Friday, November 03, 2006

A Last Few Thoughts

Since I am only a few days away from leaving Iraq I haven't had much time to access the internet let alone follow the news. When I finally made it to a computer I found out that a lot has been going on in the last few days that concerns me to an extent. In light of those events I'll add my two cents although most of what I am going to say people will probably already be able to guess.

First, John Kerry has been and continues to remain an idiot. There isn't really much left to say on the subject that hasn't already been said. He constantly puts his foot in his mouth and is an embarrassment to America. Whether or not he intended his comment to insult those serving in the military is not the question, because even if he didn't, the end result is that he did. Kerry often touts the fact that he served in the military in Vietnam and thinks that it gives him a pass to continually talk as if he is a lifelong member of the "I-can-make-fun-of-the-military-because-I-am-a-member-of-the-club" or something. In my eyes Kerry revoked his "cool pass" with the military long ago and is no longer immune to criticism when he makes jokes about those who serve. Are there stupid people in the military? Yes. Are there smart people in the military? Yes. But there are also stupid people in college. I would much rather be around truck drivers and welders in the military for the rest of my life instead of having to dwell among the people at universities and the ketchup-heir-wooers of the world in all of their infinite wisdom. What John Kerry doesn't understand is that the people in the military are genuine people unlike the leaders of the democratic party he hangs out with. John Kerry is so far removed from reality that his jokes don't even make sense. He is nothing but an embarassment and the fact that he even draws so much attention when he does something stupid amazes me.

Moving on, elections are coming up in a few days and I have a plea for all voters: Do not let the events in Iraq in the next few days affect the way you vote. Our enemy is a calculating foe and has timed some major attacks right before elections back home in order to scare people away from voting pro-victory. We need leaders to continue to fight terrorism wherever it may be found and right now that place is Iraq. Our enemy knows Americans are a weak-kneed people and is counting on more bloodshed to scare them into voting for the cut and run party. Don't do it though. We need the right people in power to see that we continue to fight so that we can win and show the world we aren't scared to follow through with what we know is right. Enough said, I'll leave the details for you to find out on your own.

I'll share an analogous story with you. The other night I was on the road and our convoy happened upon a donkey in the middle of the road and he wasn't going to move for anything. We drove right at him going 50 miles an hour and he didn't flinch. This donkey was impeding our ability to make progress so we swerved to avoid from hitting him. He stayed in the middle of the road for the entirety of the convoy and never moved. Being experienced soldiers we knew that we needed to press on and continue the mission despite the efforts of the donkey to stop us dead in our tracks. We eventually made it back to base safely and laughed about the whole incident.

Take what you want from the story but all I ask is that you don't let the donkey impede our progress any longer.

That is all I have for now but stick around as I have several posts planned in the near future. I know most soldier/bloggers do not continue to blog upon arriving home but I plan on doing so, so continue to check out my blog. Also stick around to see if I can will myself to make a video blog that I have been thinking about making these past few days.


Bag Blog said...

Great donkey analogy! It reminds me of my 75 year old mother who has been a yellow-dog Democrat all her life. The other day she said, "You know, I am not too happy with the Democrats these days. I think they are just a bunch of asses." And I laughed my a$$ off.

Bag Blog said...

PS, Tim, Have a safe trip home. If you come through OK, look me up. I do have a rather pretty daughter - of course, we are Okies and she can shoot a gun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim.....can't you see it genuinely upset Kerry to make that blunder? I saw him...he's been walking around all week with a long face! Rush said Kerry was finally done in by a swift boat vet. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Tim...I can vouch for bag blog and her beautiful daughter...they are both quick on the draw....and real people like you mentioned in your blog. And as recall she is just your age Boggsy...something you seem to have a hang up on. Looks like you need to take all these great offers up and take a tour of America when you get back. Hey, what a great idea, if I do say so myself! and you could blog your way from coast to coast and tell us about the war here at home as you see on the ground. You could chop wood for room and board along the way. Nah, I bet the room and board would be free since we all appreciate what you have done for us so much. The roving reporter, Tim Boggs, with a soldier's view of the America he returned to.... or somethin'. Might even throw in a little campaignin' just for practice. Good blog, good analogy! And thanks for the encouragement to go vote for victory and against the defeatists, blame America crowd first. Take care of yourself and a safe trip home, Sgt. Boggs. Hope you catch a better flight out than the one you got to London!!
Annie & Neatie

Anonymous said...

