Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not quite retired...

In response to the shocking news that the Pentagon has banned milblogs I wrote a response for my buddy Rick at which was subsequently linked by Hugh Hewitt. However, the blogfather, in his link to this site, called me "Retired Milblogger T.F. Boggs". Now I know it has been super sparse lately but trust me when I say that I am all but retired. The new site is just waiting to be coded and loaded (I've said that before) before it is up and running. If you're new to the site welcome and hang in there, the new site is coming and it won't dissapoint.


Gary Rivest said...

Good day Tim,

Where is this blogfather? Lemee at em, lemee at em!

On this National Day of Prayer, I ask God to protect and defend the United States of America! I ask for special blessings and victory to our Armed Forces around the globe.

We're hangin' with you Tim! It is funny what gets your ire up though.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Tim....this is bigger than people, at first read, are grasping. This is Government control of information to the citizens of our country. What do communists do when they take over a country? They cut off all flow of truth to the people and replace it with propaganda. We have been getting propaganda for years but thank God we have also had the truth on this war from boots on the ground. No more....those who big deal...the military can still blog. I say how much stock can you put in censored material. It loses it potency and it is no longer giving us the good the bad and the ugly. This will definitely have an effect on the outcome of this ignorant public does not know how to fight the enemy. As we told you, Tim, we are fighting the enemies within this country and trying to open civilian eyes while our great Military men are fighting in foreign lands. You guys are the greatest and we were up all night researching and contacting every person we know about this. May your other readers be doing the same. This is VITAL in the war on terrorism. And what has happened to Buck Sargent?
Annie & Neatie

T. F. Boggs said...

Buck is MIA. I don't know what is up with him. If you happen to find him tell him to give me a holler.

As far as the Pentagon goes, as I wrote in my post at, nothing they do surprises me. They have no clue how to win this war and it is evidenced more and more every day. The way to fight propagada is with the truth, but now that seems to be a bit harder. Let's hope someone in the Pentagon pulls their head out of their fourth point of contact before it is too late.

gypsy said...

Your words to God's (or Casey's) ears... While I can understand the concerns over OPSEC, the Milblog community (and other bloggers) have given the MSM a run for their money. No longer did we have to take their reports as 100% gospel truth. Maybe I need to don my tinfoil hat...but what additional kind of pressure have they put on the government to shut down everyone?