Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Random Thoughts

I couldn’t figure out a topic for a new post and I had quite a few ideas floating around in my head so I decided to write about them all inadequately.

Inquiring Minds want to Know

So what is the problem here in Iraq and how should we fix it? Good question, ask God.

This Doesn’t Look Like You

I went to chow the other day and when I showed my ID to get in I had to take it out of my wallet so the soldier at the door could physically inspect it further. Now despite the fact that I was properly wearing an army uniform with a M-16 strapped on my back, and the fact that I am a white male in my mid twenties, I had my ID rubbed by the fingers of another soldier to make sure I was who I was claiming to be. In my opinion the terrorists have already won and should be sought out and killed solely for me having to have my ID rubbed by the dirty thumbs of a door guard to the chow hall.

I noticed the same thing when I was at London Heathrow airport while on leave. I saw an 80-year-old woman in a wheel chair and a 4-year-old boy being physically searched while Arab men weren’t selected to undergo an intensive search. I think they used their frequent flyer terrorist cards that day. “Fly with Terror Airways: Where your 13th flight is search free so pack accordingly. Non-Arabs are too scared to profile you and we won’t either. Terror Airways: We fly to die.”

The End of the World set in Mosul

Mosul looks like a scene out of Terminator 2 after the robots have taken over, either that or something akin to a small Mexican ghost town. I only drive through during the night so I don’t see the hustle and bustle of the day but if I imagine having people in the streets doesn’t spruce up the town too much. At least they could do is pick up the rubble and fix the gaping, truck-swallowing holes in the roads. Really is that too much to ask, heck I bet if you asked we would even provide you with the equipment and pay you to do it yourselves.

Rock and Roll Iraq!

We had a heavy metal concert here the other night and I could hear the “singer” screaming a half-mile away, great way to win over the hearts and minds of the Iraqis guys. I remember on my first deployment when the MI guys would play heavy metal to “torture” the bad guys at our prison. Nothing like treating our Allies to something they hate that they can’t escape from. But then again the same argument could be made for the crappy quality of bootleg movies we have to endure here.

I seem to remember the theme song from Barney and Sesame Street were also favorites of the prisoners when they went on their 24-hour music binges.

Abu Gharibites and Their Cries For Help

So the prisoners at Abu Gharib want us back huh? What’s this about the Iraqi guards beating them and not feeding them? I seem to remember a story about a boy who cried wolf one too many times and no one in turn wanted to listen to him when he was crying for real. Let the prisoners wallow in their misery. Is it wrong for human beings to suffer? Yes. But when they do so as a result of doing something wrong than so be it. Maybe if the MSM picked up this story than the whole world would know how well we treat our prisoners. Even if Lindy England and gang were in control the prisoners would be afforded much better care than their own people give them. For Iraq to come into the 21st century, hell the 20th century, they need to learn how to treat human beings with dignity and respect but it is obviously not happening at Abu Gharib now.

Abu Gharib is near and dear to my heart since I was there before the dog leashes and sand bag hats. I think we should have been much harder on the prisoners than we were. Now I wasn’t a guard there so I can’t tell you exactly all that went on but if the prisoners now are calling for us to come back and bring the aid workers with us then I can deduce that we took it easy on them. Heck look at the four star treatment we afford the terrorists at Gitmo. For me to be able to have 3 squares a day and mandatory available prayer time I had to join the army, all these guys had to do was something bad and they were rewarded. I say free Lindy England and bring her back to be head warden at Abu Gharib because I bet the prisoners who cried out against her would be welcoming her back with open arms.

England Akhbar, England Akhbar!

My Conspiracy Theory is They Don’t Have Brains

Are conspiracy theorists seriously still at it with the 9/11 stuff? They supposedly have a few “scholars” on their side now that are saying “Things just don’t add up. There is no way the metal in those buildings could melt and cause the whole structure to fall.” All these scholars assure me of is there are some nutjobs who are good at studying and earning degrees. Give it a rest. You are not important enough for the government to want to fool all the time. Let me let you in on a little secret-there really isn’t a country named Iraq. A handful of soldiers have been posing for pictures for 4 years now in the same Hollywood studio they used to “broadcast” from the moon (which coincidentally doesn’t exist either.)