The tour idea sounds great to me too, Tim! Thanks Annie and Neatie!

As usual, lots of great thoughts from you.

I wondered how you would feel about John Kerry's remark. In his column today, Thomas Sowell said, "military service does not confer lifetime immunity from criticism for what you do afterwards." Well said! No matter what his intentions were, it was an inappropriate remark, which needed to be quickly acknowledged and recanted. It wasn't, which is why it became such a huge issue.

Part of my concern about the election regards the choices Nancy Pelosi would make in House leadership positions should the Democrats win the majority on Tuesday. Choices reported in such publications as the NY Times and Washington Post raise a lot of questions about her judgment in the best case scenario. Among them: to put a former judge who was impeached and removed from the federal bench in 1989 by a Democratic-controlled Senate--on charges of corruption and perjury--as head of the intelligence committee? Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said in her column on Wednesday that she felt he would be an inappropriate choice--and she covered his impeachment and Senate trial.

Enough said. This is your blog, Tim! We all appreciate your service and your thoughts. Thanks for continuing to post.

We're continuing to count down the days with you!


Anonymous said...

Don't let the DONKEY impede our progress any longer :>) Brilliant!

Thank you Tim, for your service and your sacrifices... both times!

Be well dear friend....and definately make that video blog - you're a heartbreaker when you may you always keep smilin!

Safe Travel Home!

tfdad said...

How sincere was Kerry's apology?

If you'll go to his website right now (11-03-06, 8:32 EST),, you'll see plastered on the top an editorial from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer entitled "Kerry's Remarks: Right Either Way" that tries to resurrect the debunked myth that the military is, indeed, less educated (intelligent?) than the populace.

Someone take that boy's shovel away before he digs a hole all the way to China!

tfdad said...

I guess to be Kosher I'm supposed to give a hat tip to the source for the above gem-

I saw it on Betsy's Page.

Cop the Truth said...

I completely agree about Kerry. Safe trip home, brother!

strykeraunt said...

The donkey anology was fantastic!! I must admit that I do get a little weak kneed these days and have to really suck it up during these times in order to continue to stand tall. However, when I read blogs such as yours it gives me the strength to stay with my convictions.

I agree with Annie & Neatie...a blog across America would be awesome!!

Take care and stay are almost there. And, Thank you for everyone thing you have done to make this world a better place.

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow motor transport operator stationed where you are at Boggs, unfortunately never had the pleasure of running into you. We have very different opinions on this war, but I appreciate your honesty and you're obviously an interesting enough writer that I've come back to read over and over.

Unlike you, I don't feel that we are accomplishing much (if anything) here. There are other countries (Iran/Korea)with WMD's and a particularly awful genocide going on in Sudan, but for some reason we picked Iraq, even though the majority of the 9.11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia!! To me I haven't been able to make sense of it, and trust me, I have tried!!

Anyway Boggs, I have held my tongue through the past six months or so, so I think I was free to give you a paragraph in rebuttal. I also want to wish you a safe trip home. I enjoyed working alongside of you guys on a couple missions and will miss the experience you have and bring out on the road. Oh, and don't come back.. you're only young once. Go meet Mrs. Boggs and live happily ever after..

Anonymous said...

Boggs -
There is no question in my mind that every foot-print you left in the sands of Iraq had a positive effect on the Iraqi's you came in contact with and on the outcome of the plans and goals our administration has set forth.
It's time to bring those boots home and make some tracks here.
I look forward to hearing of your transition back into the good ol USofA (WARNING!! WARNING!! - it's gonna make your head swim - take two aspirin and suck it up!!) and wish you the very best in the future.

THANK YOU for your service to our country!
Safe trip - and WELCOME HOME!

To TFBoggs Dad and Mom - THANK YOU for your service to our country!

Andrea in California

tfaunt said...

Do you want us to send you a pumkin cheesecake, or a cajun fried turkey to commemorate your return? Or just Community coffee? We will be there at the concourse in spirit, but physically south of the Mason-Dixon line.
LUV the donkey analogy! Agree totally about John Kerry. "Arrogance is not befitting a fool" [Mordecai to Haman in the Veggie Tales Esther].

gypsy said...

