment, who you have voted in charge.