Launch The Propaganda

Even during Vietnam people had more patience with the war for a longer period of time and with greater casualties than they do now with Iraq. How quick the American people lose heart and how shortsighted they are. Some things in life take time and completely changing a country from the ground up is one of them. Things like this don’t happen overnight and we rightly shouldn’t expect them to do so. Everyone wants a concrete date when things will be better or when all the soldiers will be pulling out of here. The let’s-just-cut-our-losses-and-get-the-hell-out-of-here-crowd want to leave now and leave Iraq to it’s own devices but that isn’t the way we operate these days. We got ourselves into this and we will, or should I say I hope, stay the course until we finish the job.

The terror machine, or whatever we call the bad guys these days, has us beat on one major front: propaganda. We can’t even manage to encourage journalists to write about the positive in Iraq without being accused of misleading the public. The terrorists have been misleading everyone from day one and for some reason people believe them over us. What is wrong with this picture? Why are people so easily deceived? Why don’t more people believe the scores of returning veterans who say Iraq isn’t anything like what people see on the news? “Well they don’t say that on TV and they are the professionals. Why would I believe someone who spent a year on the ground in Iraq working intimately with the local populace?”

I’m off now to save the world from terrorism so have a good one. See you next time.


tfbrother said...

It sounds to me like you'd rather be home now.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

I don't have much to contribute here, but here I go, anyway:

1. I've never seen a 9/11 conspiracy theory that didn't fall apart with the slightest hint of fact-checking. Of course, this never seems to discourage the supporters of these fantasies because they seem to have a deep, passionate need to believe that our government did something very sinister that day.

2. My family and my friends constitute roughly 90% of my faith in America. Nobody seems to have any grit any more, nobody seems to have a sense of either our global responsibility nor of the magnitude of the threat we face.

Hell, nobody even seems to be interested in understanding the nature of the threat Radical Islam poses; just look at the rhetoric Democrats are chattering off on their campaign stops.

All I can say is that giving up will make none of this better. We have to keep our arguments cool and rational, we have to stay focused on what there is to be gained here and what there is to be lost and above all, we have to keep fighting.

I don't spend much time thinking about "your average American" these days. I think about my friends Carl and Margaret who were just married this past July and I think about what kind of life I want them and [one day, I suppose] their children to have.

That's what keeps me going.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are interesting Sgt. Boggs. Interesting too how the heads of Iran, Syria, Korea, Chavez (the communist from South America) and many other of our enemies are at this very moment meeting in Havana, Cuba, and it isn't the top story on the news. Do you think anyone will even notice that our enemies have gathered 90 miles off our coast in conference about how to take us doubt...? Not many seem to care except one good reporter at Fox News. Think He'll be on the show of your buddy, Neil Cavuto, today talking about it, if anyone cares. Strange things are happening Sgt. and life goes on as normal...conspiracy theories, how bad our government is, is it right to pray in puplic places. Madness has overtaken us Tim. You seem to have escaped it by going to Iraq. Are you sure you want to come home? Ha! Be down to days instead of months soon. Be carefull as possible and thanks for a thoughtful and interesting blog.
Your grateful readers

Anonymous said...

Study who and why your killing.

You work for the TERRORIST.

The people supporting the WAR are brainwashed.

Your stupid Govt. created this bad and good thing just like the War on Drugs which allows the cartels to have a free lane every hour at every crossing to bring drugs into your beloved country.

How does it feel to be Anti-American.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

My government created Wahabbist Islam, Amin Al-Husseini and other jihadist figureheads/philosophies starting over a centry ago (back when oil came from Texas and we had zero involvement in the Middle East)?

Anon, it's you who needs to study some history here, not us.

Anonymous said...

We're ahead of you propagandist. We already know the new Islamic propagandist line is that we Americans are the terrorist. That is one reason your buddies are meeting in Cuba, to get the new line rolling. Americans aren't as stupid as you think and they won't roll over and play dead for you as quickly as you think. So buzz off and take your propaganda elsewhere. We are onto you here.

Anonymous said...

Hey T

Have you ever seen the Beverly Hillbillies.

Isn't it strange that some Hillbillies used guns to get oil(Iraq) and they made a t.v. series decades earlier hinting at the fact, what's even funnier is they had a "special banker" just like now.

My M.D. Capt. (ARMY) friend said you are there to secure the nations oil reserves, what do you think.

I can tell you one thing.

Your GOD has been found physically but the powers that wish to keep you their til 2030 do not want this known, what do you think about that SOLDIERBOY.

