Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Milblog Wire

So there is a new thing going on that is sweeping the country, well not exactly but it is going to be big before long. Uncle J at Blackfive has started a Milblog Wire that will act like any other news wire. Here is the description in his own words

"What is really going on in Iraq?

That may be the question more people want an answer to than any other. In a recent poll asking which institution is most admired, the military topped the list. We now have the stories straight from these folks who have boots on the ground, and who the public has a large degree of trust in.

The Milblog Wire functions like any other wire service, aggregating stories from the field and making them available for your readership. The difference is now it comes direct from folks the American public has a high degree of trust in, not an overseas stringer.The content providers for the Milblog Wire are serving military members, their former comrades in arms, and their friends and families.

We are not affiliated with the Defense Department or acting on it’s behalf. We are self-policing for accuracy and scrupulous in maintaining the confidence of the public. We offer the good news that is overlooked by the ambulance chasers and a firsthand glimpse into the world most people just read about. We also don’t shrink from reporting the difficulties and downfalls of our efforts. We will provide the full gamut of rich media reports from our correspondents."

I am only one of the milbloggers that will appear on the milblogwire and I am among good company. We need our readers to help get the word out so tell your local media all about it. They in turn can print anyone of the stories written by those of us who are participating while standard freelance writers fees apply. A percentage of all the money made will go to Soldiers Angels to help continue their great work. Please get the word out, we aren't in it for the money but rather, just to get the truth out about Iraq and Afghanistan.

More info can be found at I have the link a little lower to the right because for some reason I cannot do intext links. If anyone knows how to link in the text for Mac users then please let me know.


Praguetwin said...

This is great news! I was actually scouring MilBlogs looking for good news and couldn't find any. Finally I gave up and posted a request that someone write something inspiring.

Now we will have one stop shopping.

I have a Mac too. You have to manually type the code in. Unfortunately, if i type the code in you won't see it. I'll send you an email.

Anonymous said...

Boggs - -sounds like a take off on Mike Yon's Front Line Forum at
// Your story got some great comments on that site, Boggs. This looks like a trend setting in and maybe you military writers will counter the MSM and their cohorts all by yourselves. You guys are having to fight all our battles for us it looks like. Thanks Tim for the information. Maybe we can think up a few more jobs for you. How are you at goat herding?

Gypsy said...

This is indeed great news! I'll be spreading the word.

LOL A&N, goat herding? :)

Anonymous said...

It's a long and complicated story, Gypsy but - -yes - -goat herding.
LOL to you too A&N ;) ;)

Courtney said...

Very neat blog! Thanks!

A&N you guys are adorable! I love reading your comments!