Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Interview at The Real Ugly American

I did an interview at yesterday so everyone be sure to check it out. The Ugly American has a great site going and has done some good interviews lately. Be sure to check out his site. Speaking of interviews the next installment of the "Who's Fighting For You" series will be coming any day now so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Great interview you gave. You said hadn't heard of Soldiers Angels, Check out Packages from home.
They are doing great supporting the troops.

God bless you and all your fellow soldiers protecting the United States.


Anonymous said...

We read the interview and it was great! Can't wait for your next blog! Take care of yourself Sgt. Boggs.

Gypsy said...

Great interview t.f.! I'm really happy to see your blog getting some wide exposure!

strykeraunt said...

Great interview. I thought you may be interested in some updates about Um Qasr. A lady who is with the Corp of Engineers posted a story about their progress in December.

John said...

Great Interview Sergeant Boggs! You have a wonderful site and you are doing great job over there! Thank you for all your hard work you are doing. God Bless you and all the soldiers protecting our great country!

I'm going to be linking your blog off of mine. I'm impressed with all your great articles. Keep it up!

God Bless,

southerngirlpls said...

Hey! Finally got a chance to stop over and check out your blog! Good job! I got a neat hint for you for the coin I sent of my other adopted soldiers said he drilled a hole in it and put it on his dog tags, that way he would never loose it! Take care!

tanksis said...

Loved the interview, Sgt. I like getting the facts, good and bad, from someone living the truth.

I shall not forget to pass by your blog again!

Keep up the great writing and I hope you and those serving along side you know how much you are appreciated.

Neurotic Mom said...

Great posts, i'd rather read blogs from soldiers than watch the news.

Anonymous said...

Thanks neurotic mom for what you said about Sgt Boggs on your blog. Hope you don't mind but we clicked your photo, read you, and listened to the great song you put up for Boggs and the boys. They are great, aren't they! Stay safe Boggs and Company!
Fellow military blog readers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
I have a question. Do you , or any of the other guys, go outside of the base in your free time? Say to the marketplace? Just wondering.

The Ugly American said...

I just wanted to say thank you to Sgt. Boggs for the interview and for writing here at his blog.

As civilians my wife and I are hungery for news from the troops. How they are doing? How is their morale?

Just basic human stuff so we can know that they are well.

Learning about their backgrounds,hobbies,families and people that care about them back here at home connects us to them. It lets each of us know, that could be our son or daughter, our brother our sister, our dad or mom.

I think most civilians feel this way.

As for the other questions I asked,like "Have you seen any progress in the reconstruction or the Iraqi security forces?"

is due to a basic mistrust of the MSM. Many of us feel we are not getting the real story or the whole story from the news. Who better to ask than the people fighting this war who see it first hand?

Thank you again Sgt. Boggs for your service, for the interview, for your fantastic blog.

God bless and Godspeed to you.

Neurotic Mom said...

I've been changing the songs, just depends my moods lol, i did have one by lonestar for the soldiers.
Feel free to stop by my blog anytime, its pretty boring, just my life with the kids mainly.