It's a sad, sad world when your people do not want you to know the truth but play simon says.

Pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sgt. Boggs, Evidently you have reached a new readership..Jhadist, or whatever you call the *astards. Try as you may to reach those early twenty something females you just keep coming up with nuts. What's with that? They must be getting desperate Tim to come to your blog to spread propaganda. Are they getting kicked off the MSM or something?
We are proud of you Sgt. Boggs. Keep up The great job you are doing.

Anonymous said...


Quote WELS
"My government created Wahabbist Islam, Amin Al-Husseini and other jihadist figureheads/philosophies starting over a centry ago (back when oil came from Texas and we had zero involvement in the Middle East)?"

Anon, it's you who needs to study some history here, not us.


Quote from A. 12:59AM

"We're ahead of you propagandist. We already know the new Islamic propagandist line is that we Americans are the terrorist. That is one reason your buddies are meeting in Cuba, to get the new line rolling. Americans aren't as stupid as you think and they won't roll over and play dead for you as quickly as you think. So buzz off and take your propaganda elsewhere. We are onto you here."








Spiderman said...

Anon @ 11:50

Well buddy you hit the nail on the head with your post. You're right, America is the terrorist; we are the ones that strap bombs to our chests and kill innocent civilians. We hijacked our own planes and flew then into OUR own buildings, we are the ones that have oppressed thousands of people making them afraid to walk out their front doors. That’s right we did that so we could start a war for oil that we haven’t touched! Give me a break! I am sick and tired of people who post comments like yours and don't know what they are talking about. By the way your comment on the “War on Drugs” is off as well, most Border Patrol Agents that I know don’t let people or drugs across our border. Not that there aren’t problems with our border security but the agents do the best they can with what they have. So post whatever want about America being terrorists but know that you are the one who has been brainwashed not us.

William Eaton's Last Stand said...


Admitting guilt for what, exactly?

Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab died in 1792. In 1792, the United States was struggling to function in any capacity; how could we possibly have had ANYTHING to do with the foundation of Wahhabi Islam?

Furthermore, there isn't a single historical source that suggests that al-Husseini could be considered anything other that the Ottoman Empire's, Britain's or Nazi Germany's monster.

You have made not one claim with ANY historical basis nor even an underlying hint of a logical premise... Just paranoia, caps lock and insults.

Perhaps it's you that's been brainwashed?

(Or maybe just trolling?)

Anonymous said...

I have a neighbor like that guy here in Texas. I'm moving to Arizona.
Great blog Tim! You sound sane in a world full of wackos. Keep up the good work and you inspire us to keep up the good fight.

Brian B said...

If the level of dialogue displayed by the anonymous trolls here is indiciative of the intelligence and/or mental state of our enemies, winning the war should be as simple as aerosol-spraying Prozac over the entire Middle East.

Anonymous said...

you got that right Brian!

Ymarsakar said...

I agree with your analysis, and all I can say is, deception done well looks, tastes, and feels like the truth. Sometimes the fake kind of truth is more palatable to people than cold hard facts of reality.

CentCom's propaganda problems, therefore, rely upon the inherent unwillingness to use deception, either on the enemy or on the domestic front. You cannot accomplish any propaganda or spy operation without deception. If deception is an illegal crime that Bush will allow you to be crucified for, instead of pardoning you for, then well systematically no propaganda will be done by the ALlies.

As with war, he who makes use of his resources better, has an advantage. With propaganda, he who crafts a better looking illusion has an advantage. You can't craft any illusions at all when Donald Rumsfeld canceled the Pentagon Propaganda department after 9/11, and you can't accomplish much deception when the brass is too worried about being PC arrested for doing "Vietnam era style propaganda".

In these sorts of cloak and dagger situations, the only thing that seems to matter is whether you get caught or not. If it is crazy, and it works, then it can't be crazy, right.

I came here because jg linked to you from Bookworm Room.



Anonymous said...

What do you do for people who don't accept propaganda from either side...but search for facts in every way possible? Does truth ever enter into your way of thinking? Remember it is the truth that makes....and keeps you free. Evil is pretty hard to disguise no matter how many lies you put out. Seems we are living in a time where good is called evil and evil is called good. Dangerous times but not the end of the story.

muchwiser_now said...

I just want to encourage you, bored soldier. My friends, family and I ARE patient, have NOT lost heart, are NOT short-sighted, DO see through the propaganda, DO understand our global responsibility in the face of the very real threat we ALL (i.e the whole world) face. We know that these "are dangerous times but not the end of the story".

