Sunday, March 19, 2006

Who's Fighting For You: 2

Here is the second interview in the Who’s fighting for you series. The interview is with 20 –year-old Specialist Jodrey. I hope you find him as good as a guy as I do. He is a genuine and caring soldier and I think everyone will be able to tell from the interview.

Q: What is your name?
A: Spc. Jodrey

Q: When and why did you join the military?
A: Well my Grandfather served 32 years in the military. He served in Vietnam twice and always talked with pride about it so I guess it was on the whim kind of a thing. I talked to a recruiter one day and was joining the next.

Q: What is your job in the military?
A: I’m a truck driver, an 88M. I drive a truck and deliver fuel.

Q: What do you do at home?
A: At home I did construction. Within the last year I have been on active duty quite a bit, since November of 04 I have been on active duty on and off. I have been home every four months so it has been hard for me to keep the same job. Right before I left I got hired at the Sheriff’s department so I will fall back on that when I get home.

Q: Do you have family back home?
A: I have a wife and a little girl who was born September 1st 2005. I was on active duty when it happened but I was able to go home for three days and see my wife give birth.

Q: What did you think about Iraq before you were deployed?
A: Well I thought it was going to be a lot worse then what it actually is. I thought it was going to be a big war zone but now I see that it is a cross between a peacekeeping mission and a war zone I guess.

Q: So you don’t think it is that big of a deal now that you are here?
A: Yeah its not that big of a deal, I guess you get comfortable with your surroundings and get used to everything.

Q: What do you like most about being in Iraq?
A: Well I enjoy having a part in history I guess, a part in establishing the future of this country. It makes me feel prideful about what I am doing.

Q: What do you like least about being here?
A: The separation from my wife and little girl.

Q: What do you think history will say about what we did here?
A: Well I believe it will say that we had a good part in, I guess, in establishing a good government. I think that the country does have hope and I think history will say good things about what we are doing. Right now a lot of people may not agree with what we are doing but the same thing happened in Vietnam.

Q: Do you think that being deployed will change you in any way?
A: I think it has made me realize how important my marriage is to me and how important family in general is. I appreciate life a lot more, not just my own but other people’s lives also. Whether I like a person or not I do appreciate their life and tend to respect people more in general.

Q: How would being deployed again make you feel?
A: Well I think it is my job but I think it depends on my mission. I think if I came back I would want to come back doing something else. Maybe as civil affairs so I could get around the people more. I would want to have more interaction with the people and with what is going on as opposed to military operations like running fuel. So I could do it if my job changed but I don’t think I would like running fuel again.

Q: Who is your role model?
A: My grandfather is my role model. Like I said he served 32 years in the military and did 25 years in the sheriffs department. He is a hard worker, provided for his family always so I guess if I had a role model it would be him.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time here?
A: In my free time I like to talk to my wife. I like to write about things that are happening here. I like to read Boggs’ weblog (shameless plug) to see what people have to say and I guess I am happy to hear that people actually care about what is going on over here.

Q: Have you hear a lot of support from people back home?
A: I have heard a lot of support. A lot of support about what we are doing, people saying that they are proud of us and a lot of prayers are coming out to us.

Q: How does that make you feel?
A: It makes me feel good that people actually care. We should be a lot more appreciative of people in past wars because they weren’t that lucky to have the support of people back home. I think the United States has learned from that and you know I think we are growing.

Q: What do you think people should do for soldiers when they come home?
A: Give them a nice welcome home and say thanks for their service. Just show that they care because soldiers are making a big sacrifice for them whether it is being away from their families or just putting their life on hold to serve their country. I mean people got degrees back home that they are trying to get and trying to advance their future back home and they gotta put their life on hold for the betterment of the world.

Q: A lot of people back home consider us heroes, do you consider yourself a hero?
A: I don’t think I am a hero, I just think I am doing what any other joe would do. I’ve joined the army, I am serving my country and I am proud to. I didn’t go active duty because I didn’t need a job and I didn’t want it as a job, I am doing it for duty, honor, and service.

Q: Do you think that people should listen to celebrities like George Clooney, Sean Penn, and Susan Surandon? Do you think that they should have the influence that they do?
A: No I don’t. I think they are using their public influence in the wrong way. I think they should educate themselves a little bit better before they start talking.

Thanks for the interview I am glad you that you care enough to get the word out.

Well I hope you enjoyed the interview with Spc. Jodrey. Like I said before he is a great guy and a good soldier to serve along side with. It is regular guys like him who make our country great.


Anonymous said...

It takes guys like Spc. Jodrey to make the sacrifices for our freedom-- we take for granted in our everyday lives. Thank you Spc. Jodrey

Gypsy said...

thanks t.f. for another great interview with one of your Soldiers! Please pass along my thanks to Spc. Jodrey and his family. All that you sacrifice is appreciated and honored.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Spc. Jodrey and your family too and your grandfather. Great Photo. That ammunition looks like it weights more than Spc. Jodrey does! And it looks like all that rain you got made some green grass to grow. We really do enjoy your interviews with the men and pictures. You are right - -from the MSM it sounds like it is all out war all over Iraq all the time. But we know that all out war is possible in any area of Iraq at any time so please stay safe and know you are very much appreciated. Glad Spc. Jodrey got to see his baby come into the world. Neat. And we are sure he will make a great policeman when he gets home!

The Ugly American said...

Thank you for another great interview Sgt. Boggs!

Please tell Spc. Jodrey thank you for his service from my wife and I.

AFSister said...