Kerry has really once again stepped in it, and even some of the other left wing moonbats are distancing themselves from him. How he continues to get reelected by the people of MA baffles me. His elitist, ignorant self disgusts me.

Of course, I hope you saw the sign made by the NG unit from MN. If not email me and I'll send it to's priceless!

t.f. stay safe as you prepare to redeploy and know you remain in my prayers to come home safe and sound. I'm sure you'll want to take some time off...but hope you'll at least give us a quick post that let us know you are HOME!

PS...LOVED the donkey analogy...I think it's a sign. :)

SK said...

Thank you for all you have done. Safe travels....

Anonymous said...


I can't give you any better tribute than this sentence that was in Mark Steyn's column today--which sums up the importance and significance of your service (and the lack of understanding of how significant it is) in just a few words:

"The left still doesn't understand that it's the soldier who guarantees every other profession -- the defeatist New York Times journalist, the anti-American college professor, the insurgent-video-of-the-day host at CNN, the hollow preening blowhard senator."

Thank you for guaranteeing not only professions, and not only for those listed above, but lives and liberty for all of us.

Well done, soldier. We salute all of you. Be safe and come home.


Anonymous said...

Clare covered it all. She is good! I have one more thing to say and it is this....all Iraqis should be grateful to you this day. They can enjoy justice being done today with the Saddam verdict in a court and not by mob rule. Perhaps the liberals in this country can learn something by this. Finally, the blame for murder and mayhem has been placed on the real culprit, Saddam, and not on America first. Would be interesting to get a snapshot of the reaction of the Iraqis that you have contact with instead news with a political twist like we get on the MSM. If none of them thank you for this it will tell me much about the character of Iraqi citizens. If the MSM and politicians don't thank you it will tell me of their character as well. Good thing to know before voting this week. You guys are the best of American youth....and in the case of Buck Sargent....American older fellows. We love you all. And Iraq owes you much!!!!
Annie & Neatie

Leta said...


I've continued to read your blogs and wish you a safe journey back to your family. Your service, dedication, commitment and integrity are what keeps so many of us motivated and makes us grateful for everything we have.

It's certainly been a, oh - I don't even know what word to use - week with all of the disgusting campaign commercials, New York Times up to their dirty work and Kerry and his mouth. But, I'm not letting ANYONE'S donkey impede my way! How can I when the future of my nation and our children is on the line? How can I when men like you CHOOSE to join the military knowing you will, most likely, be put in harms way to fight for what is right?

I won't continue and write a book. You know how I feel. NEVER will words or actions thank you enough for WHO you are and WHAT you are doing.

Take some time off but I'll be checking for those post when you get home. And, if I ever plan to travel to your "neck of the woods" the beer is CERTAINLY on me!

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

I'm certainly going to do my part to keep the donkey out of the way. Sure hope everyone else does, too!

Safe travels, Tim - and thank you again - for the hard work in Iraq and for the blogs. Both are appreciated more than you can know. Thanks also to your family for raising a fine man!

Melinda said...

So many good comments, Tim. I can't add much more than an additional thank you, a wish for a safe trip home & an open-ended offer for a beer of your choosing (or three) should your path ever bring you through this section of the Buckeye State.

Have so enjoyed reading you!

And, thank you to your family for raising a fine son and for allowing him to be the man they raised. Your family's service is much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

"Weak kneed Americans" are some of the saddest words I think I have ever heard. It always amazing me how when the world has a disaster or a problem, we are the ones that they turn too. We are to blame if we don't send enough money or supplies to suit someones taste and damned if we don't. The thought that the terrorist will watch our elections and will be able to know if they have a fighting chance to win, based on the outcome is disheartening. I will be voting and not letting anyone or anything stand in my way. I may be alot of things, but weak kneed isn't one of them. I would like the world to know that there is a silent majority in this country that may be slow to waken, but waken they will.
You have a tendancy to get the blood boiling now and again T.F. from some item in your blogs. Thanks, I needed that!
God Bless and God Speed


Christy said...