Why are our voices not heard? We are talking among ourselves and no one "important" hears us. And if they do hear us, they are not interested in passing it on in any public way. Some of us are on the net but do not get much traffic.

Be encouraged, bored soldier. Be vigilant. Know you are appreciated and prayed for.

Anonymous said...

"The terrorists have been misleading everyone from day one and for some reason people believe them over us. What is wrong with this picture? Why are people so easily deceived?"

Not "everyone" Boggs.
One of the wisest of wise - the Rock Man - said "You see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear."
Apply that to the next ten conversations you have (think of the conversations you had with Iraqi soldiers which you reported on in An Unfortunate Truth) and it becomes real clear.

Me and mine and millions more belong in the "muchwiser_now" group.............
"My friends, family and I ARE patient
have NOT lost heart,
are NOT short-sighted,
DO see through the propaganda,
DO understand our global responsibility in the face of..........."

We "got your back" Boggs - just like you have ours.
We aren't necessarily the squeaky wheel you speak of - but we ARE the sheepdogs.
Thank you!!! - for your service!
Andrea in California

Anonymous said...

I wish people like 8:14 PM and 9:12 PM would run for office. We need leaders like this. Thanks for your comments.

SK said...

A truly excellent post. The commenters above are right as well. There are many of us who DO understand and have NOT lost heart. We thank you for all that you've done. Know that we have your backs on the home front and are still supporting you and the mission.

Margarita said...


I keep waiting for those "here's some info the MSM doesn't want you to know!" posts but so far I haven't seen it. What types of "positive news" in comparison to their "negative news" do you have? I guess I've missed it somewhere, I don't know... Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Why don’t more people believe the scores of returning veterans who say Iraq isn’t anything like what people see on the news? ...So is that why so many of our returning Vets are running on the Democratic ticket? ;)

strykeraunt said...

Great post, I like the random thoughts approach. I am with the the others who say they have your back here on the homefront.

I am so disgusted that there are people who really believe the 9/11 conspiracy theory. I won't even argue with someone who believes that crap because their thought process on the subject is so wacked out that it would take too much effort to bring them back to reality.


Think about many thousands of returning soldiers vs how many (thousands????) running on the democratic ticket? How many is "many" exactly? No one said that all military are republican. In fact, the military is usually a pretty good representation of our society (since they are all volunteer) Does that mean an Iraq veteran soldier who is democrat automatically has a different take on the war than a soldier who is republican; or tells a story more in line with the MSM reports? Also, if you go out and pay attention to what the military blogs are saying vs the media reports, you may have a better understanding what Tim is talking about. I have followed both sides, plus listened to veterans who have been there. The vets who have been there do tell a different story than the MSM reports. Heck MSM has even been known to point out that they don't report enough of the good going on. There reasoning is, if it bleeds it leads.

Margarita said...


I have talked with a handful of returning Iraq vets and have yet to hear anything on what "isn't being reported"... Maybe my sources aren't that reliable, or maybe I've already known about it from my own reading?

I often encounter the typical "you just don't know how it is" line but am consistantly unable to get anyone to articulate what they mean by that... Generally, it's just a lot of bitching of how terrible a job the MSM does.

Out of 11 Iraqi vets, 10 are running (or considering running) for Democratic seats in congress. You can find a list of them here. Can you find any others?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can offer one reason for the differing numbers. Those I've met who are Republicans, are still in the military and have every intention of staying in. Once again, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or in this case, can run for office AND run off at the mouth.

T. F. Boggs said...

Thanks to everyone who still supports us out here, I know there are many of you. I know I often preach to the choir in my blog so I apologize for that.

Keep reading Mother Jones if you want to find some "Here's what the MSM doesn't want you to know info." I tell my side of the story and how I see things. I wish I could comment further on what the media is reporting now but since all the media left Mosul when things started getting a lot better I don't have the oppurtunity to counter what they are saying. Read American Citizen Soldier for that since he is in Baghdad right now.

I have countered the media before and you will find that if you read through some of my earlier posts.

I could really care less what ticket soldiers are running on. Just because someone is a soldier doesn't mean they used to be a republican and have switched to the left side since coming back from Iraq. I know countless soldiers who are so completely ignorant of all matters besides video games that it would be ridiculous to listen to anything they had to say on any political matter. That assesment holds true for officers as well since those running for office are mostly officers. Soldiering says something about you but not everything. I talked about this in an earlier post entitled "On Purple Hearts and Politicians" or something like that.