I love these interviews! I hope you do more.
Great answers, Spc. Jodrey! I'm so happy you got to be home when your daughter was born. Events like that only happen once- especially when it's your first child. A lot of guys don't get that chance(including my Dad, who was in Vietnam when I was born)- I'm thrilled that you did!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say "You guys are my heroes". My dad served two tours over in that area and i want you to know that you are supported!!! Every soldiers should be welcomed home and told how much we appreciate what they are doing and the sacrifice they have made.

Antediluvia said...

Another great interview, t.f.! I think what you're doing is really neat and you should keep it up. Spc. Jodrey, keep up your good work. Even if you don't see yourself as a hero, you are to the rest of us. Thanks to both of you.

JohnD said...

Thanks for letting the average "Joe" speak their minds. It's always great to hear normal people talk about the things that they are thinking,feeling and believe in.
Spc. Jodrey,
Thank you for doing what you are doing. Know that we are behind all you guys. Thank your grandfather for the sacrifices he made too!

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Another good interview, Boggs - a great idea, too. My thanks to both you and Spc. Jodrey for your service and your words. Both are greatly appreciated. Keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

Praguetwin said...

Hi Boggs,

Just wanted to congratulate you for getting linked by Hugh.

Keep up the good work.


tanksis said...

Another awesome blog, Sgt!

Since Spc. Jodrey says he reads your blog in his free time--THANK-YOU, Spc. Jodrey, and Grandfather, for your service and sacrifice. Spc. Jodrey, your daughter can grow up holding her head high as the daughter(and great-grandaughter)of a soldier, whether or not you served in a combat zone, but especially because you have.

You all say that you are not heroes, just as all heroes say when asked. I admit, it would take a person with an ego to actually label him or herself a hero. There are all kinds of heroes in this world. But in my book, you are heroes for the follwing reasons:

1) You rise to the occasion while others stand idly by.

2) You have the courage and intestinal fortitude not only to face potential physical harm, but to stand for something despite what the naysayers would have you believe is a world against you and what you are doing.

3) You all believe in, and have taken action to show, that there is nobility in serving the greater good. In other words, you all believe in something bigger than yourselves.

4) You volunteer to leave all you know and love, your families and friends and all the comforts and safety of home, to challenge an evil as insidious as cancer. Whether it's through combat, or winning hearts and minds. Were it not for all of you, this threat to all mankind would go unanswered.

I really could probably list at least a hundred more reasons. But I think you get my drift. You will never call yourselves heroes, but here's hoping that somewhere in your heart, you know that a lot of people think of you as just that--HEROES.

Thanks for all you do from a sincerely grateful fellow American.

Neurotic Mom said...

I think you are all heros even if you don't think you are. It isn't the government that keeps our freedom it's the soldiers. May God Bless each of you.

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks for the comments guys, I know Spc. Jodrey apprecitates them. I will continue to interview soldiers in my unit so keep watching for them. The interest in the interviews has been great so I will continue to give the people what they want.

Anonymous said...

Spc. Jodrey here,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has posted. The support and words given through this site allow me to be proud of the people we represent, as also I'm sure other soldiers are too. Boggs has got a great site going here. Who knows give him time and Sgt. Boggs may be the next dear abby. :) Thats assuming he soon gives advice on here. No offense boggs.

On a more serious note I'd like to give my thanks to all, and have enjoyed your posts and support. I will relay the messages to my family and my grandfather also, I'm quite sure the old school Vet will be quite proud.

Thanks Spc. James L. Jodrey II

yankeemom said...

I see I arrived a little late to the party!
Thanks, TF for doing these interviews!
Spc. Jodrey, thank you for letting complete strangers get to know you. Our country is as great as it is today because of people such as yourself and your grandfather. Thank you for stepping up ~ it is much appreciated!

Huntress said...

Another great interview...its nice to get to know these soldiers in a more personal adds a whole other dimension in our understanding of the humanity of our military as a collective whole.

Thank You Spec Jodrey for your service and your sacrifice...and thank you to your family at home, who also sacrifice so much in service to their country!

Boggs - you know you've made it in the blogsphere when Hugh Hewitt links you....Bravo Zulu!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog you have got here. I just wanted to say thank you for your service and sacrifices. Where would we be without the men/women such as yourselves? Thank you Spc. Jodrey.

Paul said...

Seems like in just a few times reading your blog I've learned more about real people like you guys than I have in 3 years of watching the stupid news here (sort of like hitting yourself in the head and wondering why you have a headache).

God bless you guys, keep up the good work, stay safe, and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Watched CNN to see Mike Yon and Hugh Hewitt tonight otherwise wouldn't have watched CNN. They pulled the plug on Yon. They may pull as many plugs as they can but they can't keep all of you soldiers over there quiet. Keep up the great work Boggs because we are all hungry for the truth here at home and are not accepting the MSM anymore!!!! Your interviews help a lot and we thank each of the men you are fighting with over there. Thanks Spc. Jodrey.

Anonymous said...

Loved the interview and it was great to see and hear that you are doing well. Seen your wife and baby at Christmass and they are great, as you already know. We are all very proud of you and you are in our daily prayers. Your Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

TF, thanks for giving us a glimpse into the human side of our military. Spc Jodrey, thanks for your sacrifice and service. You guys are awesome. Take care of each other and come home safe. God Bless you and God Bless America.

Theresa, MSgt (ret, USAF

Dodi said...

James, We are all so very proud of you! You are certainly one of the most loved & respected residents of Ashley! It is young men and women like you that allow the rest of us to enjoy all the freedoms that are bestowed upon us! Stay safe! Come home soon!