Another blogger shared you and being a military wife who's dh just returned from Iraq 2 weeks ago (tonight!) I had to come and read, since it seemed obvious I was going to agree with you at least on a politic stance! :) Enjoying what I'm reading so far!

God Bless and praying that the last bit of your deployment, you're kept safe.

Louie said...

Kerry has foot-in-mouth disease. Established fact from various examples set by him.

I was also sent a link to your blog by a friend thinking I might like it...yep, she was right.

Glad to know you're soon to return to American Soil. It's a comfort to know there are braver souls out there than myself who are willing to protect my ability to live in this great country. Thank you! My meager attempts as screaming on my blog can only do so much. LOL

Unfortunately that donkey called his friends and seems to be impeding the progress just a liiiiittle bit. Oh well, there's always 2008.

Thank you and all the soldiers for your service.

Kila said...

Have a safe trip home! Welcome Back and Thank You for everything. I'll keep following your blog.

Susan said...

The donkey story is great! I'm sticking around, and glad to know that you are, too. I hope your trip home is uneventful, even though it's *loooooong*, and I know your family will be so happy to have you back.

I'm hoping that the election results don't demoralize soldiers, or encourage the terrorists. I think there were a lot of other issues that made voters go the way they did. Races most everywhere were really close.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Boggs is on his way out of harms way but let's never forget for one minute all of the rest of our great guys who are still fighting every Buck and his crew and our civilians who are there as well. We can never give matter how many or how few understand the graveness of this war. Let's hope and pray for some military people who can whip these bastards with or without good political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on the recent events. Always enjoy reading your blog :)Good luck on your return home!

tfmom said...

Hi All,

Tim and his unit made it back to the states last night, Friday the 10th. He'll be home in a few days after some out-processing and debriefing. Thanks for all your support!

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice to know that the biggest danger you are in now is from eating too much of all the good food that your family is going to force feed you. Don't HAPPY yourself to death. Look out pretty young girls....Timmy is back in town!
Much happiness for you congratulations to Mom and Dad Boggs for doing a great job of making it through the whole year.
Annie & Neatie
PS: What is your next gig?

Anonymous said...

Been a silent reader for months. Glad to hear you made it home safe! Enjoy some great time off, and THANKS. We need more well-versed opinions from the people who have actually been there.

gypsy said...

Thanks tfmom! Glad I checked in to see if there were any updates.

Welcome Home Tim, to you and your unit!! Thank you for all you did over there.

My thoughts and prayers with all who remain there, and my thanks.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Welcome home, Tim! Enjoy!

strykeraunt said...


Thanks for the update!! From experience, I know you are a very happy lady right now.

tanksis said...

Great news, "our" boy is home!!!!

Looking forward to all future blogs. Thanks to Sgt. Boggs and his unit for all the sacrifices, as well as their families.

We are a blessed nation for many reasons, not the least of which is that we have a fighting force made up of (mostly) people like the Sgt. Boggs.

Glad you all are home safe. Thinking of all still in harm's way, and a happy belated Veteran's Day to all.


Congrats on making it through another tour, Boggsy. It's been quite a year, huh? Don't worry, I'll be right on your heels.

-Dreaming of a White Christmas

Anonymous said...

Great to see a comment from Buck on this day that Tim safely arrives home. We're all still thinking of you Buck. Be sweating it out with you.
Tim & Buck fans,

Rakkvet 101 said...

Hang in there Buck!

Keep your head on a swivel!


Anonymous said...

Heh Tim, hope this finds you at home enjoying turkey with your family. Look me up if you ever get to KS, Love and Prayers, Lillie

T. F. Boggs said...

Hey everyone, I am enjoying the US and I have a new blog to come soon. I have been pretty busy seeing everyone and settling in so it has taken me awhile to write something up but it is coming. Sorry for the wait. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

We'll be watching TF Boggs, civilian. Glad you are getting settled in. :)
Readers of Boggs

membrain said...


gypsy said...

Good to hear from you t.f.! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Boggs family!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all of the readers here.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Gypsy and to all who are indeed thankful today...despite circumstances or because of circumstances! We are thankful to get to know the commenters on Military blogs, our friends that we will probably never meet face to face. We are truly grateful for you all.

Anonymous said...

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