If you really want to know why "so many" returning vets are running as democrats maybe you should keep reading Mother Jones and sites that those at MJ link to like Daily Kos. I am sure those sites are beyond criticism and will offer all you need to know.

strykeraunt said...


Let me get this straight, because 11 iraq vets out of a few hundred thousands are running for office and 10 of them are running on the democratic ticket,Tim is wrong when he says "Why don’t more people believe the scores of returning veterans who say Iraq isn’t anything like what people see on the news?" Oh, that really makes a lot of sense.

As far as whether your sources are reliable, I can't tell you that one way or another. I don't know who they are, what their situation is, or what their MOS was while they were deployed.

Tim, no need to apologize for singing to the choir. It is always nice to have this discussion in order to reinforce that we are still singing the right tune.

narf said...

Tim keep your mind clear and watch the road for bad xmas presents. Don't let the **it get to you. The untruths in the rags has been bad for so long nobody believes it anymore. Stay safe.

Margarita said...

Oh MY GOSH... Strykeraunt, please, I am not saying Tim is wrong at all! I am merely pointing out that in fact there ARE more Iraqi Vets running for the Dem Party than for the Repub Party! And people, you can find those figures anywhere because it's like Public information. (Try Google)

Now, let's remain fair to topic: not ALL vets are Democrats. The make-up of our congress used to be predominately WWII generation Republican. I'm not entirely sure why, but the rates of Veterans entering congress today have been steadily decreasing. Is it disenfranchisment with the establishment? The facts are that the majority of them are turning to the Democratic party. You would think some gung-ho soldiers would want to counter this imbalance, but my thinking is that they are content in their place with Democratic rule?

T. F. Boggs said...

Nah Margarita that couldn't be further from the truth. The soldiers that I know are overwhelmingly republican albeit a decent number of democrats. I am not sure why more aren't running for office but maybe it is the fact that the republicans running are defeating their democrat veteran counterparts. No need to run themselves I guess.

If I was able I would run right now because we need some people with brains and balls in political positions. However, it will be a few more years before I do any such thing.

tanksis said...

Hey Sgt,

Another great collection of thoughts from you.

I have nothing of value to add to the always contentious and passionate responses you evoke. I do, however, have something to say to you based on your last comments to me...

You have been without female "companionship" for almost one year. To you, the twenty-something chicks seem the obvious choice to fill that void. I have five words for you:


If you have to make your blog pink and play Maroon 5 to get the attention of the female demographic you so desire, than I would say you'd have to seriously reconsider the way in which you currently use your brain. It would be a shameful waste, but I suppose you have it in you.

In any event, I will be on the lookout for a girl who likes pink, Maroon 5 AND can go toe to toe with you on world events. Should I happen to find her, I'll be sure to send her your way...

P.S. We sure do need people with balls and brains to run for office. Unfortunately, they are all still on active duty!

T. F. Boggs said...

I was just kidding about the pink blog and Maroon 5. I don't want that at all but of course you knew that. I am looking for something a little more refined. I don't think the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore thing would work for me because I am into girls more my own age. Plus what would someone 20 years my senior want with me?

Anonymous said...

And that from the mouths of babes.
Got a great song for you Boggsy.
Jewel....A Life Uncommon...our theme song in these days of troubles. You are great!

Anonymous said...

I think the women 20 years your senior would want the same thing from you that the girls your age want ... just more of it and a bottle of gatorade. A decent man!!

Anonymous said...

And all the women 20 years Boggsies senior said.....Amen

tanksis said...

"Plus what would someone 20 years my senior want with me?"

Ahhhhh, to be so young and blissfully unaware of one's qualities that would attract any female at any age... That's the best answer I can give to that loaded question:-)

You recognize that I was spoofing the Maroon 5 thing. Nothing wrong with being into girls your own age, soldier. I was just having a little fun with you.

I have every confidence that you will do just fine with the girls at school upon your return to academia.

Until next time...

William Eaton's Last Stand said...

"So is that why so many of our returning Vets are running on the Democratic ticket?"

Long known quirk of human nature: People who are dissatisfied are statistically FAR more likely to complain about something than people who are satisfied are to express